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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! Run Boxer, Run!

Run Boxer, Run!

A simple runner - NOT fully baked :) Shoot for a high score and let me know your thoughts!

32 plays
kenblaze's avatarby kenblaze
New game! Super Zombies Again

Super Zombies Again

Arcade dual-stick shooter

29 plays
EvilXIII's avatarby EvilXIII
New game! Dragon ball Multiverse: Versus Alpha

Dragon ball Multiverse: Versus Alpha

Fangame of Dragon Ball multiverse

29 plays
maxwell88's avatarby maxwell88
New game! Animals Headin' Up!

Animals Headin' Up!

Multiplayer Platform Game (UP)

27 plays
valha's avatarby valha
New game! Guild Master Prototype

Guild Master Prototype

Prototype of Guild Master.

28 plays
Nyctophilia's avatarby Nyctophilia


Small one button platformer

1,359 plays
evillair's avatarby evillair
New game! Dimenis I

Dimenis I

Jogo ainda em desenvolvimento - Plataforma 2D simples!

30 plays
UnityBoss's avatarby UnityBoss
New game! Sliming


Carrera de slimes

45 plays
Ciss's avatarby Ciss
New game! PizzaPhant


Usa a Zou el elefante, y salva el mundo de Pizza de Tomasushi, el lider de los Sushis.

30 plays
Sonic1234567890's avatarby Sonic1234567890
New game! Wealth


Steal your enemies treasures!

43 plays
ManuelVarela's avatarby ManuelVarela
New game! Professor Júnior Aventures

Professor Júnior Aventures

Tente pegar todas as páginas da prova e entre aos alunos...

20 plays
davinter18's avatarby davinter18
Death Run

Death Run

dont die please that'd be bad

53 plays
miles1331's avatarby miles1331
O Astronauta Jorginho

O Astronauta Jorginho


28 plays
Luan Paul's avatarby Luan Paul


Trumps wall is very holy(one tap game, VERY HARD)

399 plays
HighLevelGames's avatarby HighLevelGames
New game! Super Dagestan Priora Racer

Super Dagestan Priora Racer

Fun game made by Kaied

21 plays
kaied's avatarby kaied
Beef Defender

Beef Defender

Fight the aliens off of your farm!

116 plays
nlr3026's avatarby nlr3026
Perspective 3D Test

Perspective 3D Test

This is a test of 3D graphics using 2D sprites.

5,543 plays
redcyan's avatarby redcyan
Naruto VS Sasuke

Naruto VS Sasuke

in moment only naruto and sasuke

217 plays
neonzy's avatarby neonzy
Back home

Back home

Escape from the huge crack from a mysterious planet in outer space.

87 plays
jinshuwjt's avatarby jinshuwjt
Master Quiz

Master Quiz

Jogo de Quiz!!!

29 plays
Bjikryt's avatarby Bjikryt
Car Assault

Car Assault

A fun 2D game about running into traffic!

57 plays
Mattykill's avatarby Mattykill
A dungeon escape

A dungeon escape

Just get out from the dungeon... (HARD)

575 plays
ChoosyZerk's avatarby ChoosyZerk


A game RPG

143 plays
neonzy's avatarby neonzy
DOOM ARENA(Game Preview)

DOOM ARENA(Game Preview)

You are playing as the Doom Slayer and hes trapped in an 32 bit, top down version of DOOM!

187 plays
HighLevelGames's avatarby HighLevelGames