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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!




0 plays
xxtasder's avatarby xxtasder
Long Island Survival

Long Island Survival

survival game

7 plays
salomaster777's avatarby salomaster777
Friends on The Loose

Friends on The Loose


6 plays
TiagoSP's avatarby TiagoSP
New game! Catching a Butterfly

Catching a Butterfly

A collection of mini games.

13 plays
risto's avatarby risto
New game! Alexis Math Escape

Alexis Math Escape

Solve math problems to open the doors and eventually exit the level.

21 plays
JPBreau's avatarby JPBreau
New game! Guns and Ammo

Guns and Ammo

Shoot the bombs, but don't get hit! If you get hit 3 times, YOU LOSE!

82 plays
Haybale333's avatarby Haybale333
New game! Summation system for End levels

Summation system for End levels

examples shows how display end stage statistics

7 plays
delgado's avatarby delgado
New game! TABLE SOCCER v2


TABLE SOCCER v2 Game for fun :)

27 plays
vankizzle's avatarby vankizzle
New game! Leon's Parable

Leon's Parable

O jogo é na verdade uma sátira do romance dos anos 90 "Leon's Water is Water".

39 plays
Nashstk's avatarby Nashstk
New game! Pixel Perfect Demo

Pixel Perfect Demo

Your PixelMan Your Goal Is To Get To The End

4 plays
CoderMan50089's avatarby CoderMan50089
New game! Hitt CAGD Game

Hitt CAGD Game

Beginner Tutorial GAme

14 plays
aghitt001's avatarby aghitt001
New game! Apocalypse Escape Online (Pre-Alpha)

Apocalypse Escape Online (Pre-Alpha)

Survive, kill zombies and ESCAPE! ONLINE!

21 plays
VectorGamer's avatarby VectorGamer
New game! SpaceShoter


stay alive and fight

15 plays
KILLERTI55's avatarby KILLERTI55
New game! Chat



9 plays
Anvar214's avatarby Anvar214
New game! ChoppyFighter v1.2

ChoppyFighter v1.2

Epic, fast-paced fighting game.

22 plays
Jhunter2551's avatarby Jhunter2551
New game! Fishing Frenzy

Fishing Frenzy


5 plays
ericspencer27's avatarby ericspencer27
New game! adv_01


Questa è una semplice tech demo per il mio sistema di avventura punta e clicca - This is a

42 plays
pinellos's avatarby pinellos
New game! Space Rocks

Space Rocks

A simple shooter game taking place in space where the enemies range from asteroids to UFO'

8 plays
PrestonBrown's avatarby PrestonBrown
Castle trip

Castle trip

Platformer trip in castle

33 plays
cube5d's avatarby cube5d
New game! Mod6


All the consoles ive had and my favorite game for each

22 plays
wmf5070's avatarby wmf5070
New game! Speedy Balls 2018

Speedy Balls 2018

Catch white balls, avoid red, get purple too. Made for mobile

15 plays
jhoop87's avatarby jhoop87
New game! Tank Shooter

Tank Shooter

Work In Progress, Made In 2 Hours, Inspiration From Similar Games

23 plays
Darkhood's avatarby Darkhood
New game! A Menina Valente

A Menina Valente


5 plays
Professor HC Bel's avatarby Professor HC Bel
New game! The History of My Consoles - A Research Project

The History of My Consoles - A Research Project

A clickthrough game of consoles

4 plays
megapizza28's avatarby megapizza28