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We're a London based startup that develops Construct 2, software that lets you make your own computer games!


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Underground Jam Special Prize Pool

by Tom | 2nd, September 2015

Underground Jam Special Prize Pool

Are you entering our Underground Jam? There's still 9 days to enter!

In addition to the mega prize pool we're also going to be creating a special prize pool.

Free Edition Prize Pool

In this prize pool are 3x Personal Edition Licenses. These will be given to the best games entered in the jam made in the free edition of Construct 2!

To qualify for this prize pool, you'll need to upload your CapX file with your arcade entry. This will allow other people to see how your game was made in less than 100 events, and also let us check that it was indeed made in the Free Edition :)

Anyone who does win a Personal Edition license in this special prize pool will also be eligible for all the other great prizes still, so you could be walking home with a Personal Edition license and a spade handle!

Tweet and Win

Have you submitted your entry yet? Or are you keeping it under wraps until closing day? We'll be sending some Scirra merchandise to people who Tweet screenshots of their entries or work in progress entries with the hashtag "#undergroundjam". Get Tweeting!

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