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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! Kfc Run

Kfc Run

Your a bucket of KFC on the run

27 plays
XxXCidDaKidXxX's avatarby XxXCidDaKidXxX
New game! S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Похищенная маслина

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Похищенная маслина

Эта игра расскажет вам о том как у одного бандита сидорович украл маслины.

4 plays
Rockhar's avatarby Rockhar
New game! Climas - Template - AoMMaker

Climas - Template - AoMMaker

Template de Climas Teste

8 plays
EternalLord's avatarby EternalLord
New game! Flappy


Um jogo onde você é um pássaro e voa entre canos.

32 plays
Jcarlos's avatarby Jcarlos
New game! Teste Flappy Bird

Teste Flappy Bird

Jogo de teste para o flappy bird.

58 plays
felipesantos's avatarby felipesantos
Recently updated! War of Zenins

War of Zenins

Versão beta de testes!

5,758 plays
Jota Play's avatarby Jota Play
New game! Tenorio Bird

Tenorio Bird

Jogo do professor Andre Tenorio, criado nas aulas de Design de Games.

44 plays
andrexatr's avatarby andrexatr
New game! My Fish Ted

My Fish Ted

My Ted Fish is a very fun and strategic action game.

778 plays
Leca Studio's avatarby Leca Studio
you can't

you can't

just try to touch pink or yellow block

241 plays
sarang's avatarby sarang
Roguelike Cowboys

Roguelike Cowboys

Roguelike Shooting Game. Be the quickest shooter of the Old West!

1,991 plays
rayolf's avatarby rayolf
Nissan Racer

Nissan Racer

Alpha 1.0

126 plays
lewistaylor99's avatarby lewistaylor99
Motor Maniac

Motor Maniac

This an alpha build of Motor Maniac.

72 plays
LewisGee's avatarby LewisGee


Your plane has crashed! but all of your luggage has been spread across the world, you must

81 plays
MatthewH8241's avatarby MatthewH8241
Big Buck Adventure

Big Buck Adventure

You are lost in the woods! Find your way back home and find your materials on the way!

85 plays
Bort Sempsin's avatarby Bort Sempsin
Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Game of collecting gold throughout a street like mine.

190 plays
JacobLaws's avatarby JacobLaws
Mini Drifts

Mini Drifts

Added scoreboard - Driving game

919 plays
stefano1234's avatarby stefano1234
Packing Panic

Packing Panic

you are a rouge cardboard box, escaping a warehouse

72 plays
coconut pizza's avatarby coconut pizza
Artist Annex

Artist Annex

Collect the teal boxes and try not to either fall off the map or jump into the scribbles

72 plays
ZnicT135's avatarby ZnicT135


Contains 2 levels

54 plays
Tindalltoon's avatarby Tindalltoon


Kill enemies and bosses to ultimately save the world from impending doom....

97 plays
Caleb Duckworth's avatarby Caleb Duckworth


Collect all parts to the puzzle as you endure on a crazy race course

53 plays
Niallx's avatarby Niallx


THE JOGUIM TESTE , ( Desenvolvimento para desenvolvedor e jogadores para avaliarem !)

34 plays
HeitorDragon23's avatarby HeitorDragon23
Tim Run

Tim Run

platform game

100 plays
aman singh's avatarby aman singh
Dolph Maths

Dolph Maths

you cant actually do anything yet due to the objective not being there

62 plays
LewisBarness's avatarby LewisBarness