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Construct 2 Release r182

This is an old Beta release! Download the latest Beta release instead here.

128.3 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Friday, September 26, 2014

New this build: an iAd plugin for PhoneGap, which (obviously being Apple's service) only works on iOS, and is supported by PhoneGap Build. This provides another alternative for showing ads in iOS apps on PhoneGap.

There's also a batch of bug fixes, particularly around the new global layers feature, so hopefully that will work better now. We're due a stable update soon so please test carefully and report any issues you find!



New iAd plugin for PhoneGap, using com.rjfun.cordova.plugin.iad


'projectname' expression


Event sheet view: 'Add sub-group' option to event group context menu

Bug Fix

Editor: regular freezing in large projects introduced in r181

Bug Fix

Editor: several cases where objects could be moved to/from layers that were being overridden by global layers, which was not supposed to be possible. Instead now the editor tells you to modify the original global layer instead.

Bug Fix

Layout view: check failure on closing the editor or layout tab after setting a layer to be global

Bug Fix

Check failure if duplicating a layout with a global layer

Bug Fix

Picture editor: cropping with a rectangle selection could sometimes offset origin incorrectly

Bug Fix

9-patch: more issues drawing small objects in canvas2d mode

Bug Fix

Node-webkit plugin: file dialog triggers now still fire even if selecting the same file twice

Bug Fix

Possible issue with savegames not correctly restoring state after updating a game with a new minified version ("" name closure-proofing) - thanks to rexrainbow for raising the issue


Plugins and behaviors can now specify a semicolon-separated list of cordova plugins to add to the config.xml file after exporting for PhoneGap under "cordova-plugins" in GetPluginSettings. See the Game Center plugin for an example. This allows plugins that depend on Cordova plugins to automatically have the plugin included for PhoneGap Build.

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