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Newest Addicting Games

Games that have just been published

New game! Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop

Jump through the platform to get as high as you can. Collect crystal to increase your scor

17 plays
RodrigoBG's avatarby RodrigoBG
New game! 2048


An implementation of the game 2048.

21 plays
andresespinosapc's avatarby andresespinosapc
New game! Cementerio Siniestro

Cementerio Siniestro

collect the candles and avoid the perturbed ghosths, be care of bats

14 plays
Korvinus's avatarby Korvinus
New game! Juegobakan


juego bakan para poder pasar el tiempo

20 plays
natashamuller's avatarby natashamuller
New game! Spellpack Funride

Spellpack Funride

Use your spells to dodge swords and fireballs and get as many points as you can!

29 plays
Treisenegger's avatarby Treisenegger
New game! Color Dash

Color Dash

A runner similar to geometry dash

49 plays
cilopez's avatarby cilopez
New game! The Bombastic Ziggs' Adventzre

The Bombastic Ziggs' Adventzre

This is going to be a blast!

24 plays
afcerna's avatarby afcerna
New game! Escape the cops

Escape the cops

Escape the cops! You are being chased and must escape.

24 plays
MainScientist's avatarby MainScientist
New game! Break 'em all!

Break 'em all!

Arkanoid pokemon

44 plays
Kryztoph3r's avatarby Kryztoph3r
New game! TETRIX


Classic old T E T R I X.

33 plays
raikx's avatarby raikx
New game! Я горячий мексиканец 2. I am the hot mecsican boy 2

Я горячий мексиканец 2. I am the hot mecsican boy 2

Тыкни на кнопку и наслаждайся)

9 plays
Chigik45's avatarby Chigik45
New game! Fastest square

Fastest square

D2 shooter contra like

3 plays
Senso's avatarby Senso
First game

First game

Hand drawn style

21 plays
tseng2016's avatarby tseng2016
Recently updated! CREDO 0.3 DEMO


Dont play in this game

19 plays
Linefall's avatarby Linefall
Recently updated! New project

New project

Apenas um teste de jogo. Apenas um teste de jogo. Apenas um teste de jogo. Apenas um teste

12 plays
andrewzoka's avatarby andrewzoka
Gana Musculo Velozmente

Gana Musculo Velozmente

Juego en que ganas masa muscular comiendo bien y haciendo ejercicio

8 plays
GMVPRO's avatarby GMVPRO
Campo Minado

Campo Minado

Puzzle, Campo Minado

8 plays
lucasgc1's avatarby lucasgc1
Battle Tanks ll

Battle Tanks ll

Jogo de estrategia shoot

7 plays
lucasgc1's avatarby lucasgc1
Zumbis Apocalipse

Zumbis Apocalipse

Jogo pra jogar no celular ou no computador Multiplataformas

14 plays
lucasgc1's avatarby lucasgc1
Rock Race

Rock Race

Race rocks! A rock racing game featuring career mode, tutorial, and a full soundtrack.

19 plays
Toyking10's avatarby Toyking10
Run in Factory

Run in Factory

help the hero in this running game

40 plays
GameManeger's avatarby GameManeger
Zombie Jump

Zombie Jump

The zombie is trying to reach the moon help him!

5 plays
celestia369's avatarby celestia369
Lorenzo Jump

Lorenzo Jump

Lorenzo springt

17 plays
ThatDragonn's avatarby ThatDragonn
Yah Yeet

Yah Yeet

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeet

10 plays
IllBillz's avatarby IllBillz