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Free other games

New game! AMO UV


Trivia game designed as a side activity for practicing their knowledge

11 plays
dotmonkey's avatarby dotmonkey
New game! Super Stickman Alpha

Super Stickman Alpha

A stickman platformer. There was no category for "Good Games", so it's in Other Games.

14 plays
Agreiver's avatarby Agreiver
New game! New project

New project

test template for game

22 plays
Danila Elizarov's avatarby Danila Elizarov
New game! PERIPHERAL!  Reflex Test Game with Free CAPX

PERIPHERAL! Reflex Test Game with Free CAPX

PERIPHERAL! Test your reflexes and peripheral vision. Free CAPX

66 plays
lamar's avatarby lamar
New game! Donald and The Mexicans

Donald and The Mexicans

Make your way through the country as Donald Trump dodging the Mexicans.

67 plays
billhicks69's avatarby billhicks69


try ti pass my game

61 plays
PeterGroudus's avatarby PeterGroudus
New game! Antholy



30 plays
pauleandrul's avatarby pauleandrul
New game! Only Click

Only Click

Only Click and Buy Upgrades

97 plays
Doug13's avatarby Doug13
New game! The Adventure of a Mushroom

The Adventure of a Mushroom

Use keys to run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 plays
NekoLoverAly's avatarby NekoLoverAly
New project

New project

Просто для проверки

25 plays
Zetrox's avatarby Zetrox
Recently updated! Monas Protector v1.03

Monas Protector v1.03

Protect Monas! Destroy the missiles! Collect the Camera and Exchange it for PowerUps! SURV

43 plays
maulanaahamdi's avatarby maulanaahamdi
TEST Touch Resolutions

TEST Touch Resolutions

TEST Touch Resolutions TEST Touch Resolutions TEST Touch Resolutions TEST Touch Resolutio

27 plays
NetOne's avatarby NetOne
Constant Paint

Constant Paint

Paint tool

13 plays
natiin56's avatarby natiin56


A Doge Coin Miner game in Beta

24 plays
Phileas0408's avatarby Phileas0408
Bungaloo Dive

Bungaloo Dive

A fun game with a bungaloo and some fish

33 plays
treefrogtk3's avatarby treefrogtk3


Dress up your Corgi and travel around the world! Boing, boing, boing!

253 plays
Jikaz's avatarby Jikaz


test test test test test test test test

19 plays
FishMge's avatarby FishMge
Character Trait Sheet

Character Trait Sheet

Click the buttons to calculate character balance

17 plays
Nexomify's avatarby Nexomify
Minion Invasion

Minion Invasion

Use the arrow keys to control your player and get it to the end of the level for the flags

73 plays
SofiaB's avatarby SofiaB


squish all the aliens

37 plays
SarahB's avatarby SarahB
The Knowledge Quiz 2

The Knowledge Quiz 2

Go through 10 general knowledge questions without making a mistake

72 plays
raphael879's avatarby raphael879
Platform Game Practice

Platform Game Practice

First game level in game production.

35 plays
Miplo's avatarby Miplo
Alien JUMP!!

Alien JUMP!!

Colect all coins, squish monsters and HAVE FUN!!!

16 plays
SarahB's avatarby SarahB


Two Paddles they can only move up and down.You are one of them and the other one is a Comp

57 plays
ale097's avatarby ale097