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Top Addicting Games

Games with the highest ratings

There Is No Game

There Is No Game

There is no game. Trust me, DO NO PLAY!

944,845 plays
KaMiZoTo's avatarby KaMiZoTo
Recently updated! War of Zenins

War of Zenins

Versão beta de testes!

5,485 plays
Jota Play's avatarby Jota Play
Haunted House

Haunted House

Get the key, power up the generator and escape all ghosts

1,241 plays
Olir's avatarby Olir
Lumino (beta)

Lumino (beta)

platforum game that I made from plastecine. have fun :)

4,617 plays
danul777's avatarby danul777


Find a key. Open the door... TRY DON'T DIE!

40,802 plays
slotter's avatarby slotter
Dead End

Dead End

You play as a ghost named Gourdon Ramsey who needs to escape the catacombs he's trapped in

627 plays
HypocriticsOath's avatarby HypocriticsOath
Mining Bot

Mining Bot

The goal of this game is to collect all the minerals and reach the extraction point.

1,316 plays
anty21ro's avatarby anty21ro
Blitz Breaker - Demo

Blitz Breaker - Demo

A fast paced puzzle platformer with one twist - Your character can't run

80,051 plays
blekdar's avatarby blekdar
Pass the Torch

Pass the Torch

Pass the Torch is a short casual paper style game with 30 levels and 90 stars to collect

18,068 plays
elitedragons31's avatarby elitedragons31
Cruel Dungeon

Cruel Dungeon

A hardcore platform game with great graphic

22,909 plays
kapix211's avatarby kapix211



66,540 plays
max666's avatarby max666
Résumé Run

Résumé Run

How far will you go to get the job? Will you Rise for the occasion?

39,795 plays
BeastCoasting's avatarby BeastCoasting
Billy Jump Origins

Billy Jump Origins

How much high can you jump? Collect the potions to stay immune to enemies.

8,595 plays
israelmaiden's avatarby israelmaiden
Cross Cross Cross

Cross Cross Cross

Try to cross the road and get the highscore!

6,911 plays
Oni's avatarby Oni
Key & Shield

Key & Shield

Lead Bogger to the rescue of all the Gorliks with his new awesome platformer!

48,329 plays
Fire Totem Arena's avatarby Fire Totem Arena
Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2

Destroy tanks, earn points!

1,020,701 plays
austinblackbelt's avatarby austinblackbelt


In each level you have to hide the small glitches

4,300 plays
SorianS's avatarby SorianS
Shuttle Siege - Light Edition

Shuttle Siege - Light Edition

A sci-fi Tower Defense game where you build mazes to fight off enemy invasions.

5,040 plays
Lasmelan's avatarby Lasmelan
Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.

The exact remake of Super Mario Bros (World 1 Level 1)

12,726 plays
ramtinsoltani's avatarby ramtinsoltani


Collect and combine colors to unlock doors. How far can you go?

52,817 plays
angelojlee's avatarby angelojlee
Recently updated! MABBY (Demo)

MABBY (Demo)

Mega Man-esque action-puzzle platformer

11,603 plays
AySquirrel's avatarby AySquirrel
Archer Vs Archer

Archer Vs Archer

Shoot arrows at other archers.

228,312 plays
HowieMonster's avatarby HowieMonster
18 Seconds Challenge Plus

18 Seconds Challenge Plus

18 Seconds Challenge Plus is a addictive game. Your battle is against the time.

44,110 plays
TomNogueira's avatarby TomNogueira
Oi Pirates! Naval sea battle (scirra store)

Oi Pirates! Naval sea battle (scirra store)

Naval sea battles

8,420 plays
delgado's avatarby delgado