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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! Metroid Like by JM

Metroid Like by JM

Don't be stupid : PLAY NOW and BUILD YOUR OWN GAME

21 plays
jml's avatarby jml
New game! Another View

Another View

Another View 1 - 2- 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

51 plays
AnneCalamucci's avatarby AnneCalamucci
Recently updated! Laser Links (Light)

Laser Links (Light)

Move and rotate blocks to link them with laser beams and solve the puzzles!

303 plays
RageByte's avatarby RageByte
New game! drog prot

drog prot


55 plays
pelife123's avatarby pelife123
New game! Space


Space game where you need to control your spaceship.

61 plays
akarki's avatarby akarki
Recently updated! Free Zelda Template (Work-in-Progress)

Free Zelda Template (Work-in-Progress)

Work in Progress..............................................

176 plays
Reuben's avatarby Reuben
New game! Space Pix

Space Pix

Space Ship Game.

47 plays
The Trip

The Trip

Survive the perils of an island paradise; fight enemies, solve puzzles and escape!

251 plays
LEGOParadise's avatarby LEGOParadise
Trump saves America

Trump saves America

Billionaire real estate mogul and former reality television personality

202 plays
Neves97's avatarby Neves97
The Take Back

The Take Back

The take back is an adventure game where you are a prisoner trying to escape from prison i

135 plays
CharlieRolfe's avatarby CharlieRolfe
Kitten Arena

Kitten Arena

Play against opponents around the world and show them who's the best kitten in the arena!

713 plays
dotrnplx's avatarby dotrnplx


Quadrados coloridos estourando por todos os lados!

164 plays
wildavp's avatarby wildavp
Recently updated! PROJETO SE-PA-RE (prototype of recycling game)

PROJETO SE-PA-RE (prototype of recycling game)

Separe the trash!

100 plays
JulioKasper's avatarby JulioKasper
Ninja Destroyer

Ninja Destroyer

Get ready for an action packed top down shooter with your favourite super hero.. hes mean,

52 plays
brandontasch99's avatarby brandontasch99


Dress up your Corgi and travel around the world! Boing, boing, boing!

2,233 plays
Jikaz's avatarby Jikaz
MABBY (Demo)

MABBY (Demo)

Action-Puzzle Platformer

3,332 plays
AySquirrel's avatarby AySquirrel


Game not by any means finished, this is just a sort of showcase. Please don't hate, this i

45 plays
DivineVoider's avatarby DivineVoider
New game! Mortel Fight

Mortel Fight

Прикольный шутер.

124 plays
igrostroi's avatarby igrostroi
Drag and Drop Game

Drag and Drop Game

you need to drag and drop it in a right box

51 plays
putri's avatarby putri
Chicks Rescue

Chicks Rescue

Save the chicks and return them to their mother.

125 plays
Zilaan's avatarby Zilaan
NES Soccer

NES Soccer

NES Soccer

184 plays
Reuben's avatarby Reuben
Spaceship Engineer

Spaceship Engineer

A prototype for a game where you can build your own spaceship.

500 plays
videf's avatarby videf
Sheldon's Marvelous Misadventure

Sheldon's Marvelous Misadventure

Sheldon finds his happy place

68 plays
Hame109's avatarby Hame109
Boss Level Shootout

Boss Level Shootout

You are inside the retro game. Watch out sharp pixel enemies and hit the boss!

586 plays
makarone's avatarby makarone