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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! ChoppyFighter v1.2

ChoppyFighter v1.2

Epic, fast-paced fighting game.

10 plays
Jhunter2551's avatarby Jhunter2551
New game! Fishing Frenzy

Fishing Frenzy


2 plays
ericspencer27's avatarby ericspencer27
New game! adv_01


Questa è una semplice tech demo per il mio sistema di avventura punta e clicca - This is a

12 plays
pinellos's avatarby pinellos
New game! BlueMan Adventure

BlueMan Adventure

The worst game ever

5 plays
AlphaKller's avatarby AlphaKller
New game! Jogo do Lucas

Jogo do Lucas

Jogo desenvolvido pelo Lucas de 9 anos na SuperGeeks Natal.

1 plays
amandamaria's avatarby amandamaria
New game! Homem machado

Homem machado

Tens de matar todos os zombis e porcos.

3 plays
happycodebraga's avatarby happycodebraga
New game! Monster-Kill


Kill enemies

4 plays
PabloSau64's avatarby PabloSau64
New game! Why Even?

Why Even?

Made in a few hours in the late night... The wild Max runs away from the dangerous Angel's

9 plays
DigitalCake's avatarby DigitalCake
New game! Magica


Be a mage!

5 plays
MaxSheep's avatarby MaxSheep
New game! Leon's Parable Remix

Leon's Parable Remix

Você precisa salvar o capitalismo mais uma vez.

7 plays
Nashstk's avatarby Nashstk
New game! Junin Adventures

Junin Adventures

this is a difficult platform game that will be updated in a short period of time so keep a

0 plays
Draky Studios's avatarby Draky Studios
New project

New project

Minimum Maximum Game

52 plays
tDv's avatarby tDv
Floor Plan Prototype

Floor Plan Prototype

Interactive prototype for a non-existent interior design app.

107 plays
nebul's avatarby nebul
MetalMan - Spike Rush

MetalMan - Spike Rush

An infinite Running-Jumping-Flying Game.

178 plays
ogisama's avatarby ogisama
Journée des Master 2015

Journée des Master 2015

Jeu de tirs dans l'espace

224 plays
EcoticSimon's avatarby EcoticSimon


To solve the mystery. explore the mansion, talk to suspects, no rough interrogation

36 plays
SnipesDS's avatarby SnipesDS
Space Invaders Tutorial

Space Invaders Tutorial

Space invaders retro version

161 plays
Phauno's avatarby Phauno


jump jump jump jump jump and live

79 plays
somanmir's avatarby somanmir
Pixel Shooter

Pixel Shooter

Its a funny game in which comes to be fast. Are you enough fast?

537 plays
Danieloks's avatarby Danieloks


A pong tutorial with random sprites.

79 plays
Phauno's avatarby Phauno
jogo bloco sie

jogo bloco sie

jogue e divirta-se

256 plays
Josie medeiros's avatarby Josie medeiros
Iron of Fury

Iron of Fury

Protect your tank from the enemies and stay alive as much as possible.

160 plays
gintasdx's avatarby gintasdx
space invasion

space invasion

Survive lonley in Space - Buy Turrets, Blocks - Hire Helperships - Build your own base !!!

114 plays
aalolexx's avatarby aalolexx
Derby Mania

Derby Mania

this is a horse racing game you will control with the arrows this will allow you to win

186 plays
nanoarroyo14's avatarby nanoarroyo14