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We're a London based startup that develops Construct 2, software that lets you make your own computer games!


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Scirra Store Winter Sale!

by Tom | 30th, January 2015

Get 30% off Construct 2 Personal Edition Licenses and Business Licenses! Already own a Personal Edition License? Why not upgrade to a Business Edition for a 30% discount!

Our asset store also has 153 discounted assets, take a look round and pick up a great deal! Get up to 70% off on selected assets.

Some Amazing Asset Store Discounts

Hurry, the sales aren't going to be around for ever! Make sure you pick up your copy of Construct 2 before the 3rd February (Tuesday).

Retweet and win The Next Penelope

Retweet this Tweet (if you have Twitter!) and we'll be giving out copies of The Next Penelope on Steam to lucky winners throughout the duration of this sale! An incredibly fun and gorgeous Construct 2 made game!

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