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Construct Classic is retired. We recommend you use Construct 2.

Construct 2 offers a huge amount of improvements and features and we highly recommend you use it instead of Construct Classic.

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Bug Reporting

What to do when you find a bug

Construct is a work in progress. You can help us make it better by reporting any issues you come across, so we know about them and can investigate fixes.

Report bugs to our SourceForge.net bug tracker

Click here to go to the bug tracker. This is where we track the history of bugs, and store them centrally so we don't forget about any of them. You need a SourceForge.net account to post bugs. This is because we used to get lots of anonymous bug reports which were missing important information, and often resulted in the bug not being fixed. When you submit from a registered account, we can contact you later if we need more information.

Important things to remember

The Construct developers use the information you provide to fix the bug you are reporting. Often bug reports don't include enough information for the developer to be able to fix the problem, so please remember to:

  • Include a .cap file reproducing the problem. It should be as simple as possible in order to isolate the cause.
  • Provide a step-by-step guide to reproduce the problem from scratch so the developer can follow your steps and see what you see.
  • Mention the version of Construct you are using, and if possible, your graphics card details (important for graphics and rendering issues).

For an example of a good bug report, have a look at this fixed bug in the Platform Behavior.