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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! eh



5 plays
Socratarion's avatarby Socratarion
New game! Spongebob Nuclear Winter

Spongebob Nuclear Winter

Spongebob game ...........................................................................

7 plays
Ravioli_Master24's avatarby Ravioli_Master24
New game! Wheres Perry

Wheres Perry

Click on Perry to help him defeat Dr.doof or he will capture him

17 plays
hunterovertonn's avatarby hunterovertonn
New game! parcur


jogo de plataforma sento atalizado

4 plays
toninho10's avatarby toninho10
New game! Puppies


Just a game for test audio's settings

10 plays
DiegoReis's avatarby DiegoReis
New game! HappyCodeGabriel


É um jogo de plataforma em desenvolvimento

6 plays
Graby11's avatarby Graby11
New game! Peg Solitaire (Solo Noble) V 1.5

Peg Solitaire (Solo Noble) V 1.5

Jump over the (white) circles until there is only one

13 plays
dimielannes's avatarby dimielannes
New game! pitodash


un gran juego

235 plays
RXPP's avatarby RXPP
New game! Test 31

Test 31


1 plays
BlueDrag0m's avatarby BlueDrag0m
New game! Licht


A little mobile game about reaching the light.

29 plays
dotrnplx's avatarby dotrnplx
New game! World Combat PC New Version

World Combat PC New Version

Proteja a Terra

11 plays
naldoleandro's avatarby naldoleandro
New game! Click on the telegram

Click on the telegram

Try to click on the telegram. Good luck!

43 plays
CBETLbIU's avatarby CBETLbIU
New game! The Hell of the North

The Hell of the North

finish the race, grab the enery bar and the crown to finish the race

8 plays
marilynhd's avatarby marilynhd
New game! potato game

potato game


16 plays
JoshuaGagnier's avatarby JoshuaGagnier
New game! Escape the Dungeon

Escape the Dungeon

Shoot the dragons to escape the dungeon.

6 plays
acahi1's avatarby acahi1
New game! kewel game

kewel game


8 plays
connnorrrwillsonnn's avatarby connnorrrwillsonnn
New game! game101


don't get killed

10 plays
chloelachance's avatarby chloelachance


If you haven't already, go and BUY MY COFFEE!

23 plays
KyleStig's avatarby KyleStig
New game! Lumberjack VS Aliens

Lumberjack VS Aliens

Your character is the lumberjack, kill the aliens

13 plays
dduga1's avatarby dduga1
New game! Let me explain...

Let me explain...

Quite Odd, sweet and savory, true gem play this game

7 plays
oliverobinson's avatarby oliverobinson
New game! Gestão de Tempo - Quizz

Gestão de Tempo - Quizz

Um pequeno game desenvolvido como parte de uma apresentação sobre o tema "Gestão de Tempo"

19 plays
dudujoceli's avatarby dudujoceli
New game! myfirstgame



6 plays
esoko2's avatarby esoko2
New game! Tina vs Bob

Tina vs Bob

Bobs Burgers knock off.

37 plays
sierraguretzki's avatarby sierraguretzki
New game! Pineapple Attack

Pineapple Attack


14 plays
emmafuller's avatarby emmafuller