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Construct Classic is retired. We recommend you use Construct 2.

Construct 2 offers a huge amount of improvements and features and we highly recommend you use it instead of Construct Classic.

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Various demos made in Construct Classic

Below are some demos created with Construct, showing some of its features for game creation. These demos all require an up-to-date version of DirectX, so if they do not run, try updating DirectX (new components have been made available since the release of 9.0c). Currently, these demos run on Windows only.

Santa Smile

Santa Smile by Mary Jane. A wintery side-scrolling driving game made in Construct. See this forum thread for instructions, walkthrough video and more pictures!
Download Santa Smile (12.3 mb)

The Rain Demo

Top-down shooter demonstrating some of Construct's rendering effects. Graphics cards supporting pixel shader 1.4 and above will have ripples in puddles, and 2.0 and above will have more advanced effects, but the demo also runs without pixel shader support. Use the mouse to look around, move with the arrow keys, and hold down left click to shoot. Press F for fullscreen.
Download The Rain Demo (3.2 mb)

Space Ship Demo

A simple physics-powered movement making use of layer rotation to rotate the world as the spaceship moves. Hold left mouse button to guide the spaceship.
Download The Spaceship Demo (871 kb)
Download Construct .Cap (455 kb)

Barrel Demo

A demo of Construct's 'Plasma' rendering effects, customised to render fire. This demo is not interactive.
Download Construct .cap (455 kb)

Plasma Demo

Plasma demo. Another demo of Construct's 'Plasma' rendering effects. This demo is not interactive.
Download The Plasma Demo (667 kb)
Download Construct .cap (41 kb)

Lightning Demo

A lightning effect created by a combination of skewed sprites and plasma.
Download The Lightning Demo (599 kb)
Download Construct .cap (39 kb)

Water Particles Demo

A waterfall-style effect created using Particle effects.
Download The Waterparticles Demo (483 kb)
Download Construct .cap (31 kb)

Ghost Shooter Demo

Ghost Shooter demo. A small mini-game which also demonstrates dynamic lighting effects. Use arrow keys to move round, mouse and left click to aim and shoot.
Download The Ghostshooter Demo (580 kb)
Download Construct .cap (327 kb