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Top Addicting Games

Games with the highest ratings

Recently updated! O Magnata

O Magnata


43 plays
HappyCodeSaude's avatarby HappyCodeSaude
Depois Das Onze - Game

Depois Das Onze - Game

Se você é um bacana, sabe exatamente o que pegar para ganhar pontos!

45 plays
BMax's avatarby BMax
Type 2 Diabetes: The Game

Type 2 Diabetes: The Game

Learn the 3 ways to avoid type 2 diabetes.

28 plays
stupidmalificent's avatarby stupidmalificent
New game! Rungry


Avoid obstacles and get the food in this endless runner.

20 plays
p4olo's avatarby p4olo
New game! Sonic The Hedgehog Version 0.0.2

Sonic The Hedgehog Version 0.0.2

This is the testing room for my sonic game.

45 plays
candyman201's avatarby candyman201
New game! Characters and Planets

Characters and Planets

A school project for a Wrinkle in Time

13 plays
Haybale333's avatarby Haybale333
New game! New project

New project


5 plays
luciava89's avatarby luciava89
New game! PC STICK



15 plays
New game! Mouse Game

Mouse Game

Tenha paciência e ultrapasse o Score de outros jogadores.

16 plays
UmBichuBunitu's avatarby UmBichuBunitu
New game! Flappy Plane

Flappy Plane

Jogabilidade O objetivo no jogo é ganhar o maior número possível de pontos, controlando um

15 plays
vgamiing's avatarby vgamiing
New game! Super Jump 2018

Super Jump 2018

This Game is Supper Fun

15 plays
1SmugPug's avatarby 1SmugPug
New game! mom went shopping

mom went shopping

Mama went shopping, we're going to stack appliances! Hahaha

31 plays
manuel vaccarell's avatarby manuel vaccarell
New game! Party Builder 2018

Party Builder 2018

This Game is super Fun

13 plays
1SmugPug's avatarby 1SmugPug
New game! Another Ninja (STEALTH GAME)

Another Ninja (STEALTH GAME)

a Stealth Ninja game, that the objective is to find the key and avoid security bad guys.

19 plays
paperboy's avatarby paperboy
New game! Storm Castle von Malus

Storm Castle von Malus

My first simple game that i made in my college course

5 plays
Joshua Lynch's avatarby Joshua Lynch
lava field survival

lava field survival

you get through the lava fields and get to the end and then see how long you can survive

16 plays
D332253's avatarby D332253
New project

New project

Happy birthday, Bowen

4 plays
mastereal's avatarby mastereal
New project

New project

diko alam hayaan mo sila hahahaha ano pa hahaha ano pa baliw

7 plays
bryanabrigo13's avatarby bryanabrigo13
New project

New project


6 plays
hardru's avatarby hardru
New game! Jum


Survive as long as possible, alone or with a friend!

30 plays
Chris687's avatarby Chris687
New game! New Prototype game

New Prototype game

The aim of the game is too collect an object whilst fighting enemies and climbing ladders

23 plays
Marcooly15's avatarby Marcooly15
New game! Trash Collector

Trash Collector

You collect trash, thats about it the collison on the cars is stupid but idk how to fix it

1 plays
JustinSorge20's avatarby JustinSorge20
New game! Racecar 500 (DEMO)

Racecar 500 (DEMO)

This is a class assignment and there is only one level. Test run game.

7 plays
aaryhadesantis's avatarby aaryhadesantis
New game! plane dodger

plane dodger

flappy bird but with planes and stars, but don't worry you don't have to get through space

9 plays
ShadowKnight196's avatarby ShadowKnight196