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Free Action Games

New game! Zumbi


Make by Emerson P. MACHADO

0 plays
ola peolples's avatarby ola peolples
New game! Waluigi Lost in The WaluigiVerse Demo

Waluigi Lost in The WaluigiVerse Demo

The story behind the man himself

12 plays
WaluigiWah's avatarby WaluigiWah
New game! QBO's Adventures

QBO's Adventures

A little retro-style-8bit platform. Keys: M for right and Z for left.

13 plays
pinellos's avatarby pinellos
New game! TLL shooting game

TLL shooting game

TLL shooting game is my first game. I have just learned to make it.

3 plays
Minh Nam's avatarby Minh Nam
New game! Wars of Sigma. Alpha version.

Wars of Sigma. Alpha version.

Wars of Sigma. Alpha version.

2 plays
dinamicplay's avatarby dinamicplay
New game! The Adventures of The Wizard

The Adventures of The Wizard

A fun Wizard game

16 plays
17CurrieE's avatarby 17CurrieE
New game! Boshy III

Boshy III

needle game

8 plays
Dan0Randan's avatarby Dan0Randan
New game! Background



6 plays
peepsy's avatarby peepsy
New game! jump jump goooooo

jump jump goooooo


12 plays
sk8boyollie's avatarby sk8boyollie
New game! Tappy Plane Rip-off Game

Tappy Plane Rip-off Game

Pipe crash plane

2 plays
nataliaFTC's avatarby nataliaFTC
New game! TankWars


You are a tank infiltrating an enemy tank base

16 plays
mlucasl's avatarby mlucasl
New game! Kiloman


Move to the right through the platforms eliminating the opponents.

32 plays
gasevi's avatarby gasevi
The Bombastic Ziggs' Adventzre

The Bombastic Ziggs' Adventzre

This is going to be a blast!

24 plays
afcerna's avatarby afcerna
Fastest square

Fastest square

D2 shooter contra like

3 plays
Senso's avatarby Senso
First game

First game

Hand drawn style

22 plays
tseng2016's avatarby tseng2016
Recently updated! CREDO 0.3 DEMO


Dont play in this game

21 plays
Linefall's avatarby Linefall
Run in Factory

Run in Factory

help the hero in this running game

41 plays
GameManeger's avatarby GameManeger
Lorenzo Jump

Lorenzo Jump

Lorenzo springt

20 plays
ThatDragonn's avatarby ThatDragonn


This is my final assignment for Techno Survey.

18 plays
thestoicman's avatarby thestoicman
Plat Runner

Plat Runner

Run With Plat!

74 plays
grchiper's avatarby grchiper


collecting, shooting

14 plays
GeniusXiong's avatarby GeniusXiong


upload and browser test only using scirra template

8 plays
jeanette00000's avatarby jeanette00000


Eat as many cakes as possible to become the biggest possible!

53 plays
nicosr's avatarby nicosr
Avoid the kunai

Avoid the kunai

jogo divertido, objetivo desviar das kunai/ fun game, goal divert kunai

16 plays
johnhiram's avatarby johnhiram