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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! Hiragana Memory Card Game

Hiragana Memory Card Game

In this tradicional memory card game you can play and learn hiragana (japanese writing) at

1 plays
leonardosldeoliveira's avatarby leonardosldeoliveira
New game! CrappyBird


This is a crappy bird

21 plays
GalacticMang0's avatarby GalacticMang0
New game! Invasion Susei

Invasion Susei

Plataformero, Humor, impacto.

21 plays
ZeroLeL's avatarby ZeroLeL
New game! hcop


rescue game, accion gam

20 plays
th3nikor's avatarby th3nikor
New game! Da Sequel Of Da Other Game

Da Sequel Of Da Other Game

Your objective is to get out of the house.

7 plays
OliverT's avatarby OliverT
New game! Edward the Ball

Edward the Ball


10 plays
Freak Workshop's avatarby Freak Workshop
New game! Ghost Soldier: Sole Survivor of Springfield Zombie Attacks

Ghost Soldier: Sole Survivor of Springfield Zombie Attacks

Shoot and blast your way through this action packed zombie shooter game.

13 plays
really fast games's avatarby really fast games
New game! Crab game

Crab game

Your a crab

16 plays
Oscar Schmidt's avatarby Oscar Schmidt
New game! Pizza Madness

Pizza Madness

Pizza Madness, the first small step for me on Construct 2

17 plays
DenniTerpstra's avatarby DenniTerpstra
New game! Car Style 2:World Time

Car Style 2:World Time

Car Style 2 Chegou! Essa E So A Beta...Vou Continuar Atulizando O Game Me Deem Sugestões..

12 plays
luisgytgf's avatarby luisgytgf
New game! cubeZ


Petit jeu de test

26 plays
gugod's avatarby gugod
New game! Jump or Die Demo

Jump or Die Demo

Jump or die

37 plays
TheGroTesk's avatarby TheGroTesk
New game! DEAD LAND


The city has been infected by a virus converting humans to zombie like creatures.

16 plays
kaushik2150's avatarby kaushik2150
New game! Angry Birds-like

Angry Birds-like

Shoot the canyon to make the stars hit the ground.

49 plays
ladylogic's avatarby ladylogic
New game! Lab Maze

Lab Maze

Good game rogue-like

33 plays
was547's avatarby was547
New game! OneLess



21 plays
gilbertoportojr's avatarby gilbertoportojr
New game! HARD DESCENT(incompleto)

HARD DESCENT(incompleto)

escapa esquivando obstaculos para sobrevivir a la caida junto a tu ganso

22 plays
New game! -Talca-


Dibujos de diferentes perspectivas de la escultura, interactivo.

29 plays
Ciss's avatarby Ciss
New game! Zombie signature beta 0.0.1

Zombie signature beta 0.0.1

There A LOT of zombie arround yo ! try to survive !

11 plays
Heavenstone's avatarby Heavenstone
New game! Rotacion de Escultura Interactivo

Rotacion de Escultura Interactivo

Rotacion de Escultura Interactivo

14 plays
HokeRompeorli's avatarby HokeRompeorli
New game! Turtle Torque

Turtle Torque

Play as Torque the turtle as you spin around defending your island!

30 plays
GrogIsGood's avatarby GrogIsGood
New game! Don't Crash

Don't Crash

This game is not finished, but basically right now you just doge meteors.

34 plays
DiamondBoyALZ's avatarby DiamondBoyALZ
New game! Hanzo's Rampage!

Hanzo's Rampage!

Not much.....

36 plays
Pixelbros's avatarby Pixelbros
New game! Hanzo's Rampage!

Hanzo's Rampage!


2 plays
Pixelbros's avatarby Pixelbros