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Construct 2 Release r148

There is a more up to date Stable Release! Download the latest Stable release instead here.

122.7 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Monday, October 21, 2013

New this build: a new default UI theme as well as several new available themes, as we upgraded our UI library, and improved support for high-DPI displays!

New UI

We had previously been using the UI library that ships with Visual Studio. However we were surprised to find it was way out of date - last updated in 2007! We've gone directly to the vendor and gotten the latest, greatest, 2013 edition of the UI library. It comes with several new themes including new Office 2010 and Office 2013 themes, as well as Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 themes. These themes bring a much more modern appearance to the editor, and we've chosen Office 2010 Silver as a fresh new default. The image below shows the old Windows 7 style (above) with the new default Office 2010 Silver theme (below):

New Construct 2 theme with r148

For backwards compatibility, the first time you open r148 it will set your theme to the new Office 2010 Silver style. However if you prefer you can change it to something else via the View ribbon tab. The old 'Windows 7' style is still available, but is now called Scenic.

The new UI library provides us with lots more options in terms of features, as well as six years of bug fixes. If you've ever had any minor suggestions for the UI, now would be a good time to raise them again. However despite our testing, it's possible there were backwards-incompatible changes that we missed. Some new things may actually be broken or slightly different. Let us know if you find anything you think is a problem.

Improved high-DPI support

High-DPI displays (DPI standing for Dots Per Inch) - also known as "retina" displays - are becoming widespread. These first appeared on iPhones and iPads, and until now our support for high-DPI was limited to these devices. This build broadens support for any device with a high-DPI display, including modern Android phones and tablets, Tizen and Blackberry 10 devices, and Amazon tablets. Graphics can render at considerably better quality with high-DPI support, and especially text which can appear much crisper and more readable.

Since high-DPI displays have many more pixels, using this mode can reduce performance since there is more rendering work for the GPU. So we've kept it as an option, but renamed from "Use iOS retina display" to "Use high-DPI display". It's on by default and we highly recommend using it whenever possible, but in some cases you may need to turn it off for performance to be acceptable.



Updated UI library to significantly newer version. New themes are supported, and the default theme is now Office 2010 Silver. Hopefully this may resolve other UI library related issues, but since it's a big update there may be quirks or new issues introduced.


High-DPI support (aka retina display) is now supported on non-iOS devices. This includes Android, BlackBerry 10, Tizen and Amazon devices. Display quality is now significantly improved on these devices, but note using the high-DPI display can reduce performance.


Project property 'Use iOS retina display' replaced with 'Use high-DPI display' since it now applies to non-iOS devices; options are now simply yes/no and defaults to yes


High-DPI support now works in non-fullscreen or 'Crop' scale mode games. Previously these always used low-DPI display even on high-DPI devices.


Browser object: 'Close' action now works on Tizen


Updated the editor compiler to Visual Studio 2013 (was previously VS2010). Hopefully the new compiler is more reliable since we've had at least two crash bugs caused by the VS2010 optimizer.


Exporting to Windows 8.1 now requires Visual Studio 2013 RTM. The RC version is no longer supported.

Bug Fix

Text object: 'Line height' property handled high-DPI displays incorrectly

Bug Fix

System action 'Set canvas size' was broken in r147

Bug Fix

Possible Javascript error using positioned sounds in Firefox's new Web Audio API

Bug Fix

Spurious assert failure using WebGL layer effects

Bug Fix

WebSocket plugin: could send spurious Sec-Websocket-Protocol header even with no subprotocol specified

Bug Fix

Browser object: on Tizen, using 'On back button pressed' in an OR block would not override the default behavior of closing the app

Bug Fix

Possible assert failure with certain combinations of shader effects

Bug Fix

Audio: error using save/load after changing filter effect frequency parameter

Bug Fix

Image editor: color picker layout could become corrupt after switching tools


Some optimisations to the collision detection engine


CandyFace 3,803 rep

Great! Can't wait to get home and grab it... ^^

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:42:28 PM
newt 129.0k rep

Not long til ya get to a buck fiddy.

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:44:02 PM
Guif0DA 6,269 rep

wOOOOOT! thanks for this update, going to test the changes

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:45:03 PM
jogosgratispro 23.4k rep

Awesome new update!

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:45:08 PM
C-7 18.0k rep

Cool stuff! Glad to see some collision optimizations--I look forward to seeing if I see a difference!

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:45:17 PM
mltreadway 6,214 rep

Nice!, I like the UI update...
Another excellent Update

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:46:01 PM
Lunatrap 3,461 rep

steam is not downloading it yet :/ i cant wait to try it..

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:51:59 PM
thehorseman007 14.8k rep

great nice work guys

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:52:58 PM
AbelaNET 14.9k rep

Thanks. Cool

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:54:22 PM
damainman 8,015 rep

Thanks for the nice bug fixes!! Great update!!

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:54:36 PM
Slice 23.2k rep

Thanks scirra team, you are the best

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:55:11 PM
ramones 25.9k rep

Ah nice. Goodbye Win 7 blue...

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 8:01:22 PM
Kurz 9,686 rep

Performance badge is my favorite !

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 8:02:28 PM
Paradox 42.1k rep

Ooh, might fix that pesky hang on closing thing.

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 8:04:41 PM
iceangel 33.9k rep

Perfect, new realese with visual studio 2013.
Thanks Scirra Team

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 8:07:25 PM

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