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Construct 2 Release r192

This is an old Beta release! Download the latest Beta release instead here.

59 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New this build: new Cordova export option to replace PhoneGap Build/Crosswalk, improvements to Z order bar selection, a 'recreate initial objects' action, and a batch of other improvements and bug fixes.

New Cordova export option

We continue to adjust Construct 2's export options to reflect the best ways to publish HTML5 games. Previously we have had two separate export options for Android (via Crosswalk) and PhoneGap Build. Since adding them, Crosswalk has gained support for Cordova (the library PhoneGap is based on) and the two options ended up generating more or less identical files. Further, the 'PhoneGap' export option also should actually work with any other Cordova-compatible platform, such as Ludei's webview-based builds. To reflect this the 'Android' and 'PhoneGap Build' export options have been replaced by a single 'Cordova' export option that should work with the Intel XDK (both Crosswalk and non-Crosswalk builds), PhoneGap Build (as ever), and Ludei's webview-based builds.

Since the terminology can be a little bit confusing, here's a quick refresher:

  • Cordova is the open-source library currently maintained by the Apache software foundation that powers PhoneGap Build, Crosswalk, and more.
  • PhoneGap is Adobe's distribution of Cordova. 'PhoneGap' is a trademarked name which an open-source project cannot use, which is why the library has a different name.
  • PhoneGap Build is Adobe's Cordova-compatible online build system.
  • Intel XDK is Intel's Cordova-compatible online build system.
  • CocoonJS Webview/Webview+ is Ludei's Cordova-compatible build system.
  • CocoonJS Canvas+ is a non-browser wrapper which is not Cordova-compatible, and is no longer supported by Construct 2.

It's also worth a reminder that Crosswalk is the best way to support Android 4.0-4.4 since it's based on the full Chromium browser engine. On these versions the normal Android web view (which is what you get with PhoneGap Build and any other non-Crosswalk build for Android) is very poor, lacking many features and often with inadequate performance. However from Android 5.0+ the Android webview is also powered by Chromium and has full support for WebGL, Web Audio, WebRTC and more, and is as good as Crosswalk. So in the long term with Android 5.0+, any Cordova-compatible platform will work well, but Crosswalk is preferable if you need to support older Android 4.x versions. This will likely be necessary until Android 5.0+ has a vast majority market share, which given Android's slow upgrade process could take a couple of years.



Z order bar: now also selects instances in the layout view and shows their properties if you select them from the Z order list, so the Z order selection always matches the layout view selection. Also bold items now identify the objects selected from the layout view that it has filtered down the list for, as opposed to simply making all selected instances bold.


System action: 'recreate initial objects'. Recreate the initially placed objects in the layout for a specific object type or family within a rectangular area. (Note this does not destroy anything, it only creates new instances.)


Fade behavior: 'On fade-in finished', 'On wait finished', 'Set fade-in time', 'Set wait time', 'Set fade-out time', expressions 'FadeInTime', 'WaitTime' and 'FadeOutTime'


Cordova export dialog now allows you to export either just .m4a audio, .ogg, or both, to help reduce the download size when targeting specific platforms.


Construct 2 now warns you when opening a project that it estimates uses more than 1 GB of memory, recommending that you redesign the project.


Replaced PhoneGap and Crosswalk exporters with a single 'Cordova' export option which should work for any Cordova-compatible platform.


The editor should now remember the exact sequence of tabs when saving and reopening projects


If the game starts while the window/page is in the background (e.g. minimized), the runtime now starts up in suspended state (the same state you get when it starts in the foreground, then it goes in to the background) which prevents things like accidental background audio playback

Bug Fix

Layout view: should now scroll properly with layouts over 60,000+ in size

Bug Fix

Sprite: 'Is overlapping at offset' could fail to detect overlap near the edges of collision cells

Bug Fix

Audio: MasterVolume expression returned a linear value from 0-1 instead of decibels like the 'Set master volume' action

Bug Fix

Mouse: using 'On mouse wheel' events should no longer block wheel scrolling form controls, e.g. List

Bug Fix

Event sheet view: left/right arrow key navigation should now work properly with events with no conditions

Bug Fix

Accidental use of unprintable ASCII characters (values 0-31) in project could break the data JSON parsing

Bug Fix

Objects could be recreated incorrectly using 'Reset persistent objects' followed by 'Restart layout'

Bug Fix

Possible crash exporting projects using very large images (over 2048x2048)

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