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Construct Classic is retired. We recommend you use Construct 2.

Construct 2 offers a huge amount of improvements and features and we highly recommend you use it instead of Construct Classic.

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Plugins and Behaviors

Add ons to help you make games

Construct includes over 60 plugins and over 20 pre-defined object behaviors. Plugins include objects for sprites, input, sound effects and music playback, application controls like buttons and list boxes, particle effects, and many more. Behaviors provide an instant way to add capabilities to an object. For example, adding the Platform Behavior to a sprite allows you to immediately run and jump along objects marked 'solid' or 'platform'. You can than change the settings for speed, acceleration, jump strength, and more, allowing full customisation of the behavior.

Behaviors are also great time savers, because they can save you having to repeatedly create events for similar tasks, like for fading out an object, which the Fade object can do automatically. Third party developers can add their own behaviors and plugins using the SDK, continuously adding features to Construct.

For a full list of the built-in plugins and behaviors, refer to the Object List and Behavior List in the documentation.