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Top Addicting Games

Games with the highest ratings

New game! Emoji War

Emoji War

A game of the space shooter

30 plays
luxca's avatarby luxca
New game! SSG (Early Version)

SSG (Early Version)

Just a game that i made for fun...

6 plays
moggesmith10's avatarby moggesmith10
New game! lucho



8 plays
lucianohd776's avatarby lucianohd776
New game! Trudy, Trumpity & Scheer: A New Beginning

Trudy, Trumpity & Scheer: A New Beginning

Scheer Soda joins Trudy Fruity & Trumpity Dumpity to Make All of Us Great Again!

19 plays
Abdulah's avatarby Abdulah


A Doge Coin Miner game in Beta

51 plays
Phileas0408's avatarby Phileas0408
Teo's Big Challange

Teo's Big Challange

the game was criated, thinking in the game RELIC HAUNTERS ZERO, just kill the turtles

16 plays
TecTeo's avatarby TecTeo
Fly! (ALPHA)

Fly! (ALPHA)

A spaceship game with multiple enemies! Version 0.0.2

81 plays
Bostanice's avatarby Bostanice
Peter Run

Peter Run

Peter is walking in the park. Dodge the animals.

82 plays
Negresco's avatarby Negresco
Bungaloo Dive

Bungaloo Dive

A fun game with a bungaloo and some fish

59 plays
treefrogtk3's avatarby treefrogtk3
Wizard Adventure

Wizard Adventure

Have fun ! :)

146 plays
Godpolice 13's avatarby Godpolice 13


A platformer game where A, W, and D let you dash in their respective directions.

78 plays
wolf73098's avatarby wolf73098
Fog Forest

Fog Forest

Get the slime out of the forest safely.

46 plays
jinny25's avatarby jinny25
Inverse (Beta)

Inverse (Beta)

An Fighting game starring Falon and Jim.

91 plays
Jansen121's avatarby Jansen121
test thing

test thing

test to demonstrate a bug test to demonstrate a bug test to demonstrate a bug test to demo

15 plays
GuyPerson121's avatarby GuyPerson121
Run Robot Run

Run Robot Run

Take on the role of Toby's Robots and help them to avoid the falling blocks!

117 plays
Iolva's avatarby Iolva



31 plays
Alex3091997's avatarby Alex3091997


Increible, asombroso, estupefacto me hallo.- NY times

74 plays
Erlantz's avatarby Erlantz
My first Game

My first Game

Play and have fun!

61 plays
rickychan's avatarby rickychan



43 plays
sosboy888's avatarby sosboy888
ojibwe tribe/angry birds

ojibwe tribe/angry birds

teaches ojibwe tribe in fun game

76 plays
nolanr's avatarby nolanr
101 Game

101 Game

An easy but quite challenging game with different obstacles before the finishing point.

63 plays
chr218's avatarby chr218
My first Game

My first Game

Platform game

18 plays
lilianytw's avatarby lilianytw


kill as many spiders as you can

86 plays
bowcreeker's avatarby bowcreeker



75 plays
TomThePanda's avatarby TomThePanda