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Construct 2 Release r214

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57.4 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This build is mainly to work around a serious bug in iOS 9 that prevents any audio playback. The linked post contains more information, but this build includes a workaround. Previously the first audio playback (and any video playback) was delayed until the next touch start event, since playback could only begin in a user input event. iOS 9 has a bug that means playback cannot begin even in the touch start event. The workaround is to delay it further to the touch end event, which also counts as a user input event but playback can still begin in iOS 9. This generally resolves the issue with little noticable change, but note there could be side effects if you have events that depend on playback starting earlier. This is all we can do until Apple fix the bug; follow WebKit bug 149367 for updates from Apple's side. Please note all previously published content is affected and will need to be republished with this release or newer to work around the iOS 9 bug!

This build also includes code to enable-by-default the new JIT-enabled WKWebView on iOS 9, but this relies on a Cordova update which is not out yet. We'll be following up with a blog post including more detail about this when it takes effect, but when it comes it should bring significantly improved performance for iOS apps published with Cordova.



Cordova export: config.xml now specifies to use WKWebView for improved performance on iOS 9+. Note this requires cordova-ios 4.0 which is not out yet, and PhoneGap Build will probably take a little longer to add support too. However when it arrives it should bring a substantial performance improvement for exported iOS apps. Note this is not yet specified for the Intel XDK, but we are working on enabling it there too.


Cordova export: minimum OS options now include Android 5.1 and iOS 9


PubCenter plugin: an optional alternative ad unit ID can now be provided with the "Prepare interstitial" action

Bug Fix

Audio: workaround an iOS 9 bug that prevented audio playback

Bug Fix

Audio: Javascript error previewing in Firefox or after export (regression introduced in r213)

Bug Fix

Video: workaround an iOS 9 bug that prevented video playback

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