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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! instructiuon


adfad fasdfadfadsfa sdfadsfefasdf adsfadsfafasdfasdfasdfa sdfa f

0 plays
akarki's avatarby akarki
New game! AjudanteN3


Faça pesquisas, e outras coisas com seu microfone.

3 plays
suigetsu27's avatarby suigetsu27
New game! EstatisticaRol


Aplicativo criado para ajudar com a aula de Estatística, curso de Enfermagem

6 plays
suigetsu27's avatarby suigetsu27
New game! swegsweg


its cool and oyyu know it

3 plays
benkli855's avatarby benkli855
New game! VamperGame


Jogo para enfrentar mostros

2 plays
adelmo's avatarby adelmo
New game! ZombieGameTEST


zombie game creado por metalwillcore fase pre alfa modo test

11 plays
killxwill's avatarby killxwill
New game! Rejected Pre-Alpha

Rejected Pre-Alpha

A sandbox game similar to Terraria and Starbound.

24 plays
ScrubStorm's avatarby ScrubStorm
New game! Preconc3ito



6 plays
UniverseB's avatarby UniverseB
New game! Super RPG Platformer Engine

Super RPG Platformer Engine

Combining platform mechanics with RPG combat and stats!

15 plays
chaset21's avatarby chaset21
New game! Combat Aedes

Combat Aedes

elimine os mosquitos da cidade e o foco do mosquito

14 plays
m9bayoneta's avatarby m9bayoneta
New game! Little bully

Little bully

Desvie dos enimigos e chega ate a porta

20 plays
Alneir's avatarby Alneir
New game! New project

New project

Prototype game, not finished yet

8 plays
Clockwork Raven's avatarby Clockwork Raven
New game! Another View

Another View

Another View 1 - 2- 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

23 plays
AnneCalamucci's avatarby AnneCalamucci


Ajude a Beetis a manter o seu nível de glicose controlado

5 plays
leoheisenberg's avatarby leoheisenberg
New game! Trabalho A1(C1)

Trabalho A1(C1)

Trabalho A1(C1)

13 plays
Mizael Junior's avatarby Mizael Junior
New game! Corrida contra o lixo

Corrida contra o lixo


15 plays
robinhoex's avatarby robinhoex
New game! FSP_Beta0001



10 plays
Quyrion's avatarby Quyrion
New game! New project

New project


8 plays
Neves97's avatarby Neves97
New game! Depression Game

Depression Game

simulation game

22 plays
barbarianking's avatarby barbarianking
New game! Introspection - Protótipo

Introspection - Protótipo

Isso é só um teste !

18 plays
GMenon's avatarby GMenon
New game! Windows Arrived

Windows Arrived

Test your time with parkouring! *WARNING:This made for fun!*

10 plays
TechY01's avatarby TechY01
New game! drog prot

drog prot


36 plays
pelife123's avatarby pelife123
New game! Game against Alienation

Game against Alienation

A prototype about bad habbits in peoples life

8 plays
Dohms's avatarby Dohms
New game! Evolution Arms Race!v1.1

Evolution Arms Race!v1.1

Bet on which strain will evolve enough to survive!

36 plays
lfilipczak's avatarby lfilipczak