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Construct 2 Release r191

This is an old Beta release! Download the latest Beta release instead here.

58.9 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Friday, December 05, 2014

New this build: a new render cells optimisation for large levels, and various other additions, changes and bug fixes - in particular an editor memory leak has been fixed, which could significantly improve reliability for certain projects especially during long editing sessions.

Render cells

Render cells aims to bring a collision cells type optimisation to rendering the objects in the viewport. By entirely skipping objects far away from the viewport, it can speed up rendering on huge levels with thousands of objects. However in order to achieve this, it becomes slightly more expensive to move objects or change their Z order. Therefore it's disabled by default and can be enabled for individual layers where it's beneficial. Generally it's only suitable for large static layers. Don't just go ahead and turn it on without understanding it since doing so could actually reduce performance! Since it's a relatively complex implementation and involves trade-offs, it will be covered in more detail on Ashley's blog shortly.

Ejecta support is now deprecated

Ejecta is the last non-browser engine that is supported. Since it is not a real browser engine it comes with various bugs, quirks and missing features that are not a problem with all modern browser engines. As with CocoonJS Canvas+, it is very difficult for us to provide good support for non-browser engines, and we are keen to drop this last holdout. Performance on iOS 8 is excellent, with PhoneGap matching Ejecta and with the promise of a big performance boost to come when Cordova supports the new faster WKWebView. PhoneGap also supports many more features thanks to its browser-equivalent support. iOS 8 is already installed on 60% of devices just over two months over its launch, and we anticipate this will be the vast majority of devices within just a few more months.

Therefore we are deprecating Ejecta to encourage movement towards alternatives using real browser engines, in particular Cordova-compatible platforms (such as PhoneGap Build, the Intel XDK, or Ludei's Webview-based platforms). If you still need to use Ejecta, simply right-click in the platform selection dialog and check "Show deprecated exporters".



'Use render cells' option for layers


Video: new 'Play in background' property that defaults to 'No'. This automatically pauses the video and resumes it if you tab away and come back, which also helps save battery.


Browser: new 'Supports requesting fullscreen' condition. You can use this to decide whether to show a fullscreen button or not.


System action: 'Reset persisted objects'. Revert all objects with the Persist behavior in their project to their initial state.


System expression: 'LayerIndex'. Return the index of a layer from its name.


Text, Sprite Font, Tiled Background, 9-patch: more options for 'Hotspot' property


Exporting with Ejecta is now deprecated. We recommend new projects move to exporting with Cordova instead.


Updated engine's feature detection to correctly identify browsers now that IE's new 'Edge' mode pretends to be Chrome


WebStorage: worked around crash caused by the fact Chrome Web Store apps have removed local storage support. WebStorage now does nothing in Chrome Web Store apps. We have requested that Google add support back.


Windows Store exporters now rename data.js to data.json, to work around an issue where the WACK tool would reject data.js as invalid.

Bug Fix

Editor memory leak when previewing in projects using Text objects. In extreme cases this could have led to editor crashes or hangs in large projects, especially after a long session. The fix also happens to improve editor performance when opening layouts and previewing with large numbers of text objects.

Bug Fix

Tab characters in expression strings could cause error on startup

Bug Fix

Layout view: holding tab to select underneath objects now respects locked layers

Bug Fix

Multiplayer: possible crash destroying an object when Multiplayer not supported by the browser

Bug Fix

Event sheet view: should no longer expand events when moving or copy-pasting them

Bug Fix

Touch object: 'Beta' orientation may have been inverted on some devices when using Crosswalk/PhoneGap

Bug Fix

Exporting for Windows Phone 8.0 was broken in r190

Bug Fix

Event sheet view: possible crash undoing 'Replace object'

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