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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! Brother Kidz

Brother Kidz

This game is a genre of education is an alternative medium of learning for children

2 plays
Brother game's avatarby Brother game
New game! KeyBoard Tanker

KeyBoard Tanker

use your keyboard to type you tank to success by fighting endless waves of enemy tanks

4 plays
FalloutOWEN87's avatarby FalloutOWEN87
New game! Just another stupid game

Just another stupid game

Really, don't play it.

7 plays
LostDog's avatarby LostDog
New game! testing, w.i.p.

testing, w.i.p.

game was uploaded for testing. this is not a finish product. this is a raw alpha for testi

8 plays
Wadelyst's avatarby Wadelyst
New game! Cannoneerz


Shoot slimes, get coins! Art by Finalbossblues, music from Lava DUKK

8 plays
TheHammycrafter's avatarby TheHammycrafter
New game! Evil God Clicker

Evil God Clicker

Clicker game. Create your religion acquiring followers and make them have faith in you.

23 plays
sotano42's avatarby sotano42
New game! New project

New project

this is just a test! this is just a test! this is just a test! this is just a test! of c3

10 plays
sagispin's avatarby sagispin
New game! Tap Shot

Tap Shot

In the game you have only to survive killing the enemies.

22 plays
Mateus4k's avatarby Mateus4k
New game! Crazy Monster Game

Crazy Monster Game

Shoot the monsters

7 plays
BM22's avatarby BM22
New game! Don't Try (I won't)

Don't Try (I won't)

An Evil Corp. is planning to destroy your race, and you have been the selected hero.

24 plays
RituraLito's avatarby RituraLito
New game! Battle Saiyan

Battle Saiyan


15 plays
Paulo Licar's avatarby Paulo Licar
New game! City Jumper Chris And Bandar

City Jumper Chris And Bandar

this is a game that we made in a school class for some grade 3 students

6 plays
kyleiscool's avatarby kyleiscool
New game! Bomba Patch

Bomba Patch

Jogo mais jogado no ps2, em breve para android!

7 plays
Luiz22MCTR's avatarby Luiz22MCTR


um jogo difícil inspirado em sexy hiking

8 plays
joao pedro 2006's avatarby joao pedro 2006
New game! não caia do chão

não caia do chão

um jogo difícil inspirado em sexy hiking

5 plays
joao pedro 2006's avatarby joao pedro 2006
New game! Impossible Mix BALL

Impossible Mix BALL

Impossible Mix BALL game for fun :))

23 plays
vankizzle's avatarby vankizzle
New game! Alien Adventure

Alien Adventure

Alien adventure is a game platform , this is a demo version game

27 plays
zul21's avatarby zul21
New game! Quantum Dungeon Crawl

Quantum Dungeon Crawl

Navigate through a randomly generated dungeon while slapping monsters with a glow stick.

82 plays
sygnaless's avatarby sygnaless
New game! germ cleaner

germ cleaner

This game is about killing germs by throwing rocks, also we have lots of levels to play. T

66 plays
shaonbd2018's avatarby shaonbd2018
New game! The world's hardest game V.1 (remake)

The world's hardest game V.1 (remake)

Use thye arrow keys to move the red square through the maze

27 plays
Total Remake's avatarby Total Remake
New game! Flip the Robot Monkey

Flip the Robot Monkey


8 plays
Ron Jermyl's avatarby Ron Jermyl
New game! cookie run fangame

cookie run fangame

a game inspired by cookie run for fun!

9 plays
kingkalleon's avatarby kingkalleon
New game! Super Mario Expedition Demo

Super Mario Expedition Demo

Go around 4 worlds in a demo of my game Super Mario Expedition

107 plays
Electropalyse's avatarby Electropalyse
New game! Physics Tank

Physics Tank

Physics caterpillars

36 plays
paradine's avatarby paradine