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Construct 2 Release r217

There is a more up to date Stable Release! Download the latest Stable release instead here.

58.2 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Friday, November 13, 2015

New this build: support for NW.js 0.13.0-alpha5, and fixes for Facebook, PubCenter and more.

The state of NW.js support

After quite a long wait, NW.js 0.13.0-alpha5 is now based on Chromium 46, which is quite a leap and brings all the latest web platform feature support, improved performance, and many bug fixes including at last resolving the infamous "janky vsync" bug that Chrome 38 introduced. There are a few things to note about this release though:

  • As the version suggests, it's still an alpha release. There may be bugs or other issues affecting this version.
  • The NW.js team have done a lot of work redesigning how NW.js works, including adding support for Chrome extension APIs. This however has involved rebuilding many NW.js features, and not all of them are supported yet in this alpha, so there may be some features missing or not working that were present in 0.12.x or earlier.
  • Unfortunately since a lot of NW.js was redesigned, we had to change how Construct 2 exports it. This means this release only supports NW.js 0.13+. Using older versions of NW.js with this release will not work! However we have changed the way C2 exports NW.js to be more general-purpose than before, so hopefully this version-locking will not need to happen again. Also once this version of NW.js is fully supported, there really should be no reason to stick to old versions of NW.js anyway.

The fact this release only works with NW.js 0.13+ is not ideal, but unfortunately is the case due to changes in NW.js. However the currently available versions of NW.js are now so old that their age alone is causing some issues, such as users running in to Chromium bugs that have long since been fixed, or finding features that Chrome supports but are missing in NW.js. Staying on old versions is not a tenable long-term approach, so we are releasing this beta with NW.js 0.13+ support to allow everyone to start testing the update and reporting any issues that come up. Also we are introducing this at the beginning of this beta cycle, maximising the time it spends in beta releases before the next stable release. Hopefully this means most of the problems will have been ironed out by the next stable release, and NW.js support can stay up to date from then onwards.

You can download the latest NW.js 0.13.0-alpha5 for Construct 2 r217+ at

We're also looking in to updating Greenworks for NW.js 0.13+ for Steam integration, and if it works well enough, we'll start shipping it in the editor itself instead of distributing it in the forum as an "experimental" plugin.



System expression 'findCase' (case-sensitive version of 'find')


NW.js export: support for NW.js 0.13.0-alpha5. Note: only this version and newer will be supported from now on.


NW.js export: no longer exports a 32-bit OS X build, since NW.js has dropped support for the platform (and all modern OS X systems are 64-bit anyway)


Facebook plugin: permissions for the "Log in" action has been replaced with a comma-separated string. This allows you to keep up to date with Facebook API changes and request additional permissions where necessary.


Cordova export: now references cordova-plugin-whitelist in config.xml and explicitly allows access for AJAX requests

Bug Fix

NW.js export: now uses correct icon

Bug Fix

Audio: did not include paused sounds in savegame state

Bug Fix

Possible issue with destEnd caching in WebGL shaders

Bug Fix

PubCenter ads: did not always display in Windows 10 universal apps

Bug Fix

'Pick by UID' in an 'On created' trigger could sometimes throw an error when loading a savegame

Bug Fix

Image editor: now updates origin/image point co-ordinates in status bar after mirror, flip or rotate


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