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Top Addicting Games

Games with the highest ratings

New game! matheusjg2


meu primeiro jogo de aventura (estilo mario), obrigado!

4 plays
Matheus89's avatarby Matheus89
New game! Escape Game

Escape Game

Get to your event in TSA

16 plays
heritagetsavd's avatarby heritagetsavd
New game! Superhero and SouthPark ISpy

Superhero and SouthPark ISpy

Click on character named

2 plays
Eman2102's avatarby Eman2102
New game! SpongeyNuclearWinter



7 plays
Ravioli_Master24's avatarby Ravioli_Master24
New game! Outatime Spy

Outatime Spy

Classic I-Spy with twists and a back to the future theme

12 plays
kyles2018's avatarby kyles2018


Kill some Thots

3 plays
Socratarion's avatarby Socratarion
New game! Space Boss Shooter

Space Boss Shooter

Um jgo em que você é uma nave azul, e precisa atirar numa nave vermelha para ganhar pontos

4 plays
AmanankaLoko's avatarby AmanankaLoko
New game! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



2 plays
Socratarion's avatarby Socratarion
New game! Blooming Planet

Blooming Planet

Ein ziemlich dunkles Spiel welches von Zeit zu Zeit heller wird... Und anfängt zu blühen.

4 plays
New game! Papu Adventures

Papu Adventures

Papu en una "PAPU-AVENTURA" Pero solo para MO-VIL M-O-V-I-L

15 plays
sebasaleru's avatarby sebasaleru
New game! Space Rescue

Space Rescue

Blast asteroids to find escape pods to save, but watch out for the aliens.

2 plays
Rei Kun's avatarby Rei Kun
New game! Comic Test

Comic Test

Um jogo teste feito por mim,para fazer teste de algum jogo ruim. Talvez fique bom talvez..

6 plays
Omega612's avatarby Omega612
New game! RunGuy


bom esse jogo foi feito por um brasileiro :D

10 plays
Tednikea's avatarby Tednikea
New game! Dodge(incomplete)


Just dodge the blocks.

3 plays
Em112's avatarby Em112
Drink, Damn, Hate

Drink, Damn, Hate

A short story about ugly people. Will take 20-30 minutes.

23 plays
Keksill's avatarby Keksill


Beat 'em Up game

176 plays
fejaomaravilha's avatarby fejaomaravilha
Pencil Man

Pencil Man

Draw many things, this and version 1.0

67 plays
NAG Oficial's avatarby NAG Oficial
button project

button project

working on creating buttons with adding scores

51 plays
sawilliams's avatarby sawilliams
Farm Survival

Farm Survival

You become a chicken on a farm evading the various dangers on the farm.

46 plays
ScottOlsen's avatarby ScottOlsen
galaxy pong

galaxy pong

galaxy pong adalah game apa bila bintang mengenai target maka target akan berganti warna,

18 plays
Rizki Ade's avatarby Rizki Ade
Japanese Bomber

Japanese Bomber

very nice game made in like i don't know a week

64 plays
LordGrava's avatarby LordGrava
Android vs Apple Platformer

Android vs Apple Platformer

Collect android oreos and stay safe from the apple products as the android bot.

33 plays
AlbinoBro's avatarby AlbinoBro
New project

New project

santas gonna kill you

8 plays
IceCream21's avatarby IceCream21


Jogo em homenagem ao grupo The Kepi's

15 plays
Lech's avatarby Lech