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Attack the titan

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Uploaded by wayne0405 on 30th Jun 2013

Titan mini game

Comments on this game
ryannosek1 (300) Friday, August 09, 2013 at 12:30:27 PM
why is Attack the titan is not working
KDL (384) Monday, December 30, 2013 at 8:22:15 PM
i actually make my own games on the construct 2 game engine and have them posted on the windows app store, i also love watching attack on titan, it's a very good anime. So great job making this. Keep up the good work! (:
fundalinburst (175) Sunday, February 02, 2014 at 2:43:43 AM
this is a bit confusing but it is good like for an update wish
gamer 64 (177) Thursday, February 06, 2014 at 9:12:35 PM
good game but hard!
shangodigivolve2 (150) Friday, February 21, 2014 at 3:11:00 PM
i like it learn to play the game and watch the show and you'll understand
slender (150) Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 6:56:49 AM
how do you play
KENTOWN98 (150) Wednesday, July 09, 2014 at 2:16:50 AM
just slice the titans neck
KENTOWN98 (150) Wednesday, July 09, 2014 at 2:21:01 AM
does any1 play the tribute game?
KENTOWN98 (150) Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 6:13:51 PM
i got highest 2ice
NatsuGray13 (175) Saturday, July 19, 2014 at 11:58:15 AM
the controls need work cuz on a laptop u have to use one hand to control the mouse and press the space bar then u need to use your other hand to move the mouse so u can go up and down quickly
badbeff (157) Monday, July 21, 2014 at 8:12:29 PM
Attack the titan is hard they should fix the game play ~_~
KENTOWN98 (150) Tuesday, August 05, 2014 at 7:03:54 PM
does any1 play the aot game from fenglee
my12my (175) Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 7:50:12 PM
the game is so fun
aric951 (150) Wednesday, September 03, 2014 at 4:08:31 PM
it wont load for me why wont you work darn game
09conan (150) Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 1:44:26 AM
it wont load
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