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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! Umbrella Stella

Umbrella Stella

Stella's looking for a coat in the blistering blue blizzard

2 plays
SimShady's avatarby SimShady
New game! Crash Racer

Crash Racer

A small cars game , try to star alive and don't crash into any car. Good luck

11 plays
Fraudon's avatarby Fraudon
New game! Platformer Game

Platformer Game

Objective: Collect gems and keys to unlock doors, and complete all the levels.

5 plays
KatherineMull's avatarby KatherineMull
New game! Poopy Collect

Poopy Collect

Collect the poopy, avoid the smileys.

5 plays
RoddyPoddy's avatarby RoddyPoddy
New game! eCard


Prototype eCard app for USW District 6 organizing efforts in Ontario

7 plays
bjwight's avatarby bjwight
New game! Ether Arena

Ether Arena

Dodge missiles and survive the longest for your place on the top of the leader board.

32 plays
Lightside's avatarby Lightside
New game! Whale of a Good Time!

Whale of a Good Time!

You are a drunk pirate killing aquatic life. How bad can it get?

6 plays
randylin26's avatarby randylin26
New game! Eat my cancer

Eat my cancer

hanibal lecter is here

32 plays
wishmaster's avatarby wishmaster
New game! First Game boiiiiii

First Game boiiiiii

yay! i made a game that I hope you will enjoy!

3 plays
yourfunnydog's avatarby yourfunnydog
New game! Youtuber Simulador VIP

Youtuber Simulador VIP

Torne-se um youtuber profissional nesse jogo desafiante!

6 plays
wildavp's avatarby wildavp
New game! 2033


le jeu 2033 en version 2.4 testez vite

16 plays
New game! 2033 partie 2

2033 partie 2

le jeu 2033 la partie 2 du jeu (attaquer)

6 plays
New game! Waves n' Waves

Waves n' Waves

ondas e ondas

104 plays
RafaelJG's avatarby RafaelJG
New game! Sound Crash Ball

Sound Crash Ball

Desvie dos objetos com ondas eletromagnéticas

14 plays
Dreamsload's avatarby Dreamsload
New game! Trump Jump

Trump Jump

Jump Jump election edition

8 plays
nightshadebl's avatarby nightshadebl
New game! un jeu clicker, jsp quoi dire d'autre

un jeu clicker, jsp quoi dire d'autre

un jeu clicker, jsp quoi dire d'autre

7 plays
New game! OVENWARS


Defend the microwave against the eletric oven menace!

13 plays
LeoBal's avatarby LeoBal
New game! Ho Ho Santa

Ho Ho Santa

Ho ho Santa - infinite game. simple control. cute graphic.

12 plays
JoeHorzen's avatarby JoeHorzen
New game! 2033


un jeu clicker ou il faut récolter des points pour amilioré ses troupes pour réussir le pl

7 plays
New game! Find The Batteries (Demo)

Find The Batteries (Demo)

Are you interested in batteries? This game is for you!

11 plays
Quoc Bao Hoang's avatarby Quoc Bao Hoang
New game! Surf King

Surf King

Evite inimigos e obstáculos, se equilibre na prancha e chegue ao final da fase.

41 plays
soulhue's avatarby soulhue
New game! The War Within

The War Within

Após um acidente uma criança, em coma, através de sua consciência tenta voltar para seu co

5 plays
jerffesonj's avatarby jerffesonj
New game! sound waves to bat

sound waves to bat

Avoid hidden obstacles

9 plays
New game! Magical Magnets

Magical Magnets

A simple game that help sleeping-walk person to reach his bed

19 plays
ghaith adaileh's avatarby ghaith adaileh