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Top Addicting Games

Games with the highest ratings

Alien Ball, The Hunt

Alien Ball, The Hunt

Avoid the Bullets and turrets and collect as many alien balls as fast as you can

48 plays
valdescristian's avatarby valdescristian
mundo paralelo

mundo paralelo

um jogo inspirado em green madness

26 plays
joao pedro 2006's avatarby joao pedro 2006
mundo paralelo(completo)

mundo paralelo(completo)

eu completei

39 plays
joao pedro 2006's avatarby joao pedro 2006
New game! DonsFirstGame


I developed this game from the beginning tutorial. This was an exercise from an online cl

12 plays
dpaitsel's avatarby dpaitsel
New game! The Monsters Are Coming!

The Monsters Are Coming!

Made following tutorial for Construct 2

8 plays
WVLearnsThompson's avatarby WVLearnsThompson
New game! Alians Attack

Alians Attack

Shooting game

7 plays
film000035's avatarby film000035
New game! This Is A Game

This Is A Game

This is a short description of this game

47 plays
hentityperson's avatarby hentityperson
New game! super  mario jump

super mario jump


6 plays
turtles's avatarby turtles
New game! O resgate da princesa Jujuba

O resgate da princesa Jujuba

Resgate a princesa Jujuba das garras do dragão de gelo!

5 plays
HappyCodeSW's avatarby HappyCodeSW
New game! Hero Project

Hero Project

A beat`m up mixed with tower defender. WIP

4 plays
gafanha's avatarby gafanha
New game! Box In The Mirrow

Box In The Mirrow

i´m new in the word of game. it is my firts game

4 plays
HolaSoyJoel's avatarby HolaSoyJoel
New game! Drop Down

Drop Down

Drop Down is a runner made for mobile and here has its webbrowser version.

4 plays
gafanha's avatarby gafanha


Click on the generate button and see the facial features being randomly drawn.

4 plays
gafanha's avatarby gafanha
New game! Pickle With A Sickle

Pickle With A Sickle


1 plays
AdamBouchard's avatarby AdamBouchard
New game! ShadowKnight


Just a memory of when I was learning the Construc 2.

5 plays
gafanha's avatarby gafanha
New game! Puck Blaster

Puck Blaster

A pinball flipper and turrets will help you achieve victory.

35 plays
mumu64's avatarby mumu64
New game! Moonkeys


Moonkeys (BETA)

9 plays
Gustavo1999's avatarby Gustavo1999
New game! Minecraft Fixe

Minecraft Fixe

Coleta todas moedas e elimine os inimigos

29 plays
JogosKidsHCPO's avatarby JogosKidsHCPO
New game! Test (For Hero)

Test (For Hero)


5 plays
HeroGamer123's avatarby HeroGamer123
New game! Win Quiz

Win Quiz

Eaí, você se acha uma pessoa inteligente? Se sim chegue até a fase 30 sem errar nada

9 plays
Andreaugusto18's avatarby Andreaugusto18
New game! Jnail Tutorial Game

Jnail Tutorial Game

Basic shooting game

26 plays
jnail's avatarby jnail
New game! Sapato Numero 57

Sapato Numero 57

Só vai esse jogo muito top mesmo !

7 plays
Zomofay's avatarby Zomofay
New game! adv_01


Questa è una semplice tech demo per il mio sistema di avventura punta e clicca - This is a

25 plays
pinellos's avatarby pinellos
New game! Flappy pig

Flappy pig

Este é um Flappy Bird, Flappy PIMBA, entre outro,kk mais versão pig! se divirta com o jogo

3 plays
HeroGamer123's avatarby HeroGamer123