Scirra Arcade API

(Formerly the Scirra Arcade XML feed). If you run a website this is for you! The arcade API lets you discover new embedable games on the Scirra Arcade so you can update your website. Confused? Don't worry, this probably isn't useful for you! Return the the Scirra Arcade

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Before you start:

Start points

URL Parameters (games.json)

Param Name Description Default Value Example
skip How many records to skip before fetching 0 ?skip=10
take How many records to take. Maximum 100. 100 ?take=3
wip Show "work in progress" games. These games may be incomplete or buggy. 0 ?wip=1
category Filters games to only show games in this category ID. See for current list of categories. 0 (All categories) ?category=3
orderby Order type for the returned games. Accepted values (case sensitive):
  • PublishDateASC Oldest games first
  • PublishDateDESC Newest games first
  • NameASC Alphabetically
  • NameDESC Reverse alphabetical
  • UniquePlayersASC Fewest unique players (least played)
  • UniquePlayersDESC Most unique players (most played)
  • BestRatedGames Highest rated games first
  • HotnessDESC "Hottest" games first
HotnessDESC ?orderby=NameDESC
id If specified, ignores all other parameters. Returns JSON data for single game with this ID. 0 ?id=8

Response (games.json)

Param Type Description
totalRecords int How many games are returned in this query
games array Array of games returned int Unique ID for game
games.position int Position this game is in the current list string Name of the game
games.shortDescription string Short description of this game Doesn't contain HTML
games.longDescription string Longer more detailed description of this game. Contains HTML
games.instructions string Instructions on how to play the game Contains HTML
games.iframeURL string URL to point the iFrame to for embedding this game
games.iframeCode string Suggested code for iFrame embedding
games.width int Viewport width of game
games.height int Viewport height of game
games.firstPublishDate long Timestamp of when this game was first published
games.lastUpdateDate long Timestamp of when this game was last updated.
games.totalUpdates int How many times has this game been updated in total
games.totalVotes int How many votes this game has received
games.averageScore float Average vote score for this game
games.categoryID int Category ID this game belongs to. See for list of categories.
games.workInProgress bool Is this game a work in progress? (If so, may be incomplete/buggy)
games.authorID int Unique ID for author of the game
games.authorUsername string Unique username for author of the game
games.authorProfileURL string URL to the authors profile
games.adultContent bool Does this game contain adult content?
games.mobileEnabled bool Does this game support mobile devices? (Touch controls)
games.totalPlays int Total plays this game has had
games.gameImageURL string URL to the image for this game. 450 x 300 px
games.gameImagLastUpdated long Timestamp of when the game image was last updated.
games.leaderboards array List of leaderboards for this game int Unique identifier for this leaderboard string Name of this leaderboard
games.leaderboards.order int Order leaderboard should be shown in according to game author (smallest first)
games.leaderboards.totalScores int Total scores submitted to this leaderboard. You're probably after the totalUniqueScores property (below). If a player plays the game 5 times, totalScores will increase by 5 but unique scores will only increase by 1.
games.leaderboards.totalUniqueScores int Number of total unique scores on this leaderboard (total number of rankings).
games.leaderboards.descendingOrder bool Are bigger scores better?
games.leaderboards.timeBoard bool If true, score represents a time value in seconds. If false, scores represent points value. string URL to the scores API for this leaderboard, allowing you to fetch and retrive scores.
processingTime long How many milliseconds it took for the server to generate the response

URL Parameters (leaderboard.json)

Param Name Description Default Value Example
id ID of the leaderboard. Get the ID from the games.json API ?id=1
skip How many records to skip before fetching 0 ?skip=10
take How many records to take. Maximum 50 50 ?take=3

Response (games.json)

Param Type Description
totalUniqueScores int Total rankings (unique scores) there are in this leaderboard in total.
scores array Array of scores
scores.rank int Rank of this score, from 1 to n
scores.formattedRank string Formatted rank of score with ordinal
scores.score float Score for this rank
scores.formattedScore string Formatted score. Game author can specify and a prefix and suffix for the score.
scores.previousAttempts int How many times this player has submitted scores before hitting this score.
scores.userID int User ID of this score. If 0, score is a guest score.
scores.username string Username of the score. If guest, will return Guest
scores.profileURL string Profile URL of this scorer. Empty if guest.
scores.avatarURL string Unique 48x48 avatar for this player. long Timestamp of when this score was achieved.


Please email and I'll take a look at fixing it ASAP!

A Note on Reliability

Whilst we endeveour to make sure this feed is bug free and online 100% of the time, there may be occassions of down time. This is provided as a free service.