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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

Recently updated! Beet The Emojees

Beet The Emojees

You got to beet the emojis by using your platforming and attacks. theres a boss at the end

69 plays
FurnoLt's avatarby FurnoLt
Emoji Endless Runner

Emoji Endless Runner

An endless runner made entirely using unicode emoji

18 plays
aidankinzett's avatarby aidankinzett
Taavi's Game 0.9.1 version

Taavi's Game 0.9.1 version

Play diiiis awesome game pls pls pls

16 plays
PurplePotato's avatarby PurplePotato



20 plays
SohanChan's avatarby SohanChan
alien bee world

alien bee world

A game about jumping and staying alive

12 plays
biscuitlover123's avatarby biscuitlover123
slime defeater

slime defeater

great fun complex par-core and a great boredom buster!

11 plays
Firewhizz's avatarby Firewhizz
Pikachu contra a gravidade

Pikachu contra a gravidade

Pikachu irá coletar o máximo de pokebolas e desafiará a gravidade para encontrar Ash

13 plays
gabrielBrasil's avatarby gabrielBrasil


Jumping game

15 plays
illy's avatarby illy
gravitational pull

gravitational pull

jump around.

11 plays
james07's avatarby james07
Alien Crash World

Alien Crash World


20 plays
Danshot Victor's avatarby Danshot Victor


quiz video my game is quiz video project Have fun and enjoy game it's so eazy project b

145 plays
famezeq's avatarby famezeq
New game! New project

New project

a quest game where you only have a hundred health

10 plays
the dragoon's avatarby the dragoon
New game! The Adventure of Octoword

The Adventure of Octoword

I make this game for project school only. I sorry to take the picture from web.

33 plays
jaonai6599's avatarby jaonai6599
New game! The Rayman Engine

The Rayman Engine

A Rayman Fan Game Engine

21 plays
LogoGuy2017's avatarby LogoGuy2017
New game! New project

New project

This is only a test about UX Design.

30 plays
fejaomaravilha's avatarby fejaomaravilha
New game! DaBoss Dash

DaBoss Dash


13 plays
Ragemaster's avatarby Ragemaster
New game! media pembelajaran #dijual

media pembelajaran #dijual

dijual dengan harga Rp. 150.000

14 plays
imediaku's avatarby imediaku
New game! English from Scratch

English from Scratch

Educatieve tutorial om Engelse programmeertaal te leren kennen.

29 plays
DavidRamboer's avatarby DavidRamboer
New game! Histoire Generateur | Test

Histoire Generateur | Test

Juste , un generateur d'histoire , recomence pour avoir une histoire differente

9 plays
MrTek's avatarby MrTek
New game! Natalia's Game

Natalia's Game

Simple shooter game to avoid and shoot enemies

19 plays
jvitorz's avatarby jvitorz
New game! johns stupid adventure demo test crumb cake demo dlc

johns stupid adventure demo test crumb cake demo dlc


7 plays
stinkypinky25's avatarby stinkypinky25
New game! Space Flying

Space Flying

Não caia! consiga a maior pontuação com seu foguete no espaço!

8 plays
masterappsbrasil's avatarby masterappsbrasil
New game! Space Flying

Space Flying

Não deixe seu foguete cair no espaço! Chegue o mais longe possível!

8 plays
masterappsbrasil's avatarby masterappsbrasil
New game! Space Flying

Space Flying

Chegue o mais longe possível com seu foguete!

13 plays
masterappsbrasil's avatarby masterappsbrasil