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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! Gravity Game proof of concept

Gravity Game proof of concept

click or touch the edges of the screen to make the block travel to that side. Avoid spikes

6 plays
TorpedoToons's avatarby TorpedoToons
New game! STAR TREK Enterprise-D Adventures Ep.1

STAR TREK Enterprise-D Adventures Ep.1

Why is there a mysterious disease on the Enterprise? Find out now!

5 plays
CptPicard's avatarby CptPicard
New game! ButterCake Game

ButterCake Game

ButterCake GameButterCake GameButterCake GameButterCake GameButterCake GameButterCake Game

3 plays
HELLO4242's avatarby HELLO4242
New game! loot lama run

loot lama run

the game is about a fortnight lama parkour around the fortnight map to get away from the p

30 plays
FCIDT's avatarby FCIDT
New game! The simpsons dash

The simpsons dash

Use the arrow keys to help bart get to the donut without getting caught by the cops

22 plays
cricketman12345's avatarby cricketman12345
New game! Fox


Pass the obstacles and help the young fox find his way home!

13 plays
Jesscodes's avatarby Jesscodes
New game! Mr Pigeon

Mr Pigeon

Get Mr Pigeon to his nest

23 plays
ArandomDude's avatarby ArandomDude
New game! Sonic Adventure (Not The Real One)

Sonic Adventure (Not The Real One)

This game is a platform game, moderate difficulty.

19 plays
adventureofduck's avatarby adventureofduck
New game! Arctic Adventure

Arctic Adventure

A platformer

6 plays
TheLittleCrowman's avatarby TheLittleCrowman
New game! Surfs Up

Surfs Up

Run along the Super Radical Surfboards towards the portals that take you to a new level. B

13 plays
MulletMan's avatarby MulletMan
New game! The Adventures of Milly the Seal

The Adventures of Milly the Seal

Help Milly the Seal get home safely and make sure to stay out of danger.

19 plays
jaceyl17's avatarby jaceyl17
New game! Hoppy Bird

Hoppy Bird

This game needs you to make it to the end of each course without touching the floor.

32 plays
kkconover's avatarby kkconover
New game! Down Color Block

Down Color Block

Down Color Block ..... Game for fun :)

10 plays
vankizzle's avatarby vankizzle
New game! The Witch Trials

The Witch Trials

A Witch needs to save his lover!

3 plays
LeviRamirezGames's avatarby LeviRamirezGames
New game! When Orbs Attack!

When Orbs Attack!

A frantic neon arcade inspired bullet hell twin stick shooter!

5 plays
transient's avatarby transient
New game! Outpost Horizon Station

Outpost Horizon Station

Bullet-hell platformer on a rotating 360° platform

61 plays
oldmanofthefire's avatarby oldmanofthefire
New game! 3D VR Demo - THE OLD GEORGE


Animal revenge in 3D VR

26 plays
rufson's avatarby rufson
New game! Agario Clone

Agario Clone

A clone of Agario. It's pretty epic.

14 plays
mrittman's avatarby mrittman
New game! Nyan Race

Nyan Race


14 plays
D.A.B Police's avatarby D.A.B Police
New game! Obama Get Trumed

Obama Get Trumed

Make it through the game and don't die

15 plays
LanceB's avatarby LanceB
New game! Tank Wars

Tank Wars

This is a fun game made for two people.

32 plays
Ambury423's avatarby Ambury423
New game! This Game Is Too Easy to Be True!

This Game Is Too Easy to Be True!

This game is very fun indeed.

11 plays
qwertyisgat138's avatarby qwertyisgat138
New game! RED-The Game

RED-The Game

Entre num mundo sem fim e com uma otima trilha sonora

20 plays
AntunesPlayer's avatarby AntunesPlayer
New game! Breakout College Project

Breakout College Project

A Breakout Remaster I made for my College Game Design course

3 plays
nimrod100's avatarby nimrod100