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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

collect apples

10 plays
Djrango's avatarby Djrango
New game! New project

New project


6 plays
Tempers's avatarby Tempers
New game! Princess Sweets to the Rescue! Demo

Princess Sweets to the Rescue! Demo

Princess Sweets is rescuing her dear Prince Chocolate from the evil Black Licorice Witch.

16 plays
Midnightismyname's avatarby Midnightismyname
New game! ark arcade

ark arcade Ark Arcade Game support for ark coin Dpos solution Cryptocurrency System

13 plays
kiashaan's avatarby kiashaan
New game! Enara´s airplane!

Enara´s airplane!

very easy and simple game made for my daughter, my first project on construct 2.

11 plays
Servilleta's avatarby Servilleta
New game! Retrô Plataform Tilemap Kit

Retrô Plataform Tilemap Kit

Tilemap with more than 80 quadrants to build your game

18 plays
GoldSkullct's avatarby GoldSkullct
New game! Corgi



12 plays
NaticDesigns's avatarby NaticDesigns
New game! The log 2

The log 2


11 plays
skolololo1's avatarby skolololo1
New game! The Cave Jump

The Cave Jump

Escape the fire by climbing the tower, beware or you may fall on the lava!

36 plays
decabeza's avatarby decabeza
New game! The log

The log

save the river

22 plays
skolololo1's avatarby skolololo1
New game! Mate Seu Amigo

Mate Seu Amigo

Ainda não disponível para celular ('Ainda')

19 plays
hbcsjfm's avatarby hbcsjfm
New game! Jeu smartphone Cacolac

Jeu smartphone Cacolac

Jeu réalisé dans le cadre d'un projet universitaire sur Cacolac

21 plays
MichaelGtn's avatarby MichaelGtn
New game! Strikesetter


Two mages battle by casting fireballs in arcs! Requires 2 players.

30 plays
Limbdash's avatarby Limbdash
New game! JumpShipGemini


A Shmup with unique controls

15 plays
dcadjust's avatarby dcadjust
New game! Jade Squid

Jade Squid

A game about a squid :P

28 plays
Kinkajou55's avatarby Kinkajou55
New game! Driwer


Проедь и не сгори!

6 plays
Hefad's avatarby Hefad
New game! Cannons Warfare  [web version]

Cannons Warfare [web version]

Simple but cool game, plays three difficulty levels or play with your friends!

29 plays
GhostDev's avatarby GhostDev
New game! Dashin' Breaker Original

Dashin' Breaker Original

Pass through the walls by touching in the walls with the same colors, if you fail, answer

24 plays
Zoaklen's avatarby Zoaklen
New game! New project

New project

Só vai que logo da, manolo

11 plays
KailSaisei's avatarby KailSaisei
New game! Escape is Possible - Final Demo

Escape is Possible - Final Demo

Make use of your pistol, shotgun, and crossbow as you discover what lurks below the forest

36 plays
tallenwebdev's avatarby tallenwebdev
New game! Speed Miner

Speed Miner

Collect all the gold . Try to make big scores

14 plays
KevinCaron's avatarby KevinCaron
New game! The Penis Simulator 2017

The Penis Simulator 2017

Become a penis in the best game of 2017

31 plays
FroFox's avatarby FroFox
New game! Crab Shooter

Crab Shooter

My first game

18 plays
FireSaw's avatarby FireSaw
New game! Mate Seu Amigo(Incompleto)

Mate Seu Amigo(Incompleto)

O único objetivo do jogo é : matar o seu amigo <3 divirta-se

21 plays
hbcsjfm's avatarby hbcsjfm