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Construct 2 Release r181

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128.3 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New this build: global layers, support for pubCenter ads in Windows Store apps, and more PhoneGap improvements including experimental support for IAP and Game Center on iOS. The AdMob plugin has also been switched to using a free plugin by Cranberrygame which is 100% free (the previous plugin we used required a 2% share).

Global layers

Commonly several layouts will use the same objects on a layer, such as for a HUD. However making changes to these objects late on in a project required repeatedly changing every layer in every layout. Global layers are aimed at solving this problem.

If a layer's Global property is set to Yes, every other layer in the project with the same name uses that layer's properties and initial objects at runtime. Unfortunately due to the architecture of the editor the global layer can't be displayed or edited on the other layouts, but the original global layer can be viewed modified on the original layout. In theory if you already have lots of identical layers with the same name, you can just set the first one to be global and you're done - they are all overridden by the first layer.

This involves a fairly significant change to the way layers work in Construct 2 so please test carefully and report any issues you find!

pubCenter ads

The new pubCenter object allows you to display pubCenter ads in Windows Store apps. It's currently only supported for desktop apps when choosing the universal export option. Unfortunately Microsoft don't appear to support pubCenter for HTML5 apps on Windows Phone yet. Hopefully this is something they will add soon, but meanwhile it should work for Windows Store desktop apps.

Game Center for PhoneGap iOS

This is an experimental plugin to support Game Center from PhoneGap apps. Be warned that apparently if you fail Game Center authorisation too many times your device may be blocked from accessing it. To help avoid this while testing, go in to Settings on your iOS device and make sure Game Center is enabled and signed in from there. It should automatically pick up your account when using the 'Authorise' action. Let us know how it works for you.

IAP for PhoneGap iOS/Android

The IAP object now has experimental support for in-app purchases when publishing with PhoneGap Build on iOS and Android. It's difficult for us to test this thoroughly, so please give it a spin and let us know how it works for you. The support is based on two different PhoneGap plugins - one for iOS and one for Android - so please be aware of issues that may be specific to one platform. As ever please remember to follow the usage guide in the IAP manual entry to ensure it works across platforms.

Happy testing - there's a lot new this build so please report any issues to the Bugs forum and remember to follow the bug report guidelines!



Global layers


pubCenter ads support for Windows 8.1 desktop apps


Experimental Game Center plugin for PhoneGap Build on iOS


IAP object: experimental support for iOS and Android via PhoneGap Build


Node-webkit updated to v0.10.5


New icon for Admob plugin, and moved it to the "monetisation" category


Admob plugin: switched to using cordova plugin, which is free and does not take any share of ad revenue. The 'auto-show interstitial' action has also been removed (just use 'show interstitial' without preloading), and added two new actions to reload interstitial/banner ads, and 'Is showing interstitial' condition.


Clicking on a space in the canvas now unfocuses form controls (as it does with touches on mobile browsers). This makes it possible to type in a text box and then restore keyboard controls to the game by clicking away, for example.


Improved the error message when opening a project which references missing actions or conditions in a plugin. It now identifies the plugin name and ID.

Bug Fix

Properties bar: tabbing through properties no longer auto-clicks link properties

Bug Fix

Event sheet view: possible to add invisible conditions to groups

Bug Fix

9-patch: possible javascript error when using canvas2d renderer

Bug Fix

Workaround for canvas rendering bug on old Android stock browsers


Some CPU overhead optimisation when using lots of WebGL shaders

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