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Hungry Hal

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The Game

Hal has been infected with the zombie virus. It wasn't his fault, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. All he wants to do is survive and it's your goal to help him do that. Consume the brains and collect bones to buy powerups in your attempt to get Hal to the end.


A great example of a well made mobile supported Construct 2 game!

Ed Farias

Hungry Hal Developer

"I've been a hobby programmer most of my life and immediately fell in love with Construct 2. I am able to finish projects faster and put more time in the design aspect of game development. Don't let Construct 2's ease of use fool you, it's a powerful engine that can make just about any 2d game you can dream up. I love it so much I teach it, podcast about it and make games with!"

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