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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! New project

New project

This game is similar to geometry dash , the character has to miss objects.

14 plays
Aneshka's avatarby Aneshka
New game! Revenge


Get back what is yours

18 plays
20008699's avatarby 20008699
New game! passaro de metal

passaro de metal

mate todoooooossss

16 plays
paodesal's avatarby paodesal
Gravity: FALL (update)

Gravity: FALL (update)

Strategic game with realistic gravity

596 plays
benman604's avatarby benman604
New game! Slime


sv m,fsmvnfmgj klfjgkfjgkfjgkfjgkfjkgjgfgf fdg dfgfdg dfgf gd

22 plays
patrickfugit1's avatarby patrickfugit1
New game! The Aliens

The Aliens

You will have 5 lives and you have to kill as many aliens as you can.

31 plays
20010549's avatarby 20010549
New game! Battle Ship dynasty

Battle Ship dynasty

My game is about how the horrible Othral dynasty takes over your boats and so you fight.

13 plays
20011565's avatarby 20011565
New game! Lost in Space

Lost in Space

Kill monsters and avoid death.

20 plays
20008813's avatarby 20008813
Piano Espacial

Piano Espacial

Destrua os Meteoros e canse seus dedos!

39 plays
Nachos2018's avatarby Nachos2018
Logic VS Time

Logic VS Time

Your Brain; A Computer; Time

1,402 plays
mhjohnson22's avatarby mhjohnson22


| A bee runs away from various spiders, can you survive for 180 seconds? |

4,540 plays
Edudev's avatarby Edudev
New game! Thousand Islands Beta

Thousand Islands Beta

A single-player ARPG where you kill stuff, collect awesome loot and become super-rad!

35 plays
divvyo's avatarby divvyo
New game! Math Fighter

Math Fighter

Fight your way through the kingdom as Artorias, The Ashen One. Defeat the Templar while so

20 plays
Losthero12's avatarby Losthero12
New game! The Child Sipote

The Child Sipote

Guide to the child sipote to free our political prisoners.

21 plays
vandalo's avatarby vandalo
New game! shoot the car

shoot the car


20 plays
20011884's avatarby 20011884
Crime street

Crime street

Only you player against several thieves, can you overcome this challenge?

4,865 plays
Edudev's avatarby Edudev
Devourer Wind

Devourer Wind

Lots of fun and destruction with this twister

34 plays
mkbatista's avatarby mkbatista
New game! Zombie Cross

Zombie Cross

You play as a zombie trying to kill civillians

12 plays
Giovanni1701's avatarby Giovanni1701


in this game you have the mission to survive and keep the artifact red alive for 3 days

53 plays
MasterzBR's avatarby MasterzBR
Shrek is love shrek doesnt like cats

Shrek is love shrek doesnt like cats

Subscribe to my youtube channel CoinAKASwagger. I do fortnite livestreams and compilations

233 plays
CoinAKASwagger's avatarby CoinAKASwagger
Invasion of the Chickens

Invasion of the Chickens

Shoot chickens with a tank, why not?

168 plays
BaseballBro22's avatarby BaseballBro22
Wall Jumper

Wall Jumper

A Platformer with Wall Jumping

81 plays
cadengallup's avatarby cadengallup


Button football game with a touch of simplicity ;)

4,914 plays
Edudev's avatarby Edudev
Chiken Small Test

Chiken Small Test


93 plays
JoeHorzen's avatarby JoeHorzen