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We're a London based startup that develops Construct 2, software that lets you make your own computer games!


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Construct 2 Business License Sale! 40% off!

by Tom | 7th, July 2015

Construct 2 Business License Sale!

We're running a business license sale! Get 40% off Construct 2 Business License upgrades and 30% off Construct 2 Business Licenses!

Why upgrade?

Maybe you're thinking about buying Construct 2 for your business, or are getting close to the revenue limits on your Personal Edition license. Whatever the reason, now is a great opportunity to get a Business Edition license!

Have a Personal Edition License on Steam?

We can issue you a Business Edition License either on Steam or via the Scirra website. Simply purchase the Business License Upgrade then email us the redeem code along with proof of purchase of your Steam Personal Edition License, letting us know if you'd prefer the Business License on Steam, or via Scirra.

Don't miss out!

This sale is only running for the next 6 days! If you want to get a great deal make sure you buy before the countdowns run out of time!

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