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Construct 2 Releases

Release Name Filesize Date
Construct 2 r279

Stable update

60.8mb 3rd Aug, 2020
Construct 2 r278

Fix possible crash

61.4mb 20th Jul, 2020
Construct 2 r277

Stable update

60.6mb 25th Feb, 2020
Construct 2 r276

Bug fix and updated UI library

61.1mb 10th Jan, 2020
Construct 2 r275

Stable update

60.3mb 18th Nov, 2019
Construct 2 r274

Updated jQuery

61mb 21st Oct, 2019
Construct 2 r273

Bug fixes

60.9mb 3rd Oct, 2019
Construct 2 r272

Stable update

60.2mb 9th Sep, 2019
Construct 2 r271

Support for requesting device orientation/motion permission

60.8mb 14th Aug, 2019
Construct 2 r270

Updating libraries

60.7mb 22nd Jul, 2019
Construct 2 r269

Stable update

67.8mb 29th Apr, 2019
Construct 2 r268

UI library update; Cordova updates

68.5mb 16th Apr, 2019
Construct 2 r267

Stable update

65mb 27th Mar, 2019
Construct 2 r266

Bug fixes

65.8mb 15th Jan, 2019
Construct 2 r265

Stable update

63.6mb 16th Oct, 2018
Construct 2 r264

Multiplayer fixes

64.4mb 10th Oct, 2018
Construct 2 r263

Bug fixes and updated export options

64.3mb 11th Sep, 2018
Construct 2 r262

Stable update

63.5mb 16th Aug, 2018
Construct 2 r261

Bug fixes

64.2mb 17th Jul, 2018
Construct 2 r260

Removed AppCache, bug fixes

64.1mb 21st Jun, 2018
Construct 2 r259

Stable update

63.5mb 14th May, 2018
Construct 2 r258

Xbox Live achievements

63.9mb 8th May, 2018
Construct 2 r257.3

Another fix for collision issue

63.9mb 20th Apr, 2018
Construct 2 r257.2

Fix for collision regression in r257

63.9mb 19th Apr, 2018
Construct 2 r257

Update for media autoplay, new NW.js features, bug fixes

63.9mb 17th Apr, 2018
Construct 2 r256

Android update and bug fixes

63.8mb 20th Mar, 2018
Construct 2 r255

Stable update

62.9mb 7th Mar, 2018
Construct 2 r254

Physics & video improvements

63.7mb 26th Feb, 2018
Construct 2 r253

Bug fixes

63.7mb 12th Feb, 2018
Construct 2 r252

Stable update to patch crash problem and performance issue

62.8mb 24th Jan, 2018
Construct 2 r251

Attempted fixes for startup crash and Windows performance regression

63.4mb 22nd Jan, 2018
Construct 2 r250

Stable update

57.3mb 11th Dec, 2017
Construct 2 r249

A few more bug fixes

60.2mb 20th Nov, 2017
Construct 2 r248

Some last bug fixes before stable update (hopefully)

61.6mb 31st Oct, 2017
Construct 2 r247

Xbox Live improvements, bug fixes

59.3mb 21st Sep, 2017
Construct 2 r246

Use Cordova exports with C3 or CLI

59.3mb 15th Aug, 2017
Construct 2 r245

Xbox Live updates & bug fixes

57.3mb 27th Jun, 2017
Construct 2 r244

Stable update with Xbox Live, WebGL 2 and more!

57.3mb 19th Apr, 2017
Construct 2 r243

Bug fixes & improvements

59.3mb 22nd Feb, 2017
Construct 2 r242

Support for unloading audio from memory.

59.3mb 20th Jan, 2017
Construct 2 r241

Bug fixes & happy holidays!

59.7mb 21st Dec, 2016
Construct 2 r240

WebGL 2, offline triggers, pointer events & more

59.3mb 16th Nov, 2016
Construct 2 r239

Stable update: new offline support; lots of bug fixes & improvements

57.1mb 25th Oct, 2016
Construct 2 r238

More Cordova/XDK/WKWebView updates

59.6mb 18th Oct, 2016
Construct 2 r237

More Cordova export updates

59.5mb 7th Oct, 2016
Construct 2 r236

Bug fixes and changes to Cordova iOS publishing.

59.7mb 23rd Sep, 2016
Construct 2 r235

New offline support using Service Workers

59.7mb 14th Sep, 2016
Construct 2 r234

Bug fixes; User Media camera resolution.

59.6mb 31st Aug, 2016
Construct 2 r233

Stable update

56.9mb 8th Aug, 2016
Construct 2 r232

More bug fixes

59.6mb 2nd Aug, 2016
Construct 2 r231

Maintenance update with bug fixes

59.5mb 13th Jul, 2016
Construct 2 r230

Editor high-DPI improvements; bug fixes & other changes

59.6mb 21st Jun, 2016
Construct 2 r229

'Sort Z order' action; Win10, WKWebView & high-DPI fixes

58.4mb 25th May, 2016
Construct 2 r228

Bug fixes, User Media & Windows 10 app improvements

58.3mb 5th May, 2016
Construct 2 r227

Stable update with lots of bug fixes and feature updates

56.1mb 12th Apr, 2016
Construct 2 r226

Updates to the new Intel XDK project format

59.5mb 1st Apr, 2016
Construct 2 r225

WKWebView, IAP; NW.js updates; audio scheduling

58.8mb 23rd Mar, 2016
Construct 2 r224

Experimental WKWebView support; Cordova improvements; Safari bug workarounds

59.4mb 3rd Mar, 2016
Construct 2 r223

Canvas recording improvements; bug fixes & workarounds

51.9mb 22nd Feb, 2016
Construct 2 r222

Bug fixes and an update to the digital signature

57.5mb 12th Feb, 2016
Construct 2 r221

Stable update with updated NW.js support

54.9mb 18th Jan, 2016
Construct 2 r220

More bug fixes and improvements, especially for NW.js.

58.2mb 8th Jan, 2016
Construct 2 r219

A few changes and a batch of bug fixes

57.5mb 17th Dec, 2015
Construct 2 r218

NW.js 0.13.0-alpha6 support, experimental canvas video recording, touch pressure

57.5mb 25th Nov, 2015
Construct 2 r217

Support for NW.js 0.13.0-alpha5; other bug fixes and improvements

58.2mb 13th Nov, 2015
Construct 2 r216

Important bug fixes, and Cordova export improvements.

54.8mb 22nd Oct, 2015
Construct 2 r215

Improvements to Cordova export

58.2mb 15th Oct, 2015
Construct 2 r214

Workaround iOS 9 audio bug

57.4mb 22nd Sep, 2015
Construct 2 r213

Improvements for Audio and Windows 10 export

58.1mb 9th Sep, 2015
Construct 2 r212.2

Hotfix for some issues in r212

54.8mb 21st Aug, 2015
Construct 2 r212

Stable update

54.8mb 20th Aug, 2015
Construct 2 r211

Lots of bug fixes & more Windows 10 improvements

57.8mb 7th Aug, 2015
Construct 2 r210

Improved compatibility with Microsoft Edge; bug fixes

57.9mb 15th Jul, 2015
Construct 2 r209

Export Windows 10 Universal apps; new loader splash

57.9mb 1st Jul, 2015
Construct 2 r208

Tilemap and rendering fixes

57.3mb 19th Jun, 2015
Construct 2 r207

Experimental front-to-back renderer; Scirra Arcade plugin is back

57.3mb 9th Jun, 2015
Construct 2 r206

The Scirra Arcade is back! Lots of other improvements including new Local Storage plugin, various bug fixes, and performance improvements.

56.2mb 26th May, 2015
Construct 2 r205.2

Editor crash fix

58.9mb 19th May, 2015
Construct 2 r205

New system features and bug fixes

59.1mb 14th May, 2015
Construct 2 r204.2

Fixes for the new Arcade

58.9mb 28th Apr, 2015
Construct 2 r204

The Scirra Arcade is back!

58.9mb 27th Apr, 2015
Construct 2 r203

Local Storage improvements; bug fixes

59.1mb 21st Apr, 2015
Construct 2 r202

New Local Storage plugin, bug fixes

58.9mb 14th Apr, 2015
Construct 2 r201

Support for web app install banners

59mb 1st Apr, 2015
Construct 2 r200

Stable update

56mb 16th Mar, 2015
Construct 2 r199

Bug fixes

59mb 9th Mar, 2015
Construct 2 r198

Tilemap bar zoom, more bug fixes

58.9mb 26th Feb, 2015
Construct 2 r197

More physics updates

59.1mb 16th Feb, 2015
Construct 2 r196.2

Bug fixes

59.1mb 3rd Feb, 2015
Construct 2 r196

Physics engine update

59.1mb 2nd Feb, 2015
Construct 2 r195

Stable update: many improvements and bug fixes

56.2mb 19th Jan, 2015
Construct 2 r194.2

Some more bug fixes

59mb 14th Jan, 2015
Construct 2 r194

Bug fix update

59mb 13th Jan, 2015
Construct 2 r193

Open external image editor; bug fixes

58.9mb 6th Jan, 2015
Construct 2 r192

Updated Cordova export, Z Order Bar improvements, bug fixes & more

59mb 11th Dec, 2014
Construct 2 r191

New render cells optimisation, fixed an editor memory leak & more

58.9mb 5th Dec, 2014
Construct 2 r190

Stable update: adds new features, performance optimisations, rendering quality improvements, usability additions, and many bug fixes and compatibility improvements over r184.

56.1mb 25th Nov, 2014
Construct 2 r189

Amazon packaged apps support; bug fixes

58.9mb 20th Nov, 2014
Construct 2 r188

Node-webkit updates and bug fixes

59mb 14th Nov, 2014
Construct 2 r187

Runtime improvements, unbundled node-webkit

59mb 6th Nov, 2014
Construct 2 r186.2

Fixed a bug in r186

128.3mb 31st Oct, 2014
Construct 2 r186

Better autocomplete, other various improvements

128.3mb 30th Oct, 2014
Construct 2 r185

Function improvements, seamless improvements and more

128.2mb 20th Oct, 2014
Construct 2 r184

Stable update: major new features, improvements, and bug fixes

125.4mb 9th Oct, 2014
Construct 2 r183

Further PhoneGap improvements; bug fixes

128.3mb 3rd Oct, 2014
Construct 2 r182

iAd support, bug fixes

128.3mb 26th Sep, 2014
Construct 2 r181

Global layers, pubCenter ads, PhoneGap improvements

128.3mb 23rd Sep, 2014
Construct 2 r180

AdMob Ads, new Platform features, and more

128.1mb 12th Sep, 2014
Construct 2 r179

Various improvements, tweaks and bug fixes

128mb 4th Sep, 2014
Construct 2 r178

Stable update

125.4mb 19th Aug, 2014
Construct 2 r177

Minor new features and bug fixes

127.3mb 14th Aug, 2014
Construct 2 r176

Bug fixes and improvements

127.3mb 6th Aug, 2014
Construct 2 r175

Art and sound reimport improvements

124.6mb 10th Jul, 2014
Construct 2 r174

File chooser plugin, touch gestures and more

124.2mb 25th Jun, 2014
Construct 2 r173

Stable update with lots of new features

121.5mb 16th Jun, 2014
Construct 2 r172

Tweaks and bug fixes

124.1mb 11th Jun, 2014
Construct 2 r171

New video plugin, two new form controls

123.7mb 5th Jun, 2014
Construct 2 r170

Real-time shadow lighting effects

123.5mb 22nd May, 2014
Construct 2 r169

New Google Play, Twitter, multiplayer and IAP features

123.9mb 9th May, 2014
Construct 2 r168

Stable update

121.4mb 24th Apr, 2014
Construct 2 r167.2

Bug fixes

123.9mb 17th Apr, 2014
Construct 2 r167

Ejecta memory management

123.5mb 15th Apr, 2014
Construct 2 r166

Export universal Windows Store apps; Multiplayer auto-join

123.4mb 7th Apr, 2014
Construct 2 r165

Ejecta exporter for iOS

123.6mb 27th Mar, 2014
Construct 2 r164.2

Bug fixes and lag compensation improvements

123.6mb 17th Mar, 2014
Construct 2 r164

New multiplayer engine

123.6mb 14th Mar, 2014
Construct 2 r163

Stable update

121mb 20th Feb, 2014
Construct 2 r162

More bug fixes

122.4mb 17th Feb, 2014
Construct 2 r161

Bug fixes

123mb 12th Feb, 2014
Construct 2 r160.2

Effects fix and node-webkit update

123mb 6th Feb, 2014
Construct 2 r160

Optimised tilemaps

118.9mb 3rd Feb, 2014
Construct 2 r159

Support for exporting to Wii U

118.9mb 27th Jan, 2014
Construct 2 r158.2

Hotfix for iPhone orientation issue

119.5mb 17th Jan, 2014
Construct 2 r158

Stable update: new features, performance and stability improvements

119mb 15th Jan, 2014
Construct 2 r157

Speech synthesis and bug fixes

122.7mb 13th Jan, 2014
Construct 2 r156

Crosswalk improvements

122.6mb 6th Jan, 2014
Construct 2 r155

New Android export, major collision performance optimisations

122.5mb 19th Dec, 2013
Construct 2 r154

New multiplatform IAP object

122.5mb 13th Dec, 2013
Construct 2 r153

asm.js physics and low-res fullscreen scaling

122.9mb 6th Dec, 2013
Construct 2 r152

Stable update: tilemaps, high-DPI, Windows 8.1 apps, new UI, autosave, IE11 & Tizen fixes

119.3mb 28th Nov, 2013
Construct 2 r151.2

Bug fixes

122.9mb 26th Nov, 2013
Construct 2 r151

Tile collision polygons and support for rotating/flipping tiles

122.7mb 20th Nov, 2013
Construct 2 r150

Tilemap improvements

122mb 12th Nov, 2013
Construct 2 r149

New tilemap editor and autosave support

122.4mb 4th Nov, 2013
Construct 2 r148

New UI, improved high-DPI support

122.7mb 21st Oct, 2013
Construct 2 r147

Export Windows 8.1 apps, improved support for Tizen and web apps

118.6mb 10th Oct, 2013
Construct 2 r146

Stable update, introducing debugger and profiler

116.8mb 2nd Oct, 2013
Construct 2 r145

Bug fixes and minor additions.

118.4mb 25th Sep, 2013
Construct 2 r144.2

Bug fix release

118.9mb 16th Sep, 2013
Construct 2 r144

Debugger breakpoints

118.9mb 13th Sep, 2013
Construct 2 r143

New debugger 'Watch' tab; new node-webkit plugin features

118.9mb 3rd Sep, 2013
Construct 2 r142

New profiler and other debugger improvements

118.9mb 21st Aug, 2013
Construct 2 r141

Edit values in debugger

116.4mb 14th Aug, 2013
Construct 2 r140

Debugger; export to Amazon Appstore

116.8mb 7th Aug, 2013
Construct 2 r139

Stable update

114.5mb 17th Jul, 2013
Construct 2 r138.2

Fix some CocoonJS issues and improved Spriter importing

117.3mb 12th Jul, 2013
Construct 2 r138

Bug fixes

118.1mb 11th Jul, 2013
Construct 2 r137

Various improvements and fixes

117.8mb 3rd Jul, 2013
Construct 2 r136

Official Sprite Font plugin, Timer behavior, regex features

107.3mb 25th Jun, 2013
Construct 2 r135

Event sheet bookmarks, enhanced theming

114.1mb 19th Jun, 2013
Construct 2 r134

Line-of-sight behavior, Geolocation, ambient light, usability improvements

115.2mb 12th Jun, 2013
Construct 2 r133

Image deduplication on export

114.6mb 6th Jun, 2013
Construct 2 r132

Stable update, lots of new features

112.4mb 23rd May, 2013
Construct 2 r131

CocoonJS improvements and custom event sheet coloring

114.2mb 20th May, 2013
Construct 2 r130

Export to Tizen, other new features

113.6mb 14th May, 2013
Construct 2 r129

Autocomplete icons and new CocoonJS physics engine

113.4mb 8th May, 2013
Construct 2 r128.2

Fixing some bugs from r128

113.3mb 2nd May, 2013
Construct 2 r128

Parameters dialog syntax highlighting and better autocomplete; new HTML5 export templates

114.4mb 1st May, 2013
Construct 2 r127

Export to Blackberry 10

114.3mb 25th Apr, 2013
Construct 2 r126

Stable update

108.6mb 17th Apr, 2013
Construct 2 r125

Maintenance and documentation updates

110.1mb 9th Apr, 2013
Construct 2 r124

Full state save/load, persistent layouts, and continuous preview

110.7mb 2nd Apr, 2013
Construct 2 r123.2

Quick fix for r123

108.4mb 21st Mar, 2013
Construct 2 r123

Replace object, layout grid, new audio effects

110.1mb 20th Mar, 2013
Construct 2 r122

Positioned sounds, new layout view features, and Scirra Arcade plugin

110.5mb 13th Mar, 2013
Construct 2 r121

New advanced audio features

108.9mb 5th Mar, 2013
Construct 2 r120.2

Quick fix for crashes in r120

109.4mb 22nd Feb, 2013
Construct 2 r120

New Z Order bar and addon management

110.8mb 21st Feb, 2013
Construct 2 r119

Stable update with lots of new features since r114.

106.5mb 13th Feb, 2013
Construct 2 r118

New List plugin; pathfinding improvements

107.4mb 8th Feb, 2013
Construct 2 r117

New Pathfinding behavior

106.6mb 30th Jan, 2013
Construct 2 r116

Export to Linux, 9-patch, WebSockets & Turret behavior

104.3mb 18th Jan, 2013
Construct 2 r115

Export Mac OS X apps

78.3mb 10th Jan, 2013
Construct 2 r114

Stable update

57.1mb 21st Dec, 2012
Construct 2 r113

More bug fixes and changes

57.2mb 18th Dec, 2012
Construct 2 r112

Bug fixes

56.9mb 11th Dec, 2012
Construct 2 r111

Experimental export to Windows Phone 8 and Firefox Marketplace.

55.8mb 30th Nov, 2012
Construct 2 r110.2

Containers and experimental SCML import.

56.3mb 19th Nov, 2012
Construct 2 r109

New start dialog and built-in function object.

56.4mb 8th Nov, 2012
Construct 2 r108.2

Stable update, with minor changes over the last beta release.

54.1mb 22nd Oct, 2012
Construct 2 r107

Automatic memory management and bug fixes

55.5mb 16th Oct, 2012
Construct 2 r106

Windows 8 IAP, offline manual, redesigned export flow, and more.

55.1mb 10th Oct, 2012
Construct 2 r105

iOS and Windows 8 improvements

52.6mb 3rd Oct, 2012
Construct 2 r104

Extra features for event variables, touch, and gamepad.

52.6mb 21st Sep, 2012
Construct 2 r103.2

Stable update, and minor bug fixes over the previous beta release.

43.1mb 11th Sep, 2012
Construct 2 r102

Improved Windows 8 integration

43.4mb 6th Sep, 2012
Construct 2 r101

Bug fixes and a few new shaders.

43.4mb 29th Aug, 2012
Construct 2 r100

Adds WebGL shader effects, and publishing to iOS, Android and desktop.

43.2mb 22nd Aug, 2012
Construct 2 r99

New image editor tools and improved reliability on mobile platforms

28.6mb 12th Jul, 2012
Construct 2 r98

More image editor improvements, including copy and paste.

28.6mb 5th Jul, 2012
Construct 2 r97

New image editor tools

28.6mb 29th Jun, 2012
Construct 2 r96

Import GameSalad scenes and actors, and lots of smaller additions.

28.6mb 25th Jun, 2012
Construct 2 r95

Stable update.

28.2mb 15th Jun, 2012
Construct 2 r94

Webcam access, canvas snapshots, lots of plugin & behavior additions.

28.5mb 12th Jun, 2012
Construct 2 r93

Loader layouts and loading images from URLs.

28.5mb 7th Jun, 2012
Construct 2 r92

Import project files, spritesheeting on export.

28.5mb 28th May, 2012
Construct 2 r91

Family behaviors, letterbox fullscreen, Dictionary plugin

28.5mb 18th May, 2012
Construct 2 r90

Stable update, and export to AppMobi directCanvas.

28.1mb 11th May, 2012
Construct 2 r89

Export to CocoonJS

28.3mb 8th May, 2012
Construct 2 r88

Bug fixes and usability tweaks

28.3mb 3rd May, 2012
Construct 2 r87

XML plugin, folder-organised event dialog, JSON support for Array and bug fixes

28.3mb 17th Apr, 2012
Construct 2 r86

New advanced event features

28.3mb 13th Apr, 2012
Construct 2 r85

Engine improvements

28.3mb 2nd Apr, 2012
Construct 2 r84

Stable release update

28mb 26th Mar, 2012
Construct 2 r83

New editor icon set and new text wrapping setting.

28.3mb 23rd Mar, 2012
Construct 2 r82

Prototype translations engine

28.5mb 17th Mar, 2012
Construct 2 r81

Export Windows 8 Metro apps

28.4mb 9th Mar, 2012
Construct 2 r80.2

Fixing some bugs in r80

27.9mb 29th Feb, 2012
Construct 2 r80

Beta update with appMobi plugin, built-in backup and more

27.9mb 27th Feb, 2012
Construct 2 r79.4

Three more (last?) fixes, including issue with exporting

27.8mb 15th Feb, 2012
Construct 2 r79.3

Even more bug fixes

27.8mb 14th Feb, 2012
Construct 2 r79.2

More bug fixes

27.9mb 14th Feb, 2012
Construct 2 r79

Maintenance release, and Gamepad beta.

27.9mb 13th Feb, 2012
Construct 2 r78

Particle effects, family instance variables and Drag & Drop behavior.

27.8mb 6th Feb, 2012
Construct 2 r77

Export for Kongregate and AppMobi

27.7mb 27th Jan, 2012
Construct 2 r76

Preview on LAN

27.7mb 19th Jan, 2012
Construct 2 r75


28.4mb 15th Jan, 2012
Construct 2 r74

Support for Web Fonts.

27.6mb 2nd Jan, 2012
Construct 2 r73

Merry Christmas!

27.3mb 24th Dec, 2011
Construct 2 r72

Multicore optimisations, image export formats and more

27.2mb 16th Dec, 2011
Construct 2 r71

Bug fixes, some smaller additions and a new logo design.

26.9mb 9th Dec, 2011
Construct 2 r70

A raft of small improvements.

26.7mb 28th Nov, 2011
Construct 2 r69

Introducing the Scirra Arcade.

26.7mb 23rd Nov, 2011
Construct 2 r68

WebGL renderer beta.

26.6mb 17th Nov, 2011
Construct 2 r67

Important stability fix.

26.6mb 9th Nov, 2011
Construct 2 r66

Usability improvements and new audio engine.

26.3mb 7th Nov, 2011
Construct 2 r65

Experimental support for building native phone apps with PhoneGap (iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and webOS).

26.4mb 29th Oct, 2011
Construct 2 r64

Facebook integration and 6 new behaviors.

26.3mb 24th Oct, 2011
Construct 2 r63

Publishing to the Chrome Web Store.

25.8mb 17th Oct, 2011
Construct 2 r62

Bouncing ball features, form controls and bug fixes.

25.8mb 13th Oct, 2011
Construct 2 r61

Bug fixing release.

25.8mb 9th Oct, 2011
Construct 2 r60

Bug fixes and optimisation.

25.8mb 29th Sep, 2011
Construct 2 r59

Fixes and additions for Physics.

25.8mb 27th Sep, 2011
Construct 2 r58

Introduces the Physics behavior.

25.8mb 25th Sep, 2011
Construct 2 r57

Collision polygons and global objects.

25.6mb 20th Sep, 2011
Construct 2 r56

Image points and a new welcome screen.

25.6mb 17th Sep, 2011
Construct 2 r55

New Z order functions and keyboard shortcuts.

17mb 11th Sep, 2011
Construct 2 r54

Usability improvements for the animation editor.

17mb 2nd Sep, 2011
Construct 2 r53

Hotspots, text expressions, bug fixes and performance improvements.

17mb 1st Sep, 2011
Construct 2 r52

Faster runtime and several bug fixes including a fixed picture editor for some users.

17mb 28th Aug, 2011
Construct 2 r51.2

A maintenance release to correct some issues in r51.

17mb 24th Aug, 2011
Construct 2 r51

Loads of bug fixes, additions, and new licensing system.

17mb 22nd Aug, 2011
Construct 2 r50

New audio engine, and can import and convert audio files.

12.9mb 26th Jul, 2011
Construct 2 r49

Maintenance release with bug fixes for hardware compatibility.

11.4mb 21st Jul, 2011
Construct 2 r48

Local HTTP server, sprite auto-mirror and auto-flip, WebStorage and more.

11.4mb 18th Jul, 2011
Construct 2 r47.2

Bug fix release to sort out some problems in the new animations system.

11.3mb 11th Jul, 2011
Construct 2 r47

Introduces the brand-new animation system.

11.3mb 9th Jul, 2011
Construct 2 r46

Maintenance release with some texture editor changes and more.

7.3mb 28th Jun, 2011
Construct 2 r45

A new image editor for you to try out. Import PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF and GIF. Crop, mirror and alpha channels.

7.3mb 26th Jun, 2011