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The top fifty HTML5 arcade games as voted for by our community! Want to make your own game? Download our free game maker! See if you can get on the leaderboard!

Rank Rating* Game
1st4.47The EsfarelanteThe Esfarelante
By gillenew
11,091 plays
2nd4.46Ray Jink UntRay Jink Unt
By rayunt
949 plays
3rd4.41Schoolyard SnodownSchoolyard Snodown
By MrFrettz
4,846 plays
4th4.19Best and first gameBest and first game
By Tixzy
2,201 plays
5th4.19Brisk MarioBrisk Mario
By videojocsvila
3,416 plays
6th4.19The A.X.I.S. (full)The A.X.I.S. (full)
By Trey Reed
965 plays
7th4.19The A.X.I.S. (full)The A.X.I.S. (full)
By Trey Reed
187 plays
By Flipsanta
2,442 plays
By Pokerboy
508 plays
10th4.19Space Blaster ReloadedSpace Blaster Reloaded
By Drakncel
2,116 plays
11th4.19Circular TensionCircular Tension
By dev142gold
646 plays
By Creativelemon
115 plays
By mef1sto
3,330 plays
14th4.16Gamedevtuts+ Match-3 GameGamedevtuts+ Match-3 Game
By Gamedevtuts
17,064 plays
15th4.15Clown On a PlaneClown On a Plane
By Suro
20,344 plays
By rublev1360
1,834 plays
By sqiddster
116,208 plays
18th4.11Orbital Bomb-BounderOrbital Bomb-Bounder
By Paradox
3,482 plays
19th4.10coffee timecoffee time
By graffanim8r
3,828 plays
20th4.08Pinkman's LabPinkman's Lab
By mihalp
11,529 plays
21st4.08Jovian WarJovian War
By farflamex
534 plays
22nd4.08My Irrational Fear of UnicornsMy Irrational Fear of Unicorns
By Rory
69,998 plays
23rd4.06Super Ubi LandSuper Ubi Land
By NotionGames
54,421 plays
By Yann
19,071 plays
By beufreecasse
5,099 plays
By Paradox
5,926 plays
27th4.03Deadly AscensionDeadly Ascension
By DrGero
26,873 plays
28th4.02Sunset DeathSunset Death
By DrGero
351 plays
By nowon
682 plays
30th4.01Dual CustodyDual Custody
By mxwring
16,200 plays
By DownInBlack
58,242 plays
32nd4.00Go FasterGo Faster
By sqiddster
23,649 plays
By JEtherington
359 plays
34th3.98Forgot My LunchForgot My Lunch
By robbym
6,464 plays
By JimPxl
11,896 plays
36th3.98The Way of YijiThe Way of Yiji
By tchem
9,320 plays
37th3.98Tiny Towering InfernoTiny Towering Inferno
By MBarretta
9,975 plays
By filippileonardo
61,403 plays
39th3.98PAF : Rise of a NinjaPAF : Rise of a Ninja
By CupCakeGames
4,783 plays
By Oraku
4,231 plays
41st3.96Rushing Or CrushingRushing Or Crushing
By zack2029
9,505 plays
42nd3.96Paper Plane ShooterPaper Plane Shooter
By fathomeo
16,513 plays
43rd3.94Plataforma MarombaPlataforma Maromba
By felipesinop
5,488 plays
By StraitJacketGmng
3,782 plays
45th3.94Jimmy PooJimmy Poo
By rujo
3,271 plays
46th3.93Nara's dreamNara's dream
By kayupla
3,714 plays
47th3.93Galaxia HarmoniaGalaxia Harmonia
1,140 plays
48th3.92Russian policeRussian police
By AquaBarbus
1,844 plays
49th3.92Tower of TimeTower of Time
By evaz
668 plays
By danuyos
5,059 plays

*About our Weighted Rating

The weighted rating is different to the rating displayed for the game. Top games rating is done with a weighted formula, similar to the one IMDB uses. The formula is as follows:

Weighted Rating (WR) = ((v ÷ (v + m)) × R + (m ÷ (v + m)) × C) × E Where: R = average rating the game (weighted by reputation of voters) v = number of votes for the game = (votes) m = minimum votes required to be listed in the top games (currently 1) C = the mean vote across the whole report (weighted by reputation of voters) E = 1 if the game isn't an example, 0.10 if the game is an example

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