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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

Healthy Zombies - Game Jam 2018

Healthy Zombies - Game Jam 2018

Eat healthy to survive and become a human

447 plays
Nikijok3's avatarby Nikijok3


An engine test for an upcoming platformer/beat 'em up game.

27 plays
Smedis2's avatarby Smedis2
New game! A Pixel Adventure - The Castle Of Shadows

A Pixel Adventure - The Castle Of Shadows

A Pixel Adventure - The Castle Of Shadows It is the first version, 1.0.0

43 plays
UlisesFreitas's avatarby UlisesFreitas
gun game

gun game

shoot skellies

125 plays
GarrettRot's avatarby GarrettRot
New game! test button

test button

only a test

17 plays
JuanBlat's avatarby JuanBlat


LoveConnection Connect the hearts and do not overlap your love connection

30 plays
srrdsdnbhd's avatarby srrdsdnbhd
Shot poll

Shot poll

vamo la

15 plays
mtinfo's avatarby mtinfo
Recently updated! Minions


Adventure Game

238 plays
AnatoliyProgramm's avatarby AnatoliyProgramm
New game! Caracal's food

Caracal's food

There are 3 levels to this game. Don't forget to have fun!

13 plays
joseph1115's avatarby joseph1115
Q-Roc Free

Q-Roc Free

The Q-Roc warrior starts a journey of challenges to release his friends.

189 plays
marciolevi's avatarby marciolevi


Jogo de quebra-cabeça com prédios famosos do mundo inteiro

16 plays
sandrecardoso2's avatarby sandrecardoso2
Cactus Quest

Cactus Quest

Fight through each area and defeat the boss to win!

36 plays
Mork's avatarby Mork
Wheel Challenge

Wheel Challenge

Are you ready to defeat this wheel?

26 plays
EC Games Stuido's avatarby EC Games Stuido
conveyance task

conveyance task

conveyance task

30 plays
chicken nugget's avatarby chicken nugget
Space Shooter

Space Shooter

space shooting game

67 plays
Iftikhar555's avatarby Iftikhar555
New game! brickbraker


jogo de puzzle

12 plays
sandrecardoso2's avatarby sandrecardoso2
Dungeon master

Dungeon master

Play as a Dungeon Master and discover the secrets beneath the realm of man.

43 plays
Bayleysullivan's avatarby Bayleysullivan
Robber (work in progress)

Robber (work in progress)

You play as a police man that has to save hostages from situations.

113 plays
JamieHulkescc's avatarby JamieHulkescc
New game! Zombie Maze

Zombie Maze

An early prototype for testing an idea out. Leave a comment and let us know what you think

48 plays
MGGames's avatarby MGGames
Gelinho Adventures

Gelinho Adventures

Ajude gelinho a deter um vilão

89 plays
XPaulo's avatarby XPaulo
New game! SkynearS SHIT JUMP


the real shit.........................

19 plays
SkynearHD's avatarby SkynearHD
Slav jump

Slav jump

A platform game about a Slav who likes to jump

24 plays
bencovellcc's avatarby bencovellcc
Nue's Lucky Danmaku

Nue's Lucky Danmaku

Desvie de todas as balas!

50 plays
Hanakko's avatarby Hanakko


é um jogo de plataforma que um bichos estranhos atacam a terra

56 plays
kevinwl's avatarby kevinwl