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Hot Addicting Games

Games making moves & going viral!

New game! Pirate King

Pirate King

Acerte o baú com a bola.

24 plays
barvas's avatarby barvas
New game! FlyingAlong


Join Henry the pig as he flies through the sky!

13 plays
SupremeAlex's avatarby SupremeAlex
New game! Universo Vin Diesel

Universo Vin Diesel

Jogue com a sósia do Vin Diesel.

19 plays
D3ADZ's avatarby D3ADZ
New game! TROLL CITY


this is only half way finished

14 plays
Salvagegaming's avatarby Salvagegaming
New game! Corra Ninja

Corra Ninja

como objetivo principal voce deve se manter o vivo o maior tempo possivel sempre sendo des

15 plays
Fawkys's avatarby Fawkys
New game! Nibbles Adventure

Nibbles Adventure

This game is about a squirrel named nibbles and his quest to gather food before winter

12 plays
lewisnichols's avatarby lewisnichols
New game! Master Soccer

Master Soccer

Header soccer clone,2d soccer game

31 plays
Symba91's avatarby Symba91
New game! strom trooper

strom trooper


11 plays
fire9's avatarby fire9
New game! Multiplayer Online (PIKES.IO) Assest (Server)

Multiplayer Online (PIKES.IO) Assest (Server)

Multiplayer Online Game Piker Server

33 plays
Shallex05's avatarby Shallex05
New game! Multiplayer Online (PIKES.IO) Assest (Client)

Multiplayer Online (PIKES.IO) Assest (Client)

poke others and grow your pike. Longer is better in this great Construct 2 Assest !

31 plays
Shallex05's avatarby Shallex05
New game! Laundry Sorting Sprint

Laundry Sorting Sprint

Sort the laundry into the matching color pile. Finish sorting before it gets to hard!

12 plays
Loopy86's avatarby Loopy86
New game! DANK


The game is more fun on mobile! is an addictive 2D game where you are challenged to drive

21 plays
dimielannes's avatarby dimielannes
New game! Cop chase

Cop chase

Try to avoid the police from catching you

7 plays
TorpedoToons's avatarby TorpedoToons
New game! challtads



6 plays
challtads's avatarby challtads
New game! Prototype College Map

Prototype College Map

Prototype of the interactive map project.

5 plays
TomCollegeWelham's avatarby TomCollegeWelham
New game! Zombie arcade ALPHA 0.1

Zombie arcade ALPHA 0.1

a classic and arcade like zombie game is still in ALPHA 0.1 and is not recomended to play

2 plays
KariDerks's avatarby KariDerks
New game! Multifases


São duas fases legais, aproveite!!!

0 plays
natgame's avatarby natgame
New game! Running Man VS Shooter Showdown

Running Man VS Shooter Showdown

Battle against a buddy: Try to stop them from getting to the yellow!

2 plays
Loopy86's avatarby Loopy86
New game! Detective Duo

Detective Duo

On a mission to find the real suspect.

4 plays
summative's avatarby summative
New game! Cloud Jump

Cloud Jump

Jump on clouds to collect parts!

8 plays
ilikecheese303's avatarby ilikecheese303
batata up

batata up

potatos are good

70 plays
meliodas4122's avatarby meliodas4122
fort day

fort day

é simplesmente lindo é simplesmente lindoé simplesmente lindoé simplesmente lindoé simples

30 plays
Ninimd's avatarby Ninimd


Primeiro jogo do Guilherme

15 plays
AlunoHappyCode's avatarby AlunoHappyCode
Bees Game

Bees Game

is a game that is not totally with the various stages and has 1 and 2 stages to do a demo

33 plays
avillaryan's avatarby avillaryan