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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! Roger's attempt at revenge

Roger's attempt at revenge

fast paced run and gun game

11 plays
Chris Panks's avatarby Chris Panks
New game! Action venture

Action venture

Enjoy rushing through killing the enemies of one by one, throwing swords everywhere!!!!!!!

17 plays
jackmarshall10's avatarby jackmarshall10


Fugir dos cidadãos loucos e tiranos

11 plays
spider iron's avatarby spider iron


With Inspiration Hideo Kojima's 1987 Metal Gear I have created my own version.

39 plays
jcalvert's avatarby jcalvert
New game! Simple_Puzzel


Simple puzzle

16 plays
harryabreu's avatarby harryabreu
Demon Shooter

Demon Shooter

Defeat demons and survive as long as you can!

101 plays
hooy's avatarby hooy
New game! Battle Of Titans - 1943

Battle Of Titans - 1943

A short game development school project developed in 3 days.

69 plays
SolidSnake's avatarby SolidSnake
James' Adventure

James' Adventure

A young man named James finds himself in an abandoned town and needs to find his way out.

45 plays
Bigzate's avatarby Bigzate


You are a cube, and you have to work your way to the end of the level avoiding obstacles.

66 plays
CRZR's avatarby CRZR
Space Shooters

Space Shooters

Comment your highest score.

30 plays
Bradley0425's avatarby Bradley0425
Alien Hunters

Alien Hunters

Side view game.

24 plays
DenyseSNC's avatarby DenyseSNC
Top Down Tank Attack

Top Down Tank Attack

Jogo Estilo top down que tem como objetivo destruir as bases inimigas que estão produzindo

41 plays
dfilitto's avatarby dfilitto
Archer Project

Archer Project

Game de ação Casual

9,965 plays
clarkvr's avatarby clarkvr
Food Court

Food Court

A retro arcade gauntlet of helicopter apples, ice cream ghosts, and acidic soda!

61 plays
djspacefunkyarp's avatarby djspacefunkyarp
Youtuber's Simulator

Youtuber's Simulator

Earn money, create your team, improve your home and be the biggest of all

12,188 plays
Rice games's avatarby Rice games
Earth defendor

Earth defendor

Destroy alien robots and ships and advance to a boss to defent the earth.

23 plays
harrynewman8's avatarby harrynewman8
tower defenders

tower defenders

defend the tower with tanks, don't let the enemy in

212 plays
ShadowKnight196's avatarby ShadowKnight196
Super Mario Bros 2.5 (1 Level Demo)

Super Mario Bros 2.5 (1 Level Demo)

A Super Mario Bros 2 like game.

97 plays
HDTV's avatarby HDTV
The Year Of The Zombies Beta

The Year Of The Zombies Beta

This is a beta version of this game. Soon,the game will be done! Kill the zombies and coll

77 plays
abarrom's avatarby abarrom
Fortnite Demo (Thanos Gauntlet)

Fortnite Demo (Thanos Gauntlet)

Find the Gauntlet

611 plays
School Gamer's avatarby School Gamer


A Minimalist art style arcade Game. Collect boxes to restore fuel and to score points!

182 plays
Jexelix's avatarby Jexelix



44 plays
bolachinhafeliz's avatarby bolachinhafeliz
Ball Way

Ball Way

Proyect game:

54 plays
stefano1234's avatarby stefano1234


The game has 2 modes a running one where a robot is chasing you and a co-op one

92 plays
Lo Wang's avatarby Lo Wang