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Construct Classic is retired. We recommend you use Construct 2.

Construct 2 offers a huge amount of improvements and features and we highly recommend you use it instead of Construct Classic.

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Event Sheets

No prior programming knowledge required

Events in Construct define how the game works. You don't need to use or learn any programming or scripting languages to make a complete game. Construct's events are powerful enough that you can create any kind of game entirely out of events, and are especially suitable for beginners who have never programmed before. Even experienced programmers can get results far quicker than programming the equivalent.

An event consists of a series of conditions that must first be true, such as 'Is Player overlapping Enemy'. There are also triggered events, which run when something happens, such as 'On Spacebar pressed'. Once all conditions are true, or the trigger fires, the list of actions are run, such as 'Subtract 1 from Player health'. You can also nest sub-events for more advanced logic.

Events are created by selecting possible conditions and actions from an organised list. The result list of events, or Event Sheet, is designed to be as easily readable as possible, so that beginners can get instant results as well. Entire event sheets can be re-used by other levels, saving you re-creating events for other levels.

Simple Event Creation Example

See the screenshots below to see the process of creating a simple event, which destroys monsters which have been shot 8 times.