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Free Action Games

New game! Radman


Save the Fuzzies in this cute little Platform game.

6 plays
CJHGames's avatarby CJHGames
New game! Monster Destruction

Monster Destruction

Destroy as many monsters as you can before they destroy you!

1 plays
demerickengle's avatarby demerickengle
New game! Single Blocks

Single Blocks

A game by PlayFlashGames

2 plays
kirkclarke's avatarby kirkclarke
New game! Speedy Balls 2018

Speedy Balls 2018

Catch white balls, avoid red, get purple too. Made for mobile

6 plays
jhoop87's avatarby jhoop87
New game! Mod6


All the consoles ive had and my favorite game for each

1 plays
wmf5070's avatarby wmf5070
New game! World Combat (Mobile)

World Combat (Mobile)

Ajude o sobrevivente a destruir as naves inimigas! (Help the survivor to destroy the enem)

42 plays
naldoleandro's avatarby naldoleandro
New game! Starfisher


You are a starfish and you clean up the sea !

39 plays
Carther's avatarby Carther
New game! Jeu complet

Jeu complet

Voilà une description courte

5 plays
MagicMakersTuto's avatarby MagicMakersTuto
New game! 2-D action platformer (working title)

2-D action platformer (working title)

2-D action platformer

11 plays
amirvgd3's avatarby amirvgd3
New game! Don't touch the spikes (no plugins)

Don't touch the spikes (no plugins)

Don't touch the spikes without plugins, free version

24 plays
DandyLongLegs's avatarby DandyLongLegs
New game! Danger on the mountain

Danger on the mountain

"Battle" with mother nature.

17 plays
Chigik45's avatarby Chigik45



31 plays
PhaeTv's avatarby PhaeTv
Primero Jogo

Primero Jogo

Tem um segredo no meio do jogo.

26 plays
Fulminante2015's avatarby Fulminante2015
Recently updated! Tank's battle

Tank's battle

Танковое сражение. Битва двух танков. Выбираем направление полета снаряда.

12 plays
Poyarkov696's avatarby Poyarkov696
Cheezy Catchy

Cheezy Catchy

Catch the cheese as many as you can

24 plays
gustyandika's avatarby gustyandika


Struggle for survival on a sunny beach. Fun, action-packed, and full of surprises.

44 plays
jwfar264's avatarby jwfar264
Sapato Numero 57

Sapato Numero 57

Só vai esse jogo muito top mesmo !

7 plays
Zomofay's avatarby Zomofay


Moonkeys (BETA)

16 plays
Gustavo1999's avatarby Gustavo1999


Just a memory of when I was learning the Construc 2.

15 plays
gafanha's avatarby gafanha
O resgate da princesa Jujuba

O resgate da princesa Jujuba

Resgate a princesa Jujuba das garras do dragão de gelo!

8 plays
HappyCodeSW's avatarby HappyCodeSW


Shoot your monster enemies befor they can touch you or leave the playing field

22 plays
ugglymobile's avatarby ugglymobile
Water Balloon Fight

Water Balloon Fight

An example of a top-down shooter from the JGC LevelUP team.

25 plays
jgclevelup's avatarby jgclevelup
Jutay Killer

Jutay Killer

This is a simple action survival game. Shoot the target as far as you can to gain points

39 plays
Mitzi12's avatarby Mitzi12
Fetus Launcher

Fetus Launcher

This year's BEST Fetus launching experience!

35 plays
LeviRamirezGames's avatarby LeviRamirezGames