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Construct 2 Release r190

This is an old Stable release! Download the latest Stable release instead here.

56.1 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stable update r190 adds new features, performance optimisations, rendering quality improvements, usability additions, and many bug fixes and compatibility improvements over r184, covering a total of 65 changes. For the full details see the intervening changelogs:

  • r185 (19 changes): autocomplete for function names, Google Play on Cordova, seamless spritesheets
  • r186 (14 changes): autocomplete for animations, layers, and event groups
  • r187 (15 changes): separate project data file for faster startup; unbundled node-webkit
  • r188 (10 changes): 64-bit Windows node-webkit export; new angle system conditions
  • r189 (6 changes): support for packaged apps for Amazon Appstore; optimised destroying objects

There are further changes in this release (r184) that are detailed in the changelog below.

Why is the download smaller?

Starting with r187, node-webkit support is now provided in a separate free download, since it took up most of the download size. Simply visit to install support and get the latest node-webkit updates separately from Construct 2 releases.


If the download is going slowly or is unreliable on your connection, try the Alternative Torrent Download link beneath the Download button.

We strongly recommend all users update to this stable release to take advantage of new features and avoid running in to bugs or compatibility issues we've already fixed. We'll shortly be getting back to our beta releases cycle; if you'd like to try updates and new features sooner and help test them, you can also update to our public beta releases. You can opt-in to beta updates from Preferences, or follow beta release announcements on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.



Node-webkit updated to v0.11.1


Manual updated to cover latest features

Bug Fix

Possible audio-related Javascript error in Firefox for Android

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