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Free Action Games

New game! O Caminho (Dub)PT-BR)

O Caminho (Dub)PT-BR)

5 plays
Atun123's avatarby Atun123
New game! Booby alien

Booby alien

best game

16 plays
firetechisgood's avatarby firetechisgood
New game! Кузя 3

Кузя 3


2 plays
HGrecha's avatarby HGrecha
New game! Wizard Who Burns People

Wizard Who Burns People

Burn some green lookin bois

10 plays
SpencerGreig's avatarby SpencerGreig
New game! Spongebob Nuclear Winter

Spongebob Nuclear Winter

Spongebob game ...........................................................................

5 plays
Ravioli_Master24's avatarby Ravioli_Master24
New game! parcur


jogo de plataforma sento atalizado

4 plays
toninho10's avatarby toninho10
New game! HappyCodeGabriel


É um jogo de plataforma em desenvolvimento

5 plays
Graby11's avatarby Graby11
New game! World Combat PC New Version

World Combat PC New Version

Proteja a Terra

7 plays
naldoleandro's avatarby naldoleandro
New game! potato game

potato game


16 plays
JoshuaGagnier's avatarby JoshuaGagnier
New game! Escape the Dungeon

Escape the Dungeon

Shoot the dragons to escape the dungeon.

6 plays
acahi1's avatarby acahi1
New game! Lumberjack VS Aliens

Lumberjack VS Aliens

Your character is the lumberjack, kill the aliens

10 plays
dduga1's avatarby dduga1
New game! Tina vs Bob

Tina vs Bob

Bobs Burgers knock off.

29 plays
sierraguretzki's avatarby sierraguretzki
New game! Flappy


Just a normal Flappy bird game:)

5 plays
Angelakamarsh's avatarby Angelakamarsh
New game! Star Guy's Travels

Star Guy's Travels

Destroy plankton, try and not get killed while doing so.

14 plays
breeelliott's avatarby breeelliott
New game! Trump attack!!!!!

Trump attack!!!!!

Kill the pendejo AKA trump

33 plays
XxXCidDaKidXxX's avatarby XxXCidDaKidXxX
New game! Quick Blade S-rank Killers

Quick Blade S-rank Killers

Fight monsters and test your reflexes!

23 plays
Callan S's avatarby Callan S
New game! Jogo da Piranhest(TESTE)

Jogo da Piranhest(TESTE)

Jogue com a barra de espaço para pegar os boyszinhos da piranhest

7 plays
Pai's avatarby Pai
New game! Base Z

Base Z

kill the all zombies for save the world

13 plays
lobyy's avatarby lobyy
New game! The Clone Wars All Over Again (Without the Clones)

The Clone Wars All Over Again (Without the Clones)

Use Arrow keys to move your X-wing and Space to fire lasers to destroy the Tie Fighters

10 plays
OHYS's avatarby OHYS
New game! Infernal Project Alpha 2 Build

Infernal Project Alpha 2 Build

A Traditional Action Platformer

6 plays
RadAlie Games's avatarby RadAlie Games
New game! Zombie Salmon

Zombie Salmon


6 plays
ThiccWatermelon's avatarby ThiccWatermelon
Legless (Bacaksız)

Legless (Bacaksız)

Legless (Bacaksız)

28 plays
optiktr's avatarby optiktr
One Shot Headshot

One Shot Headshot

Kill as much zombie @$$ as possible without dying!

31 plays
DuelRedJoker's avatarby DuelRedJoker
Quantum Attack

Quantum Attack

Destroy the alien invaders until you reach the final boss

21 plays
Wi18Smrtic's avatarby Wi18Smrtic