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Construct 2 Release r180

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128.1 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Friday, September 12, 2014

New this build: an official AdMob Ads plugin for Crosswalk (and PhoneGap but not PhoneGap Build - see below), Platform behavior improvements with new built-in double-jump and jump sustain, the Amazon Appstore exporter is now available in the Free edition, and several bug fixes and tweaks.

AdMob Ads

The new AdMob plugin is an official plugin to display AdMob ads in Construct 2 games. It's based on code by Intel who have provided documentation on setting it up for Crosswalk (note at time of writing the page is a little out of date - the plugin is "AdMob Ads" not "Crosswalk Ads").

Currently the AdMob Ads plugin only works on Crosswalk and PhoneGap if you are building locally and add the plugin. It supports both Android and iOS. However it does not yet work on PhoneGap Build, because for technical reasons they do not yet support the plugin. We're trying to get in touch with PhoneGap Build to work around this.

Platform improvements

The Platform behavior now has built-in support for double-jumps (one mid-air jump before touching the ground again) and jump sustain (hold jump for longer to jump higher). This should simplify designing platform games which use these features. They can both be set at runtime as well (so you can have for example powerups that enable them). They both default off so that existing games continue to work the same - if you want to use them, just change the setting in the Platform behavior properties.

It's worth noting how Jump Sustain works: it's the time in milliseconds that the jump velocity is sustained while holding the jump key. For example with a jump strength of 600 and a jump sustain of 0 (disabled), no matter how long you press jump, the player will launch at a Y velocity of 600 and instantly start decelerating due to gravity. If jump sustain is set to 200 though, the player can sustain a Y velocity of 600 without being slowed down by gravity for up to 200 milliseconds while holding the jump key, which makes the jump higher. By tapping the jump key briefly (so it's down for less than 200 milliseconds), a shorter jump is achieved, since the player starts slowing down due to gravity sooner. This can make for interesting mechanics where a variety of jump heights is necessary to complete the game.



Admob Ads plugin. Display Admob banner or interstitial ads in Crosswalk (and PhoneGap, but not yet PhoneGap Build)


Platform behavior: new built-in double-jump feature


Platform behavior: new built-in jump sustain feature


Properties bar: can now use tab / shift+tab to move up and down the available properties, selecting them by their values instead of their names


Autosave now measures time from the first change you make to a saved project. This means autosave will not occur if you have a saved project open which stays unmodified for a long time (e.g. for testing), and then after the first change to that saved project the timer starts for the next autosave.


PhoneGap export: now defaults 'Uses media' permission to false, since it adds required permissions to the app and is not required for audio playback on iOS 8+ and Android L+. If you still use PhoneGap for older iOS/Android versions, you'll need to enable media permission again for audio playback to work.


The Amazon Appstore exporter is now available in the Free edition.

Bug Fix

Preferences: 'Reset dialogs' now also resets all bar positions as well

Bug Fix

Particles: 'set initial speed randomiser' didn't work

Bug Fix

Multiplayer: could potentially incorrectly leave the room in some circumstances

Bug Fix

Attempted fix for Android stock browser/PhoneGap on old Android phones not displaying the canvas correctly

Bug Fix

Suspend and resume events should now fire correctly on Windows Store universal apps (on both desktop and phone)

Bug Fix

Possible check failure in editor moving a layer with instances selected in the layout view

Bug Fix

Mouse, Touch: did not correctly take in to account layout scale and layout angle if no layer parameter passed to X/Y expressions

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