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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! firebase leaderboard tutorial

firebase leaderboard tutorial

cx vnm.nm bnvcxdvfvmbv

8 plays
jojonwaff's avatarby jojonwaff
New game! Big Lenny The Game

Big Lenny The Game

Accomplish Big Lenny's dream

14 plays
claudiofromdk's avatarby claudiofromdk


you need to shot the ghost and run to the portal.And the game end.

15 plays
JosephWu2's avatarby JosephWu2
New game! Quadrade 2*Ainda em desenvolvimento*

Quadrade 2*Ainda em desenvolvimento*

O jogo vai ficar pronto em mais ou menos 5 a 10 dias

10 plays
CaioZinnNN's avatarby CaioZinnNN
New game! Computer Ergonomics

Computer Ergonomics

An ergonomic app

13 plays
crispygardendeer's avatarby crispygardendeer
New game! The Belly of the Beast

The Belly of the Beast

Spikes, traps, red, jellyfish, can you survive this maze of obstacles?

30 plays
nivenray1xv3's avatarby nivenray1xv3
New game! The Adventures Of Nerdface

The Adventures Of Nerdface


7 plays
MorbidWill's avatarby MorbidWill
New game! Fire fight

Fire fight

Destroy the other player.

16 plays
New game! New project

New project


7 plays
hyunsoo kim's avatarby hyunsoo kim
New game! Fairies vs. Aliens

Fairies vs. Aliens

(test build) Shoot your enemies, don't let them hit you, and don't let them pass you!

33 plays
sygnaless's avatarby sygnaless
New game! Watermark Maker

Watermark Maker

Set a Watermark to be applied to photos

14 plays
the_Shit_hawk's avatarby the_Shit_hawk
New game! Psychevoke


A game concept of puzzles that requires a different mindset to complete.

4 plays
thegamecracks's avatarby thegamecracks
New game! Mejorando el sabor

Mejorando el sabor

Tower defense de comida

4 plays
Ernesthor's avatarby Ernesthor
New game! Mejorando el sabor

Mejorando el sabor

Tower defense de comida

5 plays
Ernesthor's avatarby Ernesthor
Caveman Prototipo V

Caveman Prototipo V

Neste jogo de plataforma o jogador deve explorar, desviar de obstáculo

59 plays
vitelfer's avatarby vitelfer
msr color cimb run

msr color cimb run

help me to beat the chalenge

20 plays
anasess501's avatarby anasess501
Zombie Tower Defense

Zombie Tower Defense

This is my Zombie Tower Defense game. I hope you like it!

87 plays
FT2's avatarby FT2
Word Game

Word Game


28 plays
techcomm's avatarby techcomm


Check my channel:

208 plays
BlokitGame's avatarby BlokitGame
Pokai Watch

Pokai Watch

Colete os Yokais na cidade

17 plays
HappyCodeSaude's avatarby HappyCodeSaude
Pick Cart 3.3

Pick Cart 3.3

A game by PlayFlashGames

28 plays
kirkclarke's avatarby kirkclarke
Recently updated! Game#2



25 plays
blakexxxd's avatarby blakexxxd
test plataforma analog touch

test plataforma analog touch


29 plays
joshua112200's avatarby joshua112200
The Trials of a Foreign Exchange Student

The Trials of a Foreign Exchange Student

A game about race, identity, assimilation and exclusion

24 plays
csniziak's avatarby csniziak