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Copy and Paste Code

Manually locate the game you would like to embed (why not look at our best games list?) and click embed below the game. You can then simply copy and paste the code onto your website. All our games can be embeded free on your website!

XML List of Free Games

Our XML list of free games for your website allows you to programatically add new games and content to your website for free.

Dowload the XML games list. Below is a full description of the properties you will find in the XML file and how to use them. Please note this is for advanced users, if you wish to simply embed a single game on your website check this very quick tutorial!

Property Description
name The name of this game as chosen by the author
gameid Unique ID for this game
gameurl The Scirra Arcade URL of this game
embedurl The URL to use in the iframe when embedding this game on your website
category The category of the game on the Scirra Arcade
date The date this game was originally uploaded to the arcade (game may not be made available for a little while after this date as it goes through initial approval)
deleted Sometimes (but very rarely) a game may be deleted. If this is true, the game will not be available anymore for embedding.
approved Sometimes (but rarely) a game may be unapproved after the initial approval. Unapproved games will not be available to embed.
lastupdate The date the author last updated this game (for example adding new levels, fixing bugs etc)
description A short description of the game by the games author
instructions Short instructions for the game written by the author of the game
width Width (in pixels) of the game to use in embedding dimensions
height Height (in pixels) of the game to use in embedding dimensions
plays Total number of plays this game has
lastplay Date and time this game was last played
totalvotes Total number of votes this game has received. Average score is totalscore/totalvotes.
totalscore Total score of this game. Average score is totalscore/totalvotes.
images > big URL to large thumbnail (280x233px)
images > medium URL to medium thumbnail (120x100px)
images > small URL to small thumbnail (72x60px)
author > username Username of the author of this game
author > profileurl The URL of the authors profile


To help offset the cost of running this free service and the arcade Scirra runs mandatory advertisments before the game loads. These advertisments may change at any time and without notice.

If you wish to disable advertisments of embedded games on your website, please contact us to negotiate cost.

Changes to Service

This is run as a free service. Scirra Ltd makes no guarantees about uptime, reliability etc. Please see the website terms and conditions (re: Arcade embedding service) for more details.

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Scirra Arcade is an online HTML5 arcade for games made with Construct 2. All authors have verified that they own the rights to all uploaded content.

Copyright © 2011 onwards Scirra Ltd.
All rights reserved.

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