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Top Addicting Games

Games with the highest ratings

New game! Snail Trail (MP Prototype)

Snail Trail (MP Prototype)

Multiplayer snake inspired game, instead of snakes your a snail.

12 plays
Langley's avatarby Langley
New game! Top Down Platformer Demo

Top Down Platformer Demo

Demo for top down platformer engine

10 plays
chaset21's avatarby chaset21
New game! Neutral Ball

Neutral Ball

The Neutral Ball game Simple and easy game control With white squares at each stage, and c

18 plays
abdalghani's avatarby abdalghani
New game! New project

New project

Just shoot in a monsters

2 plays
AtomEistee's avatarby AtomEistee
New game! TD System Defence v2.0 b-20

TD System Defence v2.0 b-20

All the updates will be published on this site but not with the same link

20 plays
Minofuri's avatarby Minofuri
New game! ZombieLord


Can You Save The Zombies? Zombies are our friends - save them. Kill all humans!!!

22 plays
darkspawn27's avatarby darkspawn27
Fire Of War Running

Fire Of War Running

fire of runing

68 plays
Antony6849's avatarby Antony6849
Depois Das Onze - Game

Depois Das Onze - Game

Se você é um bacana, sabe exatamente o que pegar para ganhar pontos!

45 plays
BMax's avatarby BMax


сдесь очень опасно береги кукурузинки!!!

6 plays
re9090's avatarby re9090
Finn W's game

Finn W's game

Jump from platform to platform while avoiding shots from the turret!

16 plays
yannyboy's avatarby yannyboy
Chá de bebê (Nátalia)

Chá de bebê (Nátalia)

um jogo feito a pedido de retratar um chá de bebê onde um criança de 7 anos irá jogar

70 plays
matnunes1's avatarby matnunes1


stack the pieces on top of each other, don't let more than one piece touch the ground!

61 plays
kallekp's avatarby kallekp
Chegando na escola sem se sujar!

Chegando na escola sem se sujar!

Fuja da mira dos pombos, para chegar limpo na escola

52 plays
gabrielBrasil's avatarby gabrielBrasil
Torre de Batalha

Torre de Batalha

Game de luta 2d

159 plays
JoaoB's avatarby JoaoB
Alien Blaster

Alien Blaster

Fly and shoot against a storm of aliens in this shooter game.

62 plays
MrWiggens5's avatarby MrWiggens5
Woods Escape

Woods Escape

This is my first project than I make with Construct 2.

72 plays
LetrixZ's avatarby LetrixZ


bate no safado do isaque ate ter 200 hits

42 plays
lucassantana's avatarby lucassantana



35 plays
Matyrewq's avatarby Matyrewq
Caça as Moedas!

Caça as Moedas!


14 plays
Wesleyyy's avatarby Wesleyyy



21 plays
DomoPlaysS's avatarby DomoPlaysS


gcfghugfcvguiuygfpoiuhghjiujhgv b

19 plays
dimitrirmrm's avatarby dimitrirmrm
Spaceships: Interestellar Adventure

Spaceships: Interestellar Adventure

Be a ship in the space, destroy evil little gray guys and get points. Unlock all things!

170 plays
Xiaolin2's avatarby Xiaolin2
Mauro's Adventure

Mauro's Adventure

Collect all personal pronouns to win.

138 plays
IvaDJr's avatarby IvaDJr
Bungaloo Dive

Bungaloo Dive

a fun game of bungaloos

60 plays
treefrogtk3's avatarby treefrogtk3