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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! TD System Defence v2.0 b-20

TD System Defence v2.0 b-20

All the updates will be published on this site but not with the same link

3 plays
Minofuri's avatarby Minofuri
New game! S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Похищенная маслина

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Похищенная маслина

Эта игра расскажет вам о том как у одного бандита сидорович украл маслины.

4 plays
Rockhar's avatarby Rockhar
New game! Solar Invaders

Solar Invaders


2 plays
CharlieHoughton8's avatarby CharlieHoughton8
New game! Kfc Run

Kfc Run

Your a bucket of KFC on the run

27 plays
XxXCidDaKidXxX's avatarby XxXCidDaKidXxX
New game! Climas - Template - AoMMaker

Climas - Template - AoMMaker

Template de Climas Teste

8 plays
EternalLord's avatarby EternalLord
New game! Only if your smart caan you beet this game

Only if your smart caan you beet this game

You are trying to escape the maze as fast as you can before you get caught, u must be smrt

16 plays
D332253's avatarby D332253
New game! RhamJSFlip


A little monkey named Flip has to go through a castle battling knights and a Dragon

1 plays
RHAMCompProg's avatarby RHAMCompProg
New game! racecar 500

racecar 500

use the arrow keys to move, beat your time and have fun

9 plays
ShadowKnight196's avatarby ShadowKnight196
New game! Rectangle Destroyer (DEMO)

Rectangle Destroyer (DEMO)

Class assaignment. It's going to have bugs and some problems but it's only a demo.

7 plays
aaryhadesantis's avatarby aaryhadesantis
New game! Rectangle Destroyer

Rectangle Destroyer

A game similar to Breakout and Arkanoid but more or less like a combination of the two gam

11 plays
PrestonBrown's avatarby PrestonBrown
New game! Plane Dodger

Plane Dodger

Collect stars while flying the green airplane and avoiding the red airplanes.

9 plays
BrandonBaumgratz's avatarby BrandonBaumgratz
New game! Running Game

Running Game

My game is about avoiding dangers and collecting coins.

4 plays
Mihir10's avatarby Mihir10
New game! SpacePotato


SpacePotato, l'histoire d'une patate rejetée par les siens.

8 plays
GraphGM's avatarby GraphGM
New game! Pixel Man Adventure

Pixel Man Adventure

This is my first game and I hope you enjoy it The operating method is the keyboard direct

10 plays
xkx724's avatarby xkx724
New game! Watch Black Panther Online Free Putlocker

Watch Black Panther Online Free Putlocker

Watch Black Panther full movie online free, Black Panther streaming online, Black Panther

46 plays
davidblack's avatarby davidblack
New game! Reline


Push, drag and drill to reline the enormous plates inside a metal grinder.

31 plays
risto's avatarby risto
New game! Deep Grief

Deep Grief

A small story about a group of friends who have harsh lives but have one goal of going in

4 plays
Skolas3654's avatarby Skolas3654
New game! Flappy


Um jogo onde você é um pássaro e voa entre canos.

32 plays
Jcarlos's avatarby Jcarlos
New game! Tenorio Bird

Tenorio Bird

Jogo do professor Andre Tenorio, criado nas aulas de Design de Games.

44 plays
andrexatr's avatarby andrexatr
New game! Teste Flappy Bird

Teste Flappy Bird

Jogo de teste para o flappy bird.

58 plays
felipesantos's avatarby felipesantos
New game! Unanswered Prayers

Unanswered Prayers

Survival shooter game set in Syria.

20 plays
Computerized God's avatarby Computerized God
New game! My Fish Ted

My Fish Ted

My Ted Fish is a very fun and strategic action game.

778 plays
Leca Studio's avatarby Leca Studio
New game! Rungry


Avoid obstacles and get the food in this endless runner.

47 plays
p4olo's avatarby p4olo
New game! space jump

space jump

jump on platforms until you reach the top

15 plays
andy55's avatarby andy55