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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! Juegobakan


juego bakan para poder pasar el tiempo

11 plays
natashamuller's avatarby natashamuller
New game! TETRIX


Classic old T E T R I X.

24 plays
raikx's avatarby raikx
New game! Post-Mortem


This is my final assignment for Techno Survey.

14 plays
thestoicman's avatarby thestoicman
New game! Tech Survey Game

Tech Survey Game

Server Error in '/' Application.

17 plays
Randcarte's avatarby Randcarte
New game! Run in Factory

Run in Factory

help the hero in this running game

32 plays
GameManeger's avatarby GameManeger
Astro Spider LD42

Astro Spider LD42

Blast and net your way through space to clean the sky clear of stray light.

115 plays
risto's avatarby risto
Recently updated! MathewCraft


simple and easy

168 plays
shaunbt78's avatarby shaunbt78
Chicken Run

Chicken Run

Classic Snake, with chickens. And everything is on fire, because thats life

51 plays
Pyralspite's avatarby Pyralspite
Ergonomic Adventure!

Ergonomic Adventure!

Learn about ergonomics to defeat bad posture in this educational game!

62 plays
Loopy86's avatarby Loopy86
Lousy Bum

Lousy Bum

As a 'lousy bum' try to accumulate as much money until you are either dead or broke again!

54 plays
Rudi55's avatarby Rudi55
Burrow 1.5

Burrow 1.5

Jump and the earth shatters! Make your way down and discover the mysteries below.

76 plays
SteamPoweredPix's avatarby SteamPoweredPix
carrera f1 remake and air fight demo included

carrera f1 remake and air fight demo included

remake of one game from old cell phones

43 plays
spiderfan 179's avatarby spiderfan 179
Sheep run

Sheep run

Você pensa que todas as ovelhas são iguais? até ver uma a noite...

3,184 plays
duduxs's avatarby duduxs
Football Soccers

Football Soccers

Football Soccers is a fun and fast low rules football party *WORK IN PROGRESS*

95 plays
Attilaken's avatarby Attilaken


Shoot and survive

121 plays
J450N's avatarby J450N


Jump and runn Game

796 plays
rivella's avatarby rivella



21 plays
Romero1306's avatarby Romero1306
Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Your the last man standing and you have to kill the infected beings to survive.

181 plays
Thinamsan's avatarby Thinamsan
Simply Shoot

Simply Shoot

This is a is my version of a 1 player simple shooter game.

271 plays
MooMan's avatarby MooMan


everybody's a winner.

34 plays
benman604's avatarby benman604
Cinesis vs Code;Zero

Cinesis vs Code;Zero

Fight with Code;Zero , Dodge and attack

109 plays
Linias's avatarby Linias
Space Jump

Space Jump

Jogo Casual

20 plays
vogalsoft's avatarby vogalsoft
Scirra Battle

Scirra Battle

toucher le drapeau

62 plays
piotrzielinski's avatarby piotrzielinski
labirinto simpsons

labirinto simpsons


20 plays
ReDkIlL65's avatarby ReDkIlL65