Celebrating 5,751,359 Construct 2 Downloads

— It's been almost exactly 3 years since the first releases of Construct 2 —
Now we're about to hit 1 Million Construct 2 downloads!

We honestly never thought Construct 2 would do so well in such a short space of time. When we started selling Early Adopter Licenses our private goal was to sell 100 licenses over a 3 month period. From the very start we have been humbled by the relentless and overwhelming enthusiasm from our users.

It's been an endless pleasure seeing the games our users are creating with Construct 2 and receiving positive emails from happy customers from every corner of the globe!

February 2014 was our best month ever, with over 50,000 unique IP addresses downloading Construct 2 from our website alone. We're serving around 3,000 downloads of Construct 2 per day (350 Gigabytes daily or 10 Terabytes per month!) Our website is also receiving nearly 300,000 unique visitors each month which is another great milestone and a joy to see growing.

We Love Your Games!

What would Construct 2 be without your awesome games? Here are 3 amazing examples:

A Special Competition

To celebrate the millionth download, we're running a special competition! From the moment the download counter hits 1,000,000 downloads, over the next 24 hours every registered user who downloads Construct 2 will be entered into a raffle *.

3x Construct 2 Business Licenses

We have three Business Licenses to give away, worth $399 each!

The full featured version of Construct 2 with absolutely no commercial limitations, and free updates for life.

10x Flying Monkeys

Oh my goodness, they are back! 10 Flying Monkeys to 10 lucky downloaders!

These crazy monkeys can fly to anywhere in the world for the 10 lucky winners!

20x $25 Amazon Vouchers

We have twenty $25 USD Amazon Vouchers to give away!

Apparently you can use them to buy stuff!

Unlimited "1 Million Day" badges

A special "1 Million Download Day" badge for everyone who downloads in the 24 hour period!

How to Enter

Once the download counter has reached 1,000,000 downloads, simply head on over and download Construct 2. Remember, downloading multiple times will not give you more entries. 1 entry per IP address only.

We'll be announcing the start/finish dates and times on our Facebook and Twitter as well, so like/follow us so you don't miss out!

The Future of Construct 2

We have lots of great things coming in the future, most notably perhaps is Multiplayer Support in Construct 2. We're hugely hugely excited by the potential of this, and we're incredibly excited to see what sort of games you all come up with!

Sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts. It is a true joy to work on Scirra!
— Tom and Ashley Gullen

Terms of Competition
1. To enter, you must download Construct 2 within 24 hours of the counter going over 1,000,000 downloads
2. 1 entry per distinct IP address only
3. You must be logged in when you download Construct 2 to be eligible
4. You will be contacted by the email address registered on your account, make sure it is correct
5. If you do not respond to the prize email within 7 days, you will not receive your prize
6. If prize cannot be delivered for any reason, we will provide an alternative prize with similar value
7. In the case where two users download from the same IP, the first user to download will be entered and the further downloads not counted
8. Each user can only win one prize maximum
9. Amazon vouchers will be provided in USD.
10. These terms can change at any time.
11. Scirra's decisions are final