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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!



############### Game by Zac ##############

15 plays
hrb116's avatarby hrb116
Planet Runner

Planet Runner

Help Eugene rejoin his friends and get back home!

301 plays
juicysteak's avatarby juicysteak
Flappy Snoop Dogg

Flappy Snoop Dogg

This was my first game and snoop dogg just came to mind. Hope you enjoy! More will to come

3,317 plays
d4rk122's avatarby d4rk122



74 plays
Will1219's avatarby Will1219


Floppy Plane is a simple and fun game to play.

78 plays
Joking Vampires's avatarby Joking Vampires
Game of Life

Game of Life

This is the life!

861 plays
Isaske's avatarby Isaske
Rockin Kats

Rockin Kats

juego de snes desarrollado en 1991 desarrollado por la compañia de nnintendo

79 plays
chongo1232's avatarby chongo1232
New project

New project

keep the bird alive

37 plays
vetr0x's avatarby vetr0x
Killing Zombie  Chapter 1

Killing Zombie Chapter 1

instal on ur android

153 plays
marmis's avatarby marmis
Hill Billy Tow Job

Hill Billy Tow Job

Drive like you stole a Hill Billys Tow Truck !

247 plays
GRB's avatarby GRB
Nerd quiz v2

Nerd quiz v2

perguntas que somente os nerds iram acertar! contem perguntas sobre animes, jogos, logica

81 plays
zaquek's avatarby zaquek
New project

New project

"Aventura do Anão"

63 plays
catarinaaraujo's avatarby catarinaaraujo
Neon Runner

Neon Runner

Travel through the cyberspace.

1,201 plays
Seriall's avatarby Seriall
Frontier of the Stricken

Frontier of the Stricken

Hit things with sword, die and come back, top-down combat and adventure.

55 plays
jhmwkg's avatarby jhmwkg
Flap Flap

Flap Flap

Simple and Minimalist Addictive game

146 plays
redfoc's avatarby redfoc
Alliens Attack

Alliens Attack

Hay que defender el panate

49 plays
nataliafiorito's avatarby nataliafiorito
Romero vs Veneziano

Romero vs Veneziano

Exercício da faculdade

85 plays
ErickW111's avatarby ErickW111


Играй в игру и устанавливай рекорды! свой рекорд в коменнтарии!

188 plays
TheUltro's avatarby TheUltro
Let Me Out

Let Me Out

A simple "escape the room" game with puzzles inspired by The Witness. Ludum Dare #37

252 plays
AlceX's avatarby AlceX
Platformer 16  Levels !

Platformer 16 Levels !

New Game with 16 LEVELS !!! NEW ADVENTURE !!! NEW LEVELS !!! NEW ITEMS !!!

245 plays
GryWiktora's avatarby GryWiktora
Orb Blitz

Orb Blitz

Fast paced, quick moving Orb-fighting fun!

122 plays
crutchfieldt's avatarby crutchfieldt
Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Game Fan Made Clash Royale No Laguage

2,833 plays
TomazLeandroUser's avatarby TomazLeandroUser


Un pequeño juego para practicar las tablas de multiplicar

30 plays
pixelpasto's avatarby pixelpasto
Winter Fun

Winter Fun

A cute little platform game, made for a art challenge themed winter.

69 plays
CrudeWall's avatarby CrudeWall