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Construct 2 Release r201

This is an old Beta release! Download the latest Beta release instead here.

59 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

New this build: support for web app install banners in Chrome for Android, tilemap editing tweaks, and bug fixes.

Web app install banners

For a while now Chrome for Android has supported 'Add to homescreen' to add a native-style app icon for a web app. This works well for Construct 2 games, especially since they can work offline. However it's quite a hidden option, requiring that the user knows about it and can find it in the browser menu to use it. Chrome for Android 42+ (currently beta) aims to solve this by showing a web app install banner with the app icon and an "Add to homescreen" button on the page itself, providing the page meets some requirements. Construct 2 now covers all the requirements to show this, except those beyond its control:

  • You must serve your site over HTTPS (secure hosting). This is a good idea for many other reasons though, as the linked blog post describes, so you should be doing this anyway.
  • The user visits your site twice over two separate days during the course of two weeks. (This is to prevent web apps spamming or otherwise annoying everyone with these banners.)

For testing purposes you can skip the second requirement by going to chrome://flags and enabling "Bypass user engagement checks" (#bypass-app-banner-engagement-checks). This will make Chrome show it every time you visit providing you have HTTPS hosting (and have Chrome 42+, and have exported with r201+).

In short, this is a nice way to enhance HTML5 exported games with automatic "add to homescreen" prompts without having to do anything if you're already using HTTPS hosting. Just remember to make sure you update your icons (in the 'Icons' subfolder of 'Files' in the project bar), since the prompt and the home screen icon use these for the app icon.



The HTML5 export now satisfies the conditions necessary to show in Chrome for Android 42+ (currently the beta channel). This makes it obvious for the user to add the game to the home screen.


Layout view: can now hold shift and right-click a tile to select that tile while editing a tilemap


Web app manifest: renamed from app.manifest to appmanifest.json, since it's more likely existing servers will have a MIME type set for .json than .manifest

Bug Fix

Loading an object state from a JSON string may not have worked if changed layout

Bug Fix

asm.js physics: possible javascript error destroying objects/changing layout

Bug Fix

Audio: javascript error setting volume to NaN

Bug Fix

Audio: playing/ended states now better take in to account a changing playback rate

Bug Fix

Layout view: now correctly handles dragging a right mouse button click outside the C2 window when editing a tilemap

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