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Free Adventure Games

New game! Projet de TPE sur l'E-Sport

Projet de TPE sur l'E-Sport

Projet de TPE de 1ère sur l'E-Sport.

10 plays
OptimusP31's avatarby OptimusP31
New game! Srick Man money

Srick Man money

In this game you play stikmenom collecting coins and running this classIn this game you pl

3 plays
Igorun's avatarby Igorun
New game! Never Fly

Never Fly

The important thing is not to fall off the character.

34 plays
gngn1234's avatarby gngn1234
New game! One and Only

One and Only

Adventure of a man who want to meet his beloved one

27 plays
hilandra's avatarby hilandra
New game! Kope


Recoge monedas y esquiva enemigos

14 plays
Ayvann's avatarby Ayvann
New game! Skip over me

Skip over me

Skip over the clouds from the bottom to the top of the screen in each clouds have difficu

6 plays
ZeeSkys3's avatarby ZeeSkys3
New game! Super Malio World

Super Malio World

Game made and inspired by the classic "Super Mario World"

82 plays
mtsfarias1's avatarby mtsfarias1
Geometry jump

Geometry jump

Geometry and jump!

38 plays
SashkO's avatarby SashkO
Tan tan Crisis

Tan tan Crisis

Tan tan

47 plays
utixc's avatarby utixc
Fart Simulator

Fart Simulator

Point and Click game

96 plays
BaluHUN's avatarby BaluHUN
Chernokros (WIP alpha)

Chernokros (WIP alpha)

Just play and try to open secret to win.

46 plays
Lopasti's avatarby Lopasti


A game of type super meat boy

104 plays
Despando's avatarby Despando
banna city

banna city

advanture game

126 plays
jaber4258's avatarby jaber4258
Recently updated! Dasher (WIP)

Dasher (WIP)

A platformer game where A, W, and D let you dash in their respective directions.

21 plays
wolf73098's avatarby wolf73098
Wizard Adventure

Wizard Adventure

Have fun ! :)

41 plays
Godpolice 13's avatarby Godpolice 13
Recently updated! Peter Run

Peter Run

Peter is walking in the park. Dodge the animals.

43 plays
Negresco's avatarby Negresco
Zombie Infiltration

Zombie Infiltration

jeux d'infiltration en développement est petit mise en gout

11 plays
anas811's avatarby anas811
Quetzal Chase

Quetzal Chase

Collect the plumes and avoid the spiky porcupines.

23 plays
JPatchZ's avatarby JPatchZ


game for education

21 plays
Somchai  sansri's avatarby Somchai sansri
The cave

The cave

This is a my first game in Construct 2

99 plays
DiploHonsk's avatarby DiploHonsk
Yu Gi Oh Adventures

Yu Gi Oh Adventures

Find all the cards

33 plays
RadicalDanny's avatarby RadicalDanny
Recently updated! Catch The Apples

Catch The Apples

Help Jack's mother to make an apple pie. Collect only Red Apples & avoid the Green ones.

172 plays
Sipun's avatarby Sipun
The Legend of Cucco

The Legend of Cucco

Link is hurt, Cucco must help!

78 plays
rygo's avatarby rygo
Secret Maze of KLEE

Secret Maze of KLEE

A ball labyrinth game with interconnected rooms free to explore.

70 plays
risto's avatarby risto