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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! AZUL Flight of Thorns

AZUL Flight of Thorns

fuja da corrente de espinhos mais rapido possivel

1 plays
Modern Games's avatarby Modern Games
New game! No Need for Drink

No Need for Drink


1 plays
zenon's avatarby zenon
New game! spaceinvaders



1 plays
Marcdubeau's avatarby Marcdubeau
New game! PurpleMage Apha v5

PurpleMage Apha v5

You are a magician seeks to revive to defeat the raven

4 plays
jeffSong's avatarby jeffSong
New game! testspaceinvaders


1 plays
Marcdubeau's avatarby Marcdubeau
New game! Jueguini


Fight Halloween

2 plays
Gala_'s avatarby Gala_


make dino happy

2 plays
anekom's avatarby anekom
New game! Prototype_Combat


Test of battle mode for a future rpg

30 plays
Carther's avatarby Carther
New game! You Just Have One Job

You Just Have One Job

Esse jogo é um projeto de estudante sem fins lucrativos.

11 plays
David Bob Lucas's avatarby David Bob Lucas



7 plays
Caiochotinho's avatarby Caiochotinho
New game! jogo malado 1

jogo malado 1

like a mario game

4 plays
joaopedrocrsilva's avatarby joaopedrocrsilva
New game! Drone


Jogo de plataforma, controlando um drone, para chegar na placa exit.

3 plays
matheusfer23's avatarby matheusfer23
New game! Surrounded


Surrounded is a game where you get surrounded by red balls. Shoot the red balls the destro

41 plays
Frippe's avatarby Frippe
New game! Escape From Maniacs

Escape From Maniacs

You're just an exterminator. I think.

9 plays
KSG555's avatarby KSG555
New game! 2D


Cndy vegito fights agains buggs, zenyatta

7 plays
Lilo1998's avatarby Lilo1998
New game! SHMUP


shoot things kill aliens

11 plays
Jason103920013's avatarby Jason103920013
New game! Zombie Christmas

Zombie Christmas

Work in progress more to come.

16 plays
MGGames's avatarby MGGames
New game! The SHMUP Challenge!

The SHMUP Challenge!

See if you challenge yourself to a SHMUP Game !

2 plays
Brett007's avatarby Brett007
New game! SHMUP fixed

SHMUP fixed

Enemies flying at you with a big boss man

6 plays
20139852's avatarby 20139852
New game! Shmup game

Shmup game

In this game you have to shoot all the enemies that are coming down from the top.

6 plays
20136076's avatarby 20136076
New game! The Food Pyramid (Demo)

The Food Pyramid (Demo)

Traverse the Food Pyramid to obtain the Legendary Ingredient.

8 plays
asradinsky's avatarby asradinsky
New game! Neon Run

Neon Run

My first JRPG-like game.

14 plays
MiriamBatsMacs's avatarby MiriamBatsMacs
New game! CarGameRDS


Simple Driving- chill out.

4 plays
SRCoder's avatarby SRCoder
New game! Космо 2D Экшн

Космо 2D Экшн

Експортировано на Android.

24 plays
Dapos's avatarby Dapos