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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

Super Mario Expedition Demo

Super Mario Expedition Demo

Go around 4 worlds in a demo of my game Super Mario Expedition

157 plays
Electropalyse's avatarby Electropalyse
New game! Rocket Master

Rocket Master

Simple game about defending from asteroids.

31 plays
Cheshire's avatarby Cheshire
New game! Evil God Clicker

Evil God Clicker

Clicker game. Create your religion acquiring followers and make them have faith in you.

85 plays
sotano42's avatarby sotano42


Follow the rhythm of the music and go through the obstacles

33 plays
alejandrolxg's avatarby alejandrolxg
A knots story

A knots story

Demo of a narrative adventure platformer.

52 plays
Picoti's avatarby Picoti


Try to survive and maintain the record.

58 plays
lucaszfazzi's avatarby lucaszfazzi
Hangman 7 letter

Hangman 7 letter

hangman, 7letter, capx, html5, construct2, game, free

81 plays
teamwvgg's avatarby teamwvgg
Lit Paths

Lit Paths

Take the lantern and light all the lamps without letting the darkness overtake your light.

509 plays
Pyledrvr010's avatarby Pyledrvr010
A aventura do cubo

A aventura do cubo

clichê demais

34 plays
endaio234's avatarby endaio234
Platformer - Class Template

Platformer - Class Template


32 plays
Cthulhu1's avatarby Cthulhu1
Do you know the way?

Do you know the way?

Do you know the way?

2,947 plays
rodrigosdam's avatarby rodrigosdam
Alien Adventure

Alien Adventure

Alien adventure is a game platform , this is a demo version game

46 plays
zul21's avatarby zul21
Retro Galaxy Wars  2

Retro Galaxy Wars 2

Sequel of strategy game, take over all planets and conquer whole galaxy!

159 plays
xsan's avatarby xsan
Flip the Robot Monkey

Flip the Robot Monkey


17 plays
Ron Jermyl's avatarby Ron Jermyl
Recently updated! Oyna Ve Savaş

Oyna Ve Savaş

Kendi Köyünüzü Yapıp Gelişiyorsunuz

55 plays
26batu35's avatarby 26batu35
Kommander Ken

Kommander Ken

Kommander Ken is a game based or war. With little Ken you can destroy bad guys!

608 plays
WiN Produtstions's avatarby WiN Produtstions
60 Seconds

60 Seconds

60 Seconds is a simple platform game whose goal is to collect the 3 balls and find the exi

63 plays
rik2323's avatarby rik2323
Monster Flash

Monster Flash

Final Project Game

61 plays
andysetya's avatarby andysetya
Catch The Princess

Catch The Princess

Catch The Princess........Blabla

71 plays
WiN Produtstions's avatarby WiN Produtstions
Recently updated! BOMB RUN


Play as a bomb as you race against the clock to complete the platforming level.

167 plays
TorpedoToons's avatarby TorpedoToons
Memeboi Adventures

Memeboi Adventures

A memeboi who walks and shoot I guess

258 plays
Omegic's avatarby Omegic
Horrid Spider Clicker

Horrid Spider Clicker

Ever wanted to build your own garbage Steam game? Well, now you can!

86 plays
MattTsuyuri's avatarby MattTsuyuri
Super Papah

Super Papah

Advebture Running Game

82 plays
jamaleryanto's avatarby jamaleryanto
Panda's Adventure

Panda's Adventure

panda yang berusaha mengumpulkan diamond dan menaklukkan moster es

39 plays
junaidi's avatarby junaidi