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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! jp-the WORLD

jp-the WORLD

the world andventure is cool is cool

1 plays
jpanimations's avatarby jpanimations
New game! Transformice 2 beta (mobile)

Transformice 2 beta (mobile)

Beta mobile >> Alpha >>> Original << mesma mensagem mais vou muda

24 plays
Vitorgamer's avatarby Vitorgamer
New game! MEGABETA



26 plays
brainjulius's avatarby brainjulius
New game! Pipe Mania 2

Pipe Mania 2

The main mission is to connect the pipes to drain water to target pipe without any leak.

6 plays
bibirez's avatarby bibirez
New game! Scary Maze

Scary Maze

Scary maze controlled by arrow keys

4 plays
HumboldtSPPS's avatarby HumboldtSPPS
New game! Snowball Splat!

Snowball Splat!

Click or tap speedy snowballs!

3 plays
HumboldtSPPS's avatarby HumboldtSPPS
New game! Don't Fall Out

Don't Fall Out

Stay focused and don't fall out.

2 plays
garciagiovanni20's avatarby garciagiovanni20
New game! Escalators and Burritos

Escalators and Burritos

Welcome to the new and improve Chutes and Ladders. ESCALATORS AND BURRITOS!!!

12 plays
baileydylan21's avatarby baileydylan21
New game! Checkers W.I.P.

Checkers W.I.P.

A WIP digital version of checkers

2 plays
Darwin Gaming's avatarby Darwin Gaming
New game! Animalfromworde


New computer so i have to test the program that mean i have to type this long

7 plays
peach72579's avatarby peach72579
New game! Clarity


A unique and experimental multi genre vignette.

22 plays
railslave's avatarby railslave
New game! briga de botão

briga de botão

coloque seu inimigo na serra para ele se cortar e ganhe o jogo

9 plays
erik0reis's avatarby erik0reis
New game! Run Soldier (Beta)

Run Soldier (Beta)

Beta >> Alpha >>> Original

9 plays
Vitorgamer's avatarby Vitorgamer
New game! sapi Ngamuk

sapi Ngamuk

Sapi ngamuk

3 plays
samingan's avatarby samingan
New game! Angry Cows

Angry Cows

Cows that are raging, red cows will come every 5 seconds

1 plays
sandyirvanda's avatarby sandyirvanda
New game! sapi ngamuk

sapi ngamuk

ini adalah game yang dibuat pertama kali di mata kuliah pemrograman game.

1 plays
suhemi yanto's avatarby suhemi yanto
New game! Sapi Ngamuk

Sapi Ngamuk

Menghindar Dari Sapi Ngamuk

1 plays
nandapradana04's avatarby nandapradana04
New game! Sapi Murka

Sapi Murka

A Game to avoid some cow to survive

6 plays
rheomie's avatarby rheomie
New game! Earth defence

Earth defence

Defend earth from an incoming asteroid field.

16 plays
DonWolf's avatarby DonWolf
New game! Particle Smash

Particle Smash

Extreme particle survival simulator. Dodge everything you can for as long as you can.

25 plays
DonWolf's avatarby DonWolf


Defend your tanks!

6 plays
benman604's avatarby benman604
New game! Jump Dodge Scroller

Jump Dodge Scroller

See how long you can last dodging spikes.

22 plays
DonWolf's avatarby DonWolf
New game! Globe Trotter

Globe Trotter

Trot around the world dodging blades.

17 plays
DonWolf's avatarby DonWolf


I made this game for a test in my Game Design course in college.

28 plays
lo4d1ng's avatarby lo4d1ng