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Construct 2 Release r210

There is a more up to date Stable Release! Download the latest Stable release instead here.

57.9 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New this build: improved compatibility with Microsoft Edge, the new browser to replace Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Edge has a great many improvements since IE, with a significantly modernised browser engine that would be comparable to an "IE 12" release. It includes a faster Javascript engine, Web Audio support for faster & more reliable audio with effects, Gamepad support, standards-compliant XML support (so your XPath in the XML object can work better across browsers), camera and microphone input with the User Media object, and more. This release adds Edge to the preview browser list so you can directly preview with it on Windows 10, and adds or improves Edge compatibility for other existing features.

Note you'll need to update to Windows 10 to test with Microsoft Edge, since it is not currently supported on any older versions of Windows (not even Windows 8.1). Windows 10 is already available for testing via the insider previews, but it's not long until the full release now. Windows 10 brings back the Start menu and can run Windows Store apps windowed on the desktop, supports the new Windows 10 Universal Apps which can also run on Windows 10 Mobile, and lets you test with the new modernised Edge browser, so it's a worthwhile update for Construct 2 users.

Note on some older insider previews Edge cannot access localhost, so the Construct 2 preview does not work. There is a workaround, but you might as well just update to the latest insider preview which fixes this.

As usual there's also a batch of bug fixes. Please test carefully and report any issues you find to the Bugs forum following all the guidelines. Please don't report bugs in the comments section here - they will not be investigated. Happy testing!



Support for Edge in the preview browser list. Edge is only available on Windows 10+, but if you have it you can use this option to preview with the new Microsoft Edge browser.


System action 'Set minimum framerate'. Below the minimum framerate, dt (delta-time) does not get larger, causing the game to go in to slow-motion rather than keeping up the same real-world speed. This was formerly fixed at 10 FPS. The new default has now also changed to 30 FPS, to help mitigate skipped collisions at low framerates.


C2 splash loader: in preview mode if loading finishes in less than 500ms, it instantly starts the game to avoid getting in the way during development. (Note after export it still displays for a minimum amount of time.)


Loader layouts can now display in preview mode. (Previously they only ever showed after exporting)


User Media object: brought up to date with the latest spec, and it now also works with the new user media support in Microsoft Edge.


asm.js Physics: now does not step the physics world when the timescale is 0. This should avoid any issues arising from repeatedly stepping the physics world with a zero time step.

Bug Fix

C2 splash loader: would get stuck if project did not use any images

Bug Fix

Video: could not play in Microsoft Edge in WebGL mode

Bug Fix

Keyboard plugin & behaviors: all keyboard input is assumed to be released when the window loses focus, including triggering "On key up" events. This is to prevent the game state getting stuck thinking keys are down if a key is released after unfocusing the window (where the browser won't receive the key up event).

Bug Fix

Possible Javascript error using index expression with instance variable

Bug Fix

Pathfinding: 'compare speed' did not always work when the object was not moving

Bug Fix

Event sheet view: using the keyboard shortcut 'V' with an existing variable selected now inserts the new variable to the correct place

Bug Fix

Loading a savegame could unpin a Pin behavior on an object with the No Save behavior

Bug Fix

Closing a project could leave project properties showing (and would crash if any were changed)


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