This documentation has moved! Please visit the new Addon SDK documentation on for the latest documentation. This is old provisional documentation which is no longer being updated.

Construct 3 JavaScript SDK documentation

Last updated: 29th June 2017

Welcome to the Construct 3 JavaScript SDK documentation. The JavaScript SDK allows third-party developers to create new plugins and behaviors for Construct 3. The Theme SDK also allows custom appearances for the Construct 3 editor. Please note this is provisional documentation. Not all SDK features are currently available. This documentation will be updated as new capabilities are rolled out.


Download the files for the plugin SDK here:

Download the files for the behavior SDK here:

Download the files for the editor theme SDK here:

The zip files contain the files for an example custom plugin, behavior or theme. The .zip file can be renamed .c3addon to directly test it in the Construct 3 editor, via the Addon Manager.


  1. The .c3addon file
  2. Addon metadata
  3. Configuring plugins
  4. Configuring behaviors
  5. Defining actions, conditions and expressions
  6. The Language File
  7. Themes