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Construct 2 Release r215

There is a more up to date Stable Release! Download the latest Stable release instead here.

58.2 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New this build: improvements to the Cordova exporter and experimental support for IPv6 with WebRTC. IPv6 support is accelerating (now close to 10% worldwide) and is especially useful for peer-to-peer connections like WebRTC uses, so IPv6 support with WebRTC (currently only supported experimentally in Chrome) could help improve connectivity in some cases.

Cordova export improvements

This build fixes a bug where Android builds would fail due to the latest PhoneGap Build update. Also PhoneGap Build now supports building with Crosswalk! This makes it an alternative to the Intel XDK for building Crosswalk-based Android apps. Construct 2's Cordova exporter now automatically specifices to use Crosswalk if you choose a minimum Android version below 5.0, because 5.0+ has a good enough system webview to not need Crosswalk. In other words:

  • Crosswalk works best for Android 4.0-4.4, since the system webview is poor on those devices. If you choose a minimum Android version less than 5.0 in the Cordova export dialog, Construct 2 will automatically specify to use Crosswalk on PhoneGap Build for it to work best on Android 4.x devices.
  • Android 5.0+ has an auto-updating system webview with WebGL and Web Audio support, making it suitable for games. If you choose a minimum Android version of 5.0 or higher in the Cordova export dialog, Construct 2 will not specify to use Crosswalk, since it is not necessary on those devices and not including Crosswalk can significantly reduce the size of the APK file.

Some other points to bear in mind about Android support:

  • This does not apply to the Intel XDK, where you must still manually build with either "Crosswalk for Android" or just "Android" (meaning the system web view).
  • Google Play recently increased the size limit for APK files from 50mb to 100mb, which helps alleviate the file size overhead of Crosswalk.
  • Android 5.0+ support is currently close to 25%. In time when the vast majority of Android devices are 5.0+, everyone can switch to publishing without Crosswalk to save the overhead on the APK filesize.

Stable update due soon

Please test carefully, as we hope to get a stable update out soon. There have not been many betas since the last stable release, but there have been some important bug fixes. Most notably iOS 9 broke audio playback which r214 adds a workaround for, but this has not yet made a stable release so r212.2 still fails to play audio on iOS 9. This build also fixes Android builds on PhoneGap Build - another important update.

As ever please report any issues you find to the Bugs forum following all the guidelines. Please do not report issues in the comments section here, they will not be investigated - reports must be made via the Bugs forum.



Browser object: WindowInnerWidth, WindowInnerHeight, WindowOuterWidth, WindowOuterHeight expressions


Cordova export: new minimum Android version option of 6.0+ (Marshmallow)


Cordova export: now automatically uses Crosswalk on PhoneGap Build when the minimum Android version is less than 5.0


Audio and video: all platforms that require a touch to start playback now do so in touchend instead of touchstart. Previously this only applied to iOS 9+. This is in anticipation of the requirement becoming a new de-facto standard (e.g. Chrome for Android may end up working similarly), and also helps improve consistency across platforms.


Multiplayer: Chrome's experimental IPv6 support for peer connections has been enabled. This may help improve connectivity in some cases.


Cordova export: now references all plugins from npm for PhoneGap Build. This also fixes Android builds not working on PhoneGap Build.


Cordova export: minimum Android version now defaults to 4.1+ (Jelly Bean) although you can still choose 4.0+

Bug Fix

Cordova export: now ensures the target Android version is at least as high as the minimum version (the target version defaults to 5.0+, but will be the minimum version if it is 5.1+ or higher).

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