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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush

Jogo Pixel/Dificuldade Média

12 plays
JoaoVitordeA's avatarby JoaoVitordeA
New game! abobora feliz

abobora feliz

e um jogo 2d de arcade

15 plays
guibuosizica's avatarby guibuosizica
New game! Run!


A cool game!

15 plays
Garfield09's avatarby Garfield09
New game! suicidio


pegue todas as moeda]

10 plays
barcalacraft's avatarby barcalacraft
New game! Julia Craft

Julia Craft

Munecraft 2D com zumbis

26 plays
LucasLinhares's avatarby LucasLinhares
New game! Game of Shadows Free

Game of Shadows Free

Game of Shadows - A minimalist arcade game with logical elements...

58 plays
maxgacek's avatarby maxgacek
Sheep run

Sheep run

Você pensa que todas as ovelhas são iguais? até ver uma a noite...

1,429 plays
duduxs's avatarby duduxs
New game! Ricollored


Jogo 2D

6 plays
HeinenEnzo's avatarby HeinenEnzo
New game! Quiz Pokemon

Quiz Pokemon

Jogo de perguntas sobre pokemon.

10 plays
dani888's avatarby dani888
New game! capiroto rosa

capiroto rosa

esse jogo foi criado a fox inferno.

8 plays
Andrefox's avatarby Andrefox
Pinky adventures

Pinky adventures

Pinky is a cool pink alien that collect coins and pass so maky obstacles

28 plays
GameCORP's avatarby GameCORP
Picles Panic Escape

Picles Panic Escape

Foi inspirado em um jogo chamado: Potato Panic

57 plays
Gol11's avatarby Gol11
star wars falsificado

star wars falsificado

wstar wars pirata joguem de graça

11 plays
disneygames's avatarby disneygames


ao chegar na porta você vai voltar para o layout

7 plays
bxk's avatarby bxk
Mundo lokinho

Mundo lokinho

Jogue a vontade e pegue as moedas!

5 plays
Yurih's avatarby Yurih
The Game

The Game

Um alienígena azul sai no meio da noite para derrotar os malvados blockermad

32 plays
ViMartins's avatarby ViMartins
Youtuber's Simulator

Youtuber's Simulator

Earn money, create your team, improve your home and be the biggest of all

16,715 plays
Rice games's avatarby Rice games
Adventure through 6 worlds

Adventure through 6 worlds

Bogdan's level

48 plays
game321's avatarby game321
Underuniverse fangame Undertale by Francisco

Underuniverse fangame Undertale by Francisco

jogo estilo fan game do Undertale

132 plays
hiperbananagames's avatarby hiperbananagames
Perfect Level Editor

Perfect Level Editor

Let your players create their own levels!

37 plays
paradine's avatarby paradine
The Skylings

The Skylings

Play with Lilo troughout the many worlds, to get your mother's antidote. [DEMO]

66 plays
HenryPK's avatarby HenryPK
Archer Project

Archer Project

Game de ação Casual

15,575 plays
clarkvr's avatarby clarkvr
Animatronics desafioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Animatronics desafioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

o objetivo é que derrote os animatronics e chegar até o nivel supremo

107 plays
felipegentilcr7's avatarby felipegentilcr7
Aventure Dog

Aventure Dog

estão fazendo o game ainda todo feedback e bem vindo , so tem uma fase

160 plays
lipsk8's avatarby lipsk8