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Popular Addicting Games

Games with the most unique players



This is a clicker game so have fun and GG

1,938 plays
Horasdodia's avatarby Horasdodia
3D Test

3D Test

Pseudo 3D Tutoria Example

2,163 plays
JoyfulDreamer's avatarby JoyfulDreamer
Amazing Brick

Amazing Brick

How to make amazing brick.

2,132 plays
puntodamar's avatarby puntodamar
Angry Flappy Bird

Angry Flappy Bird

Angry Flappy Bird play is very simple, click on the screen, the bird will try to flying up

2,306 plays
juliangaston1's avatarby juliangaston1


The adventure of Batatman! - A aventura de Batatman!

2,172 plays
Gabriel de Souza's avatarby Gabriel de Souza Dash, a Overwatch Fan Game. Dash, a Overwatch Fan Game.

Simple infinite runner/platformer, an Overwatch fan game.

1,722 plays
AnarchyFox's avatarby AnarchyFox
Demonstration Rope

Demonstration Rope

This is a demonstration of rope Construct 2

4,300 plays
Isaske's avatarby Isaske
K I L L Z O N E (2 Player)

K I L L Z O N E (2 Player)

Multiplayer Shooter

2,553 plays
bulugia's avatarby bulugia


Em um mundo mágico longe, há uma ilha onde Trinks vivo

2,554 plays
bzuu's avatarby bzuu
Pass this Level, Again

Pass this Level, Again

One Level, Multiple ways to pass

2,467 plays
Daviner15's avatarby Daviner15
Mr. Mine

Mr. Mine

Here's a mine. Here's some slaves. Make some money!

2,457 plays
AlceX's avatarby AlceX


dinosaur era

2,074 plays
Saxan's avatarby Saxan
Blue Sky

Blue Sky

Three-Dimensional Platformer Tech Demo

2,396 plays
calebbennetts's avatarby calebbennetts
Chipmunk's Adventures - Puzzle

Chipmunk's Adventures - Puzzle

Logical game about the adventures of a Chipmunk. Difficulty level to choose from.

2,059 plays
AferisT's avatarby AferisT
Rift Walker [Beta]

Rift Walker [Beta]

Run through the rifts...

1,475 plays
Gorgmeister007's avatarby Gorgmeister007
Hit me

Hit me

Hit wil

2,311 plays
TeslaPC's avatarby TeslaPC
Continuum Box

Continuum Box

Hard puzzle game where you play as a little box and try to escape the levels!

1,492 plays
sachos345's avatarby sachos345 (C2 VERSION) OFFLINE (C2 VERSION) OFFLINE

It's a io game where you need to destroy other things like a tank.

1,525 plays
Pato Dk's avatarby Pato Dk
Snake Multiplayer

Snake Multiplayer

A simple snake clone.

2,237 plays
austinblackbelt's avatarby austinblackbelt
Planalto Kombat

Planalto Kombat

Jogo de luta baseado em Mortal Kombat com temática de politica brasileira.

2,067 plays
Rennosmx's avatarby Rennosmx


Click the coin and get rich!

1,782 plays
ponkey364's avatarby ponkey364


Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool

1,829 plays
lolbeef's avatarby lolbeef

Play SinglePlayer

1,574 plays
tiagogomezpy's avatarby tiagogomezpy


Win Races. upgrade Accelaration first. its easier then

1,988 plays
MitchBuchannon's avatarby MitchBuchannon