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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! Marlowe's Mini Mansion

Marlowe's Mini Mansion

A short Game Boy styled platform game with metroidvania elements.

21 plays
adamamosa's avatarby adamamosa
New game! Magnetic tales (Магнитные сказки)

Magnetic tales (Магнитные сказки)

Relive Russian favorite fairy

16 plays
Letivan's avatarby Letivan
New game! Shooting Heads

Shooting Heads

How long can you repel enemies' attacks?

49 plays
donotsecret's avatarby donotsecret
New game! Platform game challenge

Platform game challenge

Simple and addictive platform game

28 plays
DarkSharkPvP's avatarby DarkSharkPvP


Action-Puzzle Platformer

389 plays
AySquirrel's avatarby AySquirrel
New game! Noel



16 plays
toblock1's avatarby toblock1
New game! GunGuru v 1.01 By Folmann

GunGuru v 1.01 By Folmann

By Folmann

50 plays
Folmann's avatarby Folmann
New game! Blue Ball

Blue Ball

Jogue por que vale apena

40 plays
Luiz22MCTR's avatarby Luiz22MCTR
New game! Hack Me 2

Hack Me 2

Hack Me this game for hackers

55 plays
Cube228's avatarby Cube228
New game! Frank's Adventure (For School)

Frank's Adventure (For School)

A game about Frank, made for school.

15 plays
MarkABosco's avatarby MarkABosco
New game! Fake 3D Space Flight

Fake 3D Space Flight

Fake 3D space flight

28 plays
revengeracer's avatarby revengeracer
Little Green Soldier

Little Green Soldier

NES-inspired platform shooter where you can absorb enemy bullets and fire them back!

1,043 plays
Nixel's avatarby Nixel
New game! Adventure of a Vegetarian

Adventure of a Vegetarian

Help a vegetarian build his garden while keeping an animal that follows you around to help

25 plays
hmlemke's avatarby hmlemke
New game! Jump for joy

Jump for joy

See how high you can jump

7 plays
Elid16's avatarby Elid16
space shooter nouvelle an

space shooter nouvelle an

piloter votre vaisseau jeux de kenney

42 plays
oscar  egensch's avatarby oscar egensch
Santa Smash

Santa Smash

A simple 2D platform game that I did for a school project, hope you guys like it :)

79 plays
mrbunhead's avatarby mrbunhead
Recently updated! Block Dash

Block Dash

Try to reach the finish line as quick as you can

87 plays
zhumanelite's avatarby zhumanelite
World of Goo Curser?

World of Goo Curser?

World of Goo Curser?World of Goo Curser?World of Goo Curser?World of Goo Curser?World of G

105 plays
NetOne's avatarby NetOne
Lumino (beta)

Lumino (beta)

platforum game that I made from plastecine. have fun :)

181 plays
danul777's avatarby danul777
51 Run

51 Run

Run from the aliens as long as you can

63 plays
AkeyIla's avatarby AkeyIla
Hey! Ipi - Demo

Hey! Ipi - Demo

Entre nessa aventura com Ipi, o índio guerreiro e o ajude a defender sua tribo e floresta!

348 plays
Biosfera's avatarby Biosfera


Astrojump harus mengumpulkan bintang dan membunuh alien dengan cara menginjak dari atas

1,348 plays
AndiSulistiono's avatarby AndiSulistiono
New game! Escape the Dungeon (THE REAL LABYRINTH)

Escape the Dungeon (THE REAL LABYRINTH)

Made by The-Only-Sirnex on DeviantArt

39 plays
TheOnlySirnex's avatarby TheOnlySirnex
The Blocking Dead (Early Beta)

The Blocking Dead (Early Beta)

Top Down Zombie Shoot-Em-Up

3,345 plays
bpetersen's avatarby bpetersen