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Popular Addicting Games

Games with the most unique players

Youtuber Simulator

Youtuber Simulator

Um jogo bem Beta mais estou trabalhando mais

18,797 plays
DarkSharkPvP's avatarby DarkSharkPvP (Beta) (Beta)

Blast the tanks out of the petri dish!

18,224 plays
Eire games's avatarby Eire games
Pixel Bear Adventure

Pixel Bear Adventure

Join Pixel Bear on an epic adventure! Help him find his girlfriend, Snowy the Polar Bear!

87,530 plays
GTGJon's avatarby GTGJon
Alien Disaster

Alien Disaster

Buy some time for the human forces by killing as many aliens as you can.

24,418 plays
DrGero's avatarby DrGero
Desce A Letra BROS.

Desce A Letra BROS.

Jogo plataforma do Desce a Letra.

19,477 plays
AlexandreInuVlog's avatarby AlexandreInuVlog

This Game Batle Black , White

21,599 plays
TomazLeandroUser's avatarby TomazLeandroUser
Poki World2

Poki World2

Come to poki world,kill enemy's and evolve you pokemon power to kill enemy's easily...coll

22,141 plays
eliedouaihy's avatarby eliedouaihy
Proxy Wars - With Sources

Proxy Wars - With Sources

Command your tanks and lead your army to victory in tactical military conquests (online)

51,890 plays
drpool's avatarby drpool


Sci-Fi Space Shooter

28,908 plays
matriax's avatarby matriax


Survive the endless waves of Bacteria and exterminate as many of them before you die.

33,496 plays
BL4CKWAT3R's avatarby BL4CKWAT3R
Accelo alone

Accelo alone

Accelo alone - This a great adventure of the small square.

76,421 plays
Baursak's avatarby Baursak
Trump's World

Trump's World

Trump’s world is the most amazing amusement park in the world

36,325 plays
trumpworld's avatarby trumpworld


my homage to classic light gun games

16,506 plays
PrinceofMars's avatarby PrinceofMars
Basketball Challenge

Basketball Challenge

Score as many balls as possible. Game is over after 4 missed shots.

171,146 plays
Zed2100's avatarby Zed2100
18 Seconds Challenge Plus

18 Seconds Challenge Plus

18 Seconds Challenge Plus is a addictive game. Your battle is against the time.

41,153 plays
TomNogueira's avatarby TomNogueira

jogo ofilline parecido com

17,623 plays
gustavo dias's avatarby gustavo dias
Break The Food Chain! - DEMO

Break The Food Chain! - DEMO

Pick an animal, use its skills and a big weapon to kill other animals until you die.

27,787 plays
ormukka's avatarby ormukka



61,299 plays
max666's avatarby max666
Don't Fall

Don't Fall

Jump from liana to liana. Don't fall ! Travel as many lianas as possible.

20,446 plays
Kyatric's avatarby Kyatric
Dreams and Reality

Dreams and Reality

A hand drawn platformer about climbing your dreams.

19,482 plays
AlceX's avatarby AlceX


Funny hardcore platformer in minimal style and relaxing ambient music.

23,055 plays
hostage's avatarby hostage


Find a key. Open the door... TRY DON'T DIE!

36,382 plays
slotter's avatarby slotter
Red Tie Runner

Red Tie Runner

Red Tie Runner is a 100% free, challenging, reflex-based, 2D platforming game.

126,161 plays
ReflextionsDev's avatarby ReflextionsDev
Pac-man Multiplayer

Pac-man Multiplayer

Pac-man but multiplayer. Up to 2 players (for now).

13,101 plays
kapslok2408's avatarby kapslok2408