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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! Naruto vs Ninja rouges

Naruto vs Ninja rouges


34 plays
MicMichDuty's avatarby MicMichDuty
New game! Les Chevaliers du Trone de Glace : The Platformer

Les Chevaliers du Trone de Glace : The Platformer

Un Platforemer basé sur l'avventure HearthStone du même nom.

8 plays
amosY's avatarby amosY
New game! Turret behaviour example

Turret behaviour example

Turret games are cool!

6 plays
Juanje89's avatarby Juanje89
New game! first game

first game

first game

11 plays
Tommy211's avatarby Tommy211
Crush the Box

Crush the Box

All by physics

19 plays
Anvar214's avatarby Anvar214
Guerra de Frente

Guerra de Frente

Try to defeat your friend in a short period of time.

27 plays
Lunardy's avatarby Lunardy


pong gamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegamegameg

186 plays
trevorshaffer21's avatarby trevorshaffer21
New game! Norwaysion


Protect your land from religión THROWNG THEM AXES TO THE HEAD

3 plays
Aragast's avatarby Aragast
New game! Triangulat Trade

Triangulat Trade

Comercio de manufacturas, materia prima y mano de obra que tiene que administrar

1 plays
Aragast's avatarby Aragast
New game! Minecraft 1976

Minecraft 1976


13 plays
Nikita6675's avatarby Nikita6675
New game! BB - Driving School (A)

BB - Driving School (A)

parking practice (backward turn, parallel)

10 plays
Blaze Brandish's avatarby Blaze Brandish
New game! RPG Block Platformer

RPG Block Platformer

Platformer game

16 plays
Spatia's avatarby Spatia
New game! THE CAR



55 plays
caro fies's avatarby caro fies
New game! super dragon fan game

super dragon fan game

kill all ennemy for win a,d to the end there is mega level

19 plays
raph1907's avatarby raph1907
New game! Multiverse


Survive, Kill, Win

23 plays
TheVicThorY's avatarby TheVicThorY
New game! SHOOTY


Montez le plus haut possible sans mourir !!!

52 plays
Xennos's avatarby Xennos
New game! Le combat des anges

Le combat des anges

Un jeu en duo

17 plays
TheophileRame's avatarby TheophileRame
New game! Flappybird and Pacman Jump World Legends

Flappybird and Pacman Jump World Legends


10 plays
Zeroxo HD's avatarby Zeroxo HD
New game! Beyond Life

Beyond Life

alors une description court il n'y en a pas TESTE TESTE TESTE TESTE TESTE TESTE TESTE TEST

31 plays
Darkhenos's avatarby Darkhenos
New game! Construct 2 project

Construct 2 project

This is a game created through a beginners tutorial.

4 plays
haleteacher's avatarby haleteacher
New game! Peg Solitaire (Solo Noble) 2.0

Peg Solitaire (Solo Noble) 2.0

Jump over the circles until there is only one

7 plays
dimielannes's avatarby dimielannes
New game! Emoji Memory Game

Emoji Memory Game

This is one of the most famous memory games and one of the most fun too!

10 plays
dimielannes's avatarby dimielannes
New game! Jim West Project #5 Game

Jim West Project #5 Game

Monsters are invading earth! Shoot them all!!

5 plays
jwest7's avatarby jwest7
New game! matheusjg2


meu primeiro jogo de aventura (estilo mario), obrigado!

6 plays
Matheus89's avatarby Matheus89