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Free Adventure Games

New game! candy castle

candy castle

a família real doce foi sequestrada e você vai ter de salvalos

7 plays
jade_woolfgirl's avatarby jade_woolfgirl
New game! AlienAdventore


Chega até o fim e coleciona todos s diamantes. Mate todos os inimigos.

14 plays
andrersh's avatarby andrersh
New game! Joguin Legal Happy Code

Joguin Legal Happy Code

Chegue até o final, se conseguir.

3 plays
LucasLinhares's avatarby LucasLinhares
New game! monster world

monster world

uma divertida aventura que voce e quem manda

6 plays
jfc2100's avatarby jfc2100
New game! Alien Adventure

Alien Adventure

eu n sei se vc vai jogar mas mesmo assim joga

3 plays
Monteiro399's avatarby Monteiro399
New game! Dragon ball distorsions

Dragon ball distorsions


7 plays
Jacume jabyan's avatarby Jacume jabyan
New game! Treasure Run WIP

Treasure Run WIP

Run around the cavern as a small mouse collecting the gems and safely reach the exit.

15 plays
ArcoFox's avatarby ArcoFox
New game! plataplay


um ETque anda pela rua

6 plays
New game! Cyberpunk Train Adventure Playtest 1.0

Cyberpunk Train Adventure Playtest 1.0

Help JN-WK find her dog.

20 plays
Cheru Cheru's avatarby Cheru Cheru
New game! Sonic FanGame

Sonic FanGame

Jogo feito por um menino de 10 anos

18 plays
GamerOverSpinner's avatarby GamerOverSpinner
New game! The Evil Fight(Ice war)

The Evil Fight(Ice war)

Take Revenge from the Evil who destroyed your world.

10 plays
Dark wizard's avatarby Dark wizard
New game! Project Meat Boy

Project Meat Boy

Complete these simple platforming courses

17 plays
candyman201's avatarby candyman201
New game! Battle Of The Ages ALPHA

Battle Of The Ages ALPHA

a platformer which is puzzle based in aplha mode

5 plays
johncatchpole123's avatarby johncatchpole123
New game! Vimmys adventure

Vimmys adventure

Fallout inspired adventure game

16 plays
executeOrDeR66's avatarby executeOrDeR66
Locotun 2.0

Locotun 2.0

2.0 Descubre el mundo de Locotun y vive una historia de maravilla.

3 plays
kevinsanjuan70's avatarby kevinsanjuan70


¡Vive el mundo de Locotun!

16 plays
kevinsanjuan70's avatarby kevinsanjuan70
New Super Mario Bros. - Construct 2 Adventure

New Super Mario Bros. - Construct 2 Adventure

A Mario platform game with some Mario Galaxy elements

44 plays
SrBertozo's avatarby SrBertozo


Ayuda a Andy a recolectar gemas y no dejes que pierda sus vidas

14 plays
Andreavelez95's avatarby Andreavelez95
Sonic Reborn

Sonic Reborn

Jogo feito por um menino de 10 anos

9 plays
GamerOverSpinner's avatarby GamerOverSpinner
inventory wagwahwa

inventory wagwahwa

agrw wag egwa grwag wag raerahg gra grwa

3 plays
MomaFugger's avatarby MomaFugger
Aventure Pulpito

Aventure Pulpito

helps pulpito to fight against the forces of evil

25 plays
Stephania Duarte's avatarby Stephania Duarte
fluffy adventure  2

fluffy adventure 2

pass through all the enemy's and your good

43 plays
silveirajason20's avatarby silveirajason20


Planet Exploration Game

8 plays
JackTSNC's avatarby JackTSNC


Cancer is a game that I never finished and made in middle school.

9 plays
butter454's avatarby butter454