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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! Alliens must die!!!

Alliens must die!!!

A top-down view shooter game.

28 plays
lazyCocofish's avatarby lazyCocofish
New game! Cages Catacombs

Cages Catacombs

2D platformer

41 plays
executeOrDeR66's avatarby executeOrDeR66
New game! Comet Crush

Comet Crush

Help lil Tim reach and crush the comet.

56 plays
Grazzle Dazzle's avatarby Grazzle Dazzle
New game! Insanity Glitch jump

Insanity Glitch jump

Made to annoy people.

32 plays
BradleyNorton101's avatarby BradleyNorton101
New game! Space Gold.

Space Gold.

Collect the diamonds and destroy the killer turrets.

20 plays
DenyseSNC's avatarby DenyseSNC
New game! The *Nearly* Impossible Game - Beta

The *Nearly* Impossible Game - Beta

An early version of a difficult platformer i'm working on

71 plays
Dan Buchholz's avatarby Dan Buchholz
New game! Fat Man Jump Beta

Fat Man Jump Beta

This is about a Fat Man Who jumps.

52 plays
Adam Gilbert248's avatarby Adam Gilbert248
New game! Run & Win

Run & Win

you need to collect all of the keys once you have done that you can pass through the level

36 plays
donatas96's avatarby donatas96
New game! New project

New project


4 plays
JasmineSNC's avatarby JasmineSNC
New game! Greey Adventures

Greey Adventures

We made a game that is similar like a Mario Bros.

15 plays
francogaltol's avatarby francogaltol
New game! Mortal Combat Featuring Cute Knight

Mortal Combat Featuring Cute Knight

Mortal Combat Featuring Cute Knight

18 plays
Cubeeo's avatarby Cubeeo
New game! Flowerfell Sans Battle

Flowerfell Sans Battle

Flowerfell Sans Battle

21 plays
New game! Platinum Brix

Platinum Brix

It's just a classic paddle bass game!

21 plays
goldenpotatoe's avatarby goldenpotatoe
New game! Pikachu Ballons

Pikachu Ballons

game of balloons under construction

6 plays
bitsgames's avatarby bitsgames
New game! The Rock Band

The Rock Band

for now only two members ...

6 plays
bitsgames's avatarby bitsgames
New game! Elisa's Castle

Elisa's Castle

This game platform similar to Castlevania

12 plays
bitsgames's avatarby bitsgames
New game! Super Cars

Super Cars

Using only the left and right directional to divert from the cars.

17 plays
bitsgames's avatarby bitsgames
New game! New project

New project

its my first test game sooo i want get to fun. GL me

20 plays
GoodLuck's avatarby GoodLuck
New game! Moñipa


el personaje deberá recoger todas las basuras a su paso y todas las mascaras de parachico

25 plays
yorch's avatarby yorch
New game! SpaceShooter


Intense, fun

21 plays
danielrommat's avatarby danielrommat
New game! Billys Big Adventure

Billys Big Adventure

Mario-like Platformer game

87 plays
ignore78's avatarby ignore78



65 plays
Dogsilva's avatarby Dogsilva
New game! Garcon_Normal The Videogame

Garcon_Normal The Videogame

Save your cat!

16 plays
JCSuperstar's avatarby JCSuperstar
New game! Steam Squad [In Development]

Steam Squad [In Development]

Tactical top down game.

43 plays
CrudeWall's avatarby CrudeWall