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Top Addicting Games

Games with the highest ratings

Recently updated! BIO-GUN (W.I.P.)


Survive the endless waves of Bacteria and exterminate as many of them before you die.

3,364 plays
BL4CKWAT3R's avatarby BL4CKWAT3R


Funny hardcore platformer in minimal style and relaxing ambient music.

12,282 plays
hostage's avatarby hostage
Break The Food Chain! - DEMO

Break The Food Chain! - DEMO

Pick an animal, use its skills and a big weapon to kill other animals until you die.

15,102 plays
ormukka's avatarby ormukka
Proxy Wars - Armored Operations

Proxy Wars - Armored Operations

Command your tanks and lead your army to victory in tactical military conquests (online)

20,724 plays
drpool's avatarby drpool
There Is No Game

There Is No Game

There is no game. Trust me, DO NO PLAY!

551,626 plays
KaMiZoTo's avatarby KaMiZoTo
Dreams and Reality

Dreams and Reality

A hand drawn platformer about climbing your dreams.

7,413 plays
AlceX's avatarby AlceX
Trump's World

Trump's World

Trump’s world is the most amazing amusement park in the world

11,445 plays
trumpworld's avatarby trumpworld
Recently updated! Platform Golf

Platform Golf

Put the ball hit the hole

10,506 plays
j0schi's avatarby j0schi
Zombies again

Zombies again

Run And Gun (Arcade)

4,206 plays
EvilXIII's avatarby EvilXIII
Recently updated! Space Boom

Space Boom

Shoot the aliens, destroy the worlds, and defend your warp ring.

3,071 plays
BinaryPanda's avatarby BinaryPanda


Guide the falling fox to avoid obstacles.

1,689 plays
gillenew's avatarby gillenew
Abstract Platformer Game

Abstract Platformer Game

small platformer game (with source code, learn from it)

2,549 plays
nemezes's avatarby nemezes
Recently updated! ARKADE


An Arcade game, hard as hell. Flow over a minimalist world and find yourself.

978 plays
Vaank's avatarby Vaank
SUPERHOTline Miami

SUPERHOTline Miami

What happens when you mix SUPER HOT with Hotline Miami ? You get SUPERHOTline Miami !

78,923 plays
Albatr's avatarby Albatr
Basketball Challenge

Basketball Challenge

Score as many balls as possible. Game is over after 4 missed shots.

37,721 plays
Zed2100's avatarby Zed2100
Hyper Miner

Hyper Miner

Collect diamonds while the mine is falling down around you! (Scaling difficulty fixed)

9,054 plays
dante's avatarby dante


Sci-Fi Space Shooter

21,994 plays
matriax's avatarby matriax
Blitz Breaker - Demo

Blitz Breaker - Demo

A fast paced puzzle platformer with one twist - Your character can't run

47,149 plays
blekdar's avatarby blekdar
Super Adventure World

Super Adventure World

16-bit style platform game. I´m working on new levels!.

4,437 plays
oreo's avatarby oreo
Accelo alone

Accelo alone

Accelo alone - This a great adventure of the small square.

57,536 plays
Baursak's avatarby Baursak
Pass the Torch

Pass the Torch

Pass the Torch is a short casual paper style game with 24 levels and 72 stars to collect

13,703 plays
elitedragons31's avatarby elitedragons31


Time for some ! PANIC !

90,702 plays
PiriB's avatarby PiriB
Archer Vs Archer

Archer Vs Archer

Shoot arrows at other archers.

132,089 plays
HowieMonster's avatarby HowieMonster
Key & Shield

Key & Shield

Lead Bogger to the rescue of all the Gorliks with his new awesome platformer!

34,689 plays
Fire Totem Arena's avatarby Fire Totem Arena