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Super Ubie Land Remix

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The Game

Help Ubie defeat Dr. Terrestrial, discover secrets, repair his ship, and escape Climate Island! Run, jump, and glide your way through more than 25 insanely fun levels in Super Ubie Island REMIX!

Andrew Augustin

Founder or Notion Games LLC

"Three years ago, I was an artist with zero programming knowledge sitting in the corner of a room with an idea. Today, I am a Forbes 30 Under 30 game designer who has completed more than 4 games all because of the power and simplicity of Construct 2.

With this engine, I was able to take my design and art skills and combine it with the easy-to-learn event system to create games for others to enjoy!

I have learned so much about game logic from Construct 2 and can't thank Scirra enough for creating such an amazing game engine."

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