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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! StarFish Collecter

StarFish Collecter

You collect starfish

5 plays
JustinSorge20's avatarby JustinSorge20
New game! Jump Mine

Jump Mine

Help Dio to Collect coins as much as you can and survive the collapsing grounds of mounta

8 plays
cricket's avatarby cricket
New game! Ratta-coin


collect coins as you go upward!

9 plays
pjlapuos's avatarby pjlapuos
New game! Jumping Game

Jumping Game

Nothing to show

12 plays
bulleye12's avatarby bulleye12
New game! game aksara  jawa

game aksara jawa

platform game aksara jawa

8 plays
wahyupur's avatarby wahyupur
New game! namaz


game is good

4 plays
alibastani's avatarby alibastani
New game! Tank Shooter

Tank Shooter

Work In Progress, Made In 2 Hours, Inspiration From Similar Games

26 plays
Darkhood's avatarby Darkhood
New game! Rev's C Engine

Rev's C Engine

Contra style run and gun engine demo

86 plays
Rev's avatarby Rev
New game! Junin Adventures

Junin Adventures

this is a difficult platform game that will be updated in a short period of time so keep a

25 plays
Draky Studios's avatarby Draky Studios
New game! Leon's Parable Remix

Leon's Parable Remix

Você precisa salvar o capitalismo mais uma vez.

13 plays
Nashstk's avatarby Nashstk
New game! Magica


Be a mage!

29 plays
MaxSheep's avatarby MaxSheep
New game! Why Even?

Why Even?

Made in a few hours in the late night... The wild Max runs away from the dangerous Angel's

36 plays
DigitalCake's avatarby DigitalCake
New game! Back To The 80's - Arkanoid

Back To The 80's - Arkanoid

Breakout game from the '80's

30 plays
Justin1967's avatarby Justin1967
New game! Monster-Kill


Kill enemies

39 plays
PabloSau64's avatarby PabloSau64
New game! Homem machado

Homem machado

Tens de matar todos os zombis e porcos.

13 plays
happycodebraga's avatarby happycodebraga
New game! Jogo do Lucas

Jogo do Lucas

Jogo desenvolvido pelo Lucas de 9 anos na SuperGeeks Natal.

2 plays
amandamaria's avatarby amandamaria
New game! BlueMan Adventure

BlueMan Adventure

The worst game ever

14 plays
AlphaKller's avatarby AlphaKller
New game! Fishing Frenzy

Fishing Frenzy


6 plays
ericspencer27's avatarby ericspencer27
New game! adv_01


Questa è una semplice tech demo per il mio sistema di avventura punta e clicca - This is a

48 plays
pinellos's avatarby pinellos
New game! ChoppyFighter v1.2

ChoppyFighter v1.2

Epic, fast-paced fighting game.

25 plays
Jhunter2551's avatarby Jhunter2551
New game! Chat



9 plays
Anvar214's avatarby Anvar214
New game! SpaceShoter


stay alive and fight

15 plays
KILLERTI55's avatarby KILLERTI55
New game! Starfish Collector

Starfish Collector

A simple game consisting of a turtle that seeks starfish.

17 plays
PrestonBrown's avatarby PrestonBrown
New game! New project

New project

Aim For The Asteroids and destroy them , press w to go forward , aim with mouse and shoot

14 plays
Gujabes's avatarby Gujabes