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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! attack on trump

attack on trump

let trump defend the mexican invasion

10 plays
xnudepig's avatarby xnudepig



67 plays
the FLOOR ISlava's avatarby the FLOOR ISlava


jogo legal =^.^=

28 plays
EduAltoe's avatarby EduAltoe
New game! Fantastic Unicorn Game - Lissivigeen 5th Class

Fantastic Unicorn Game - Lissivigeen 5th Class

A very unique & awesome game imagined by Mr. Cahill's 5th class students.

12 plays
Mr Man's avatarby Mr Man
New game! $ Hardcore Parkour $

$ Hardcore Parkour $

Have fun and goodluck

113 plays
The Floors water's avatarby The Floors water
New game! Jogo de Plataforma do Eduardo

Jogo de Plataforma do Eduardo

Jogo de plataforma de um alien azul.

6 plays
PabloKiryu's avatarby PabloKiryu
New game! Jogo da memória de Libras

Jogo da memória de Libras

Jogo para aprender e memorizar Libras.

6 plays
italoxf1's avatarby italoxf1
New game! Don't eat my Spaceship

Don't eat my Spaceship

Drag the colored lights to the ships to help them escape the terrible monster.

13 plays
Wellison's avatarby Wellison
New game! Ultra Invaders

Ultra Invaders

Ultra Invaders a alternative option for classic Space Invaders

16 plays
emersonbastos's avatarby emersonbastos
New game! Connections


Establish an unbroken path

18 plays
kirkclarke's avatarby kirkclarke
New game! Pudim Runner

Pudim Runner

Run for your life pudding !!

209 plays
Turnugame79's avatarby Turnugame79
New game! One Life Pixel

One Life Pixel

You need to kill all the enemies before the oxygen runs out, and go to the portal.

93 plays
Brumana's avatarby Brumana
New game! Flappy Memes

Flappy Memes

Um jogo feito de memes para diversão.

39 plays
ArtSky Studios's avatarby ArtSky Studios
Keep dodging

Keep dodging

Dodge obstacles and pass levels! (test)

18 plays
lefcott's avatarby lefcott
Dead Crisis

Dead Crisis

Top-Down zombie game

184 plays
matriax's avatarby matriax
New game! spheress


Grab the bigger balls and avoid the small balls.

10 plays
imsec's avatarby imsec
New game! Slippy Blocks

Slippy Blocks

Get the grren blocks

16 plays
brusacco's avatarby brusacco


An atmospheric avoider game, made for my game design portfolio

183 plays
Teyan's avatarby Teyan
Gato Loco !

Gato Loco !

Objetivo do jogo é fugir da policia se esquivando dos obstáculos.

52 plays
Happy Code's avatarby Happy Code
White Rabbit

White Rabbit

Dječak bježi od lovca sablasnom šumom rješavajući zagonetke

27 plays
matea235's avatarby matea235
Broken Steel

Broken Steel

A top-down mechanized action shooter in a dark sci-fi setting.

99 plays
Raptor788's avatarby Raptor788
New game! Impossível 88,9 - Escape da Escola Demo

Impossível 88,9 - Escape da Escola Demo

Colete, destranque e escape da escola!! Mas pra que tão feliz? Você voltará amanhã.

9 plays
BernardoB's avatarby BernardoB
Turret Master

Turret Master

Shoot asteroids and enemies in this fast, fun arcade shooter.

72 plays
StevenMonson's avatarby StevenMonson
roll the pudim

roll the pudim

I am 9 years old

188 plays
felipe2008's avatarby felipe2008