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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! Testing audio

Testing audio

Testing audio upload under C2runtime

6 plays
Owl Sensei's avatarby Owl Sensei
New game! Carla's Nightmares

Carla's Nightmares

Get the best score! V-am cuprins,)

12 plays
jmmedimon100's avatarby jmmedimon100
New game! Emma's castle escape

Emma's castle escape

escape from the dungeons and halls of a castle to the sweet grass and bright sun.

6 plays
animalarecool77's avatarby animalarecool77
New game! Mozgodrobilka


Игра на развитие памяти.

16 plays
Naborbykv's avatarby Naborbykv
New game! Halo (College Games Jam Task)

Halo (College Games Jam Task)

Halo Demake

21 plays
Sam Eales's avatarby Sam Eales
New game! freedom wings

freedom wings

jogo rápido onde vem inimigos das 4 direções e o avião precisa desviar o máximo possivel

14 plays
luigiLGA's avatarby luigiLGA
New game! PooPong


(WIP) Pong game with PooP

24 plays
lookiyam's avatarby lookiyam
New game! The Western Campaign (WW2 Era Video Game)

The Western Campaign (WW2 Era Video Game)

WIP WW2 era game made by Luftwaffle games. Updates soon to come, and as often as possible.

11 plays
Luftwaffle Games's avatarby Luftwaffle Games
New game! Splecka


Bug testing version of Splecka, my own version of space invaders, and Galaga.

12 plays
Eli T's avatarby Eli T
New game! Neon Blocks

Neon Blocks

Tap on the screen to defend yourselves.

23 plays
Victoria Prod's avatarby Victoria Prod
Truck Hill Climb Game Template

Truck Hill Climb Game Template

A game template in the genre of Hill Climb Racing.

53 plays
coder2's avatarby coder2
Function Quest 3 Beta test 1.2.0

Function Quest 3 Beta test 1.2.0

Funtion Quest 3 By: Bit Brain Entertainments

18 plays
Herickbrs's avatarby Herickbrs
Recently updated! Megaman x test

Megaman x test

this is only a megaman test

40 plays
Mau12's avatarby Mau12
Tank shooter

Tank shooter

Shoot the tank and get score

70 plays
mybendi's avatarby mybendi
Shrek vs Shaggy the Final Reckoning

Shrek vs Shaggy the Final Reckoning

Its a game Its a game Its a game Its a game Its a game Its a game Its a game Its a game It

76 plays
Cool_Low's avatarby Cool_Low
Self Driving Car - Neural Network Project

Self Driving Car - Neural Network Project

Project of self driving cars based on simple neural network

43 plays
xsan's avatarby xsan
Bubble pop madness

Bubble pop madness

have fun with bmo bro dont die

11 plays
KadenAbraham's avatarby KadenAbraham



109 plays
clonehassoul's avatarby clonehassoul


Sobreviva o quanto puder

35 plays
JhonnyMS's avatarby JhonnyMS


Zexplore is a zombie looter/shooter... and booter... I guess.

59 plays
EuropaMin3r's avatarby EuropaMin3r
teste pedro

teste pedro

estamos trabalhando. pode ser mudado a qualquer momento

18 plays
xgame's avatarby xgame
super boy

super boy

criaçao de layouts cenário e personagens : Enzo Crepaldi e historia : Enzo Crepaldi

54 plays
enzo2k5's avatarby enzo2k5
School Dash

School Dash

This platformer game was made by Julia. Try to make it through all the school levels.

51 plays
Owl Sensei's avatarby Owl Sensei


That's my first game ,please don't hate me

42 plays
Krauzer's avatarby Krauzer